Modern-Day Hansel and Gretel, A

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This follows the familiar tale of “Hansel and Gretel,” yet it has some interesting twists.  We find ourselves in modern-day America, where witches are uncommon and resourceful children abound.  We meet Jennifer and Jack, our sister/brother team.  The story opens with our duo returning from a retreat in a remote part of the state.


“How much farther?” Jack asked impatiently.  They had been on the road and the slender boy was beginning to feel hungry.  The fifteen-year-old had the magical metabolism of teenagers- he could consume any amount of food and succeed only in growing taller and lankier.  His skin was pale and his black hair short and spiked.  He turned to glance at his sister in the driver seat of their new car.

“There’s a rest-stop about twenty miles from here.” She replied, taking a moment to eyeball her younger brother.  “If you think you can get there faster, you may exit the vehicle and walk.”  The almost-nineteen-year-old girl smirked as her brother crossed his arms over his chest and looked away.  The lithe cheerleader-type knew the real reason the boy wanted to stop.  Back at home, they both had significant others.  No cell phones or computers were allowed at the retreat, so they were anxious to talk.  Unfortunately, there was less than no cell service on this long stretch of highway.  Any rest stop would have a pay phone the pair could use to talk for a precious few minutes.

Jennifer tossed her golden hair over her shoulder.  “It was only a weekend, little brother.  You two have had longer stretches apart.  And you’ll have longer in the future.”  As though to prove her right, two of the tires on the car exploded.  Jen screamed, clutching the steering wheel, aiming the car off the two-lane highway.  The moment the car screeched to a halt, Jen threw open the door, swearing loudly.  Smirking out the window, Jack looked impishly at his sister.

“You’re right, exiting the vehicle and walking may be faster.”

“Ha ha, jerk.”  Jen scowled as she paced around the car, surveying the damage.  “We lost both passenger tires.  I only have one spare.”

“That doesn’t even make sense,” Jack said, climbing out of the car.  “They were new tires.  And the highway looked perfectly clean.”  Jen immediately pulled out her phone.  The red “x” at the top blinked at her.  With a frown, she stuck it back in her pocket.  “I guess we wait here for someone to come by.”

Seconds later, a flatbed tow truck pulled up in front of the immobile car.  Jen glanced suspiciously at her brother as a manly woman emerged from the cab.  Short and squat, wild, frizzy hair and toad-like face, the woman looked horrible.  She managed what looked like an attempt at a friendly smile.

“Howdy, kids.” Her drawl failed to surprise the teens.  “Looks like y’all got a problem.”

“Yeah,” Jen said, stepping forward.  “Two our new tires blew out for no reason.  We don’t have cell service, and the nearest place is twenty miles east.”  The woman clucked her tongue as though she knew their predicament.

“Y’know, they orta git some of them cell towers out this way.  Anywho, I’d be more than willin’ to give you a lift to the garage.”  The siblings glanced at one another.  The suspicion was more than obvious on their faces, because the woman shifted her weight impatiently.  “Let’s look at it this way.  I happen to have a tow truck right here.  You young’ns are fit and could easily overpower lil’ ol’ me.  And I could use some coffee at the ol’ greasy spoon by the garage.”  Jen rolled her eyes, but finally nodded.  The woman looked very pleased.  “Y’all wait in the cab, I’ll hitch up your car.”  She darted over to the truck as the siblings trudged reluctantly after her.

“Ladies first,” Jack said, grinning devilishly at Jen.  He opened the cab door and gestured grandly at the torn leather seats.

“The gentleman would spare the lady from torment.”  Jen replied sharply, flipping her hair again.

“Git in, kiddos!” The woman hollered from the back.  The car was already loaded on the back of the truck.  She was waddling toward the cab.

“Did you hear her load the car?” Jen asked quietly.  Jack shook his head, his face more pale than usual.  Without another word, he climbed in, Jen following close behind.  As the door closed, it sealed itself with the rest of the car.  At the same time, little tentacles slithered from the undercarriage of the truck, neatly slashing the car’s tires to tatters.


“So, what brings you chillun to this neck of the woods?” The woman asked amiably.  She had to sit on several New York phone books in order to see over the dash.  Jen and Jack shared another look.  The woman’s face flashed in annoyance, the look vanishing as quick as it came.  “Y’could at least say ’thank you’ for me havin’ to go so far outta my way to help.”

“Thanks,” Jen squeaked.

“Yeah, thanks ma’am.” Jack whispered.

“I git it,” the woman gasped, as though the thought had never occurred to her until now.  “You’re not supposed to talk to strangers, and here I am, one of the strangest you could meet.”  The woman turned to them.  “That it?”

“You are pretty strange,” Jack replied.  Jen elbowed him, but the woman laughed.

“That I am.  Downright…. Weird… in fact.”  The siblings met eyes again.  Abruptly, the woman turned the truck sharply to the right, taking them off the highway.  They trundled and bumped through the fields.  Jen and Jack stared at the woman in sheer terror.

“What are you doing?” Jen cried.

“Where are you taking us?” Jack demanded.  The woman looked at them again and a frightening leer covered her face.

“You children have to meet my sisters.  Surely you can spare a few…”

“A few… What?” Jack gasped.  “Hours? Days?”  The woman continued to leer at them.  She took both hands off the wheel and her feet from the pedals, yet the truck continued to forge ahead.  She held her hands out and waggled her fingers.

“Go to sleep, little children, lay down your heads.  Do not fight it.  Just sleep.”  Jack and Jen did fight, but that seemed to make the spell work faster.  Within moments, both teens are fast asleep, resting on one another.  The woman sighed in satisfaction.  “They are almost adorable.  I could almost… eat them up…”


Jen awoke with a scream.  She leaped to her feet, wildly soaking in her surroundings.  The girl was alone in a garage-sized room.  It was empty, with no windows and two doors.  One was a cell door, solidly fitted in the wall.  The other was the garage door.  There was a padlock on the inside, but Jen doubted it was the only one.

“What are you doing to me?” She screamed.  He voice echoed around the room.  “Where is my brother?”  Moments later, the cell door opened and a terrified Jack was shoved in.  Jen immediately ran to him.  “Are you ok?  What did they do to you?”

“I don’t know,” He gasped, trying to catch his breath.  “I woke as these two people carried me into this… this place.  It looks like an old cottage.  But it’s got a dozen rooms like this!  I watched as they brought me here and counted at least six doors.  After this room, I think there’s another five or so.”

“What do they want with us?” Jen whispered, glancing around.  Jack shook his head desperately.  Suddenly, the cell door opened and three women entered.  They were the most beautiful people Jen and Jack had ever seen, yet they felt incredibly wrong, almost evil.  One was raven-haired and rail-thin.  Her pointed face and glowing green eyes roved the room, her gaze lingering on Jen’s body.  It seemed jealous.  Another had short, blood-red hair.  She was shapelier than her sister, but still very thin.  Her yellow eyes seemed intent on Jack.  Finally, their third stepped forward.  She was the healthiest by far, her curvaceous body almost taunting her skinny sisters.  Her long brown hair was wild and tangled.

“I never introduced myself.”  Her black eyes darted back and forth between the two siblings.  “I am Twilight, the eldest of the Weird sisters.  This,” She indicated the woman with the hair of blood-red. “Is Ella, and she,” indicating the last woman. “is Jewel.  We are the Weird sisters, descended from the witches you’d read about in Macbeth.  Where you are is of no concern.  Your purpose here is simple.  What do you want to eat?”

The non sequitur question made Jen’s head spin.  “What do…”

“…You want to eat.”  Twilight repeated patiently.  “Neither of you look healthy to us, and we want you in very good shape when we… release you.”  Both Jack and Jen looked at themselves self-consciously.  Jack was very skinny, it was true.  That didn’t come from lack of nutrition, though.  As for Jen, she was a healthy size.  Athletic and shapely, she caught the eye of many boys.  But the women shook their heads.

“No no no, much too scrawny.” Ella said flatly, brushing hair from her face.  “No one wants to see them like this.”  Jewel glanced at her own bony body.

“Absolutely not.  There is room for improvement indeed.”  Twilight glanced back at the siblings.

“So once again, what do you want to eat?  We are not going to let you both starve.”  Jack shook his head.

“Nothing.  We want to go home.  Let us go.”

Let us go, he says.” Jewel mocked.  “Send us home, we won’t tattle on the Weird sisters…”

“We won’t!” Jack said brightly, hoping he’d found the way out.  “We won’t tell anyone you’re here!”  Twilight shook her head.

“That will not do, I fear.”  She strode forward and swiftly placed Jack in a stranglehold.  “Let’s try this again, girl.  Tell me what you want to eat or the boy dies.  The food will not be poisoned, it will not kill you.”

“Disobey us and we might,” Jewel added.  With a sigh, Jen looked at her trapped brother.

“It doesn’t have to be anything big.” Ella added, almost pleading.  “A candy bar, a bowl of cereal, something.”

“Fine.” Jen said, crossing to Twilight.  “An M&M.  Blue, no peanuts.”  Twilight grinned, releasing Jack.

“Oddly specific, but it will do for now.”  The grin still on her face, Twilight fished a blue M&M from the depths of her dress.  Jen looked at it.  With a sigh, Twilight popped the candy in her mouth, chewed once, and swallowed.  “You children think too much.”  She pulled another one from her dress and this time, Jen took it.  She hesitated a second, then ate it.  Nothing tasted wrong about it.  The room froze for a long time.

“I’m not dead,” Jen said finally.

“Of course not.” Twilight sneered.  “So you see? Nothing wrong.  Now, what else do you want?”

“A peach.” Jen said, looking into the witch’s face.  “Ripe.”  Twilight’s eyes roved over Jen and a smile came to her face.

“Of course.  Come, sisters, let’s get the girl’s food.”  The three women swept from the garage, closing the cell door behind them.  Frowning slightly, Jen glanced down and gasped.  Her flat stomach was flat no longer.  It bulged out slightly, as though the girl had just put on fifteen pounds.

“This is impossible!” She cried, indicating her newfound girth to her brother.  His eyes sparkled.

“I know what they want.  They want to fatten us up to eat us!”

“One part of that will happen pretty definitely.” Jen mumbled.

“What do you mean?!  You can’t let them do that to us!”

“Not us,” Jen said, walking away from her brother.  “Me.  They know I won’t let anything happen to you.  They’ll use it against us.”

“So what do we do?” Jack frowned, his face disturbed.

“I need to think of a plan.  And quickly, before I need the garage door to get out.”


Twice more the witches came and fed Jen.  Twice more they threatened Jack and Jen wound up eating his food as well.  By the end of the day, Jen guessed she weighed about two hundred pounds.  She had Jack take her iPhone and video her growing body.  Her stomach bulged out, bigger than nine months of pregnancy.  Her breasts were enormous, about the size of basketballs.  Reaching down, she felt her enormous butt and growing thighs.  From what she could see, her lower legs, lower arms and face were unchanged.

“You can see this is after three ‘meals’ with these women.  They aren’t even meals!  An M&M, a peach, two apples and an orange.  They’re even fruit and they’re still doing this to me.”  She analyzed herself in the iPhone’s screen.  “At least my clothes are cooperating.”  Her designer jeans and sleeveless blouse easily covered her expanded form.  “When you see this, I guess there won’t be much that can be done about it.  Hopefully someone does see this and can do something to stop these women.”  Jack shut off the phone as Jewel entered the room.

“Hello, girl.” Jewel snarled, her eyes glowing.  In her hand was a bag that Jen supposed had food in it.  “My sisters like the idea of making you wait, grow slowly, draw this out.  But as you can see, some of us are a little more desperate.”  Jen put her hands on her wide hips.

“So you’re just going to get it over with tonight?  How big are you going to make me?”  Jewel advanced, her face sneering.

“I hadn’t thought about it yet.  I think we’ll see.”  She raised her hand and suddenly, Jen fell into a seated position, her large rear absorbing the impact.  “Do be a good girl and open up.  It’ll make our lives so much easier.”  Jewel pulled several strands of beef jerky from the bag.  Jen turned away for a moment.  Then with a sigh, she turned back and held her hand out for the meat.  Surprised, the witch dropped the strips into Jen’s waiting palm.  She was even more surprised when Jen devoured them quickly.

A rumbling filled the room as Jen began to grow again.  Her body swelled outward, her stomach absorbing more of her legs.  Her ass now resembled a pair of exercise balls, as did her breasts.  All Jen could think of was Violet Beauregarde as she grew.  Aside from her limbs, head and expanded assets, Jen was no more than a large, fat ball.  She expanded like a balloon, growing bigger and bigger.  Jewel’s eyes were wide and greedy.  Jack walked cautiously up to his enormous sister.

“Are you ok?” He asked.  Jen ran her relatively tiny hands down her distended body as far as they go which, admittedly, wasn’t far.

“I’m ok,” she replied as Jewel also took in the dimensions of her meal-to-come.  “I thought being this big would feel… different?” She waved her tiny arms.  Jack placed his hand on her stomach.

“You feel like a balloon,” he said.  Now that he said it, Jen realized that she didn’t really feel fat or like she gained weight, just got bigger.  Making sure Jewel wasn’t watching, Jack gave her a small push.  To her amazement, she began to roll.  Looking around quickly, she realized that the witch hadn’t noticed.  The two siblings made eye contact and nodded.  He began to push on her more, rolling his sister across the room.  Jewel began to turn just as the enormous teen bore down on her.

“Wha…”  There was a slight crunch as the girl rolled over the witch.  Jen lay on her vast stomach, her head about five feet from the ground.  Jack laughed nervously.

“I hope you don’t mind me saying that, for being my very big sister, you rolled very easily.”

“But I was still heavy enough to squash the witch…”  Jen’s face suddenly paled.  She could feel something poking her in the stomach.  From beneath her.  “Move me.  Quick.”  Jack pushed her, rolling her across the room and turning her to where the witch had stood.

“You little brats!” The paper-thin body on the ground shouted.  Jack and Jen shared surprised looks.

“She’s still alive.  Just… flat…” Jen whispered.  Jack nodded slowly.

“Of course I’m alive!” The witch shrieked, her two-dimensional body flapping uselessly.  “Pick me up and summon my sisters at once!  You’ll pay for your insolence!”  Jack walked over to her and picked up her flat body.  She looked like a big piece of paper shaped like a witch.

“How about I do this instead?” Jack began folding the witch like a piece of paper, smaller and smaller until she was the size of a credit card.  Her enraged screams were muffled and Jack stuck her in his wallet.  Jen chuckled, her enormous body bouncing.

“Well, we certainly know how to beat them now.”  Jack gave her a funny look.

“Not even close,” He said.  “They have to know their food can roll over them and flatten them.  Jewel just got caught off-guard.  Once they find out, they’re going to be much more careful.”  Footsteps alerted both teens.  Moments later, Ella and Twilight entered with another teen.  Jen and Jack gasped.

“Julie!” Jen cried.  The girl looked up.  Julie was a tiny Asian girl.  Her black, sleek hair reached to the shredded hems of her jean shorts and her purple tank top blanketed her modest bosom.

“Jennifer?!  You’re so… You…. What happened?”

“That’s the beautiful part, child.”  Ella said eagerly.  “You’re going to find out!”  Twilight looked around the room in triumph, then paused.

“Where’s our dear sister?  And why are you so big?”  She poked Jen in the stomach.  “Hmm…  You’re the biggest girl we’ve ever seen.  And yet, there is so much more we can feed you!  We could feed on you for months!”

“What?!” Julie gasped.

“Ah, yes, the reason you’re here.” Ella said.  “You see, my sister and I are witches.  You’ll notice your enormous friend here.” She gestured to Jen.  “I’m sure you noticed that she’s a little bit, shall we say, more voluptuous, since you saw her last.” The witch strode over to Jen and poked her giant stomach.  Jen barely felt it but complained anyway.  Her skin made a strange squeaking sound.  “As the centuries passed, witches ran out of food sources.  Everything grew a bit, well, bland for our tastes.  Accidentally, we discovered that the thing we need to feed on is a special gas.  Gas that only comes from a mixture of our potions and teen flesh.”

“So… You aren’t actually going to eat me?” Jen asked.  Twilight walked over to the balloon in the middle of the room and rolled her until she was eye-level with the tall witch.

“No, my dear.  At least, not in the traditional sense.”

“We will feed off of the special gas in your bodies.  Of course, you won’t be able to leave.  I mean, first of all, who is going to believe that you were kidnapped by witches?  And second of all, there is no way you’d be able to fit through any doors.”  She glared at Jack.

“Why don’t we have a demonstration?” Ella grinned, pulling an apple from her dress.  She made towards Jack, but Jen objected.

“No.  Give it to me.  You know the deal.”  With a roll of the eyes, the witch held up the apple in front of Jen’s mouth.

“Before I let you take a bite, how high do you think the ceiling is?”  Jen glanced up for a moment, puffing her long hair from her face.

“Twenty feet.”

“And how high do you think you are now?” Jen’s face paled.

“At least ten.”  The witch proffered the apple again with a grin.  Jen sighed heavily and, with the witch’s help, at the entire fruit.  There was a slight rumbling and the witches and teens stepped away.  Jen felt a slight gurgle and, suddenly, her head was zooming up and away from the floor.  She was swelling again, this time much more rapidly than any time previous.  Her hands flapped and she screamed.  Her blouse and jeans continued to grow with her.  In fact, as she looked towards the floor, all she could see below her chin was the vast expanse of her own body.  Her dainty feet tapped the far wall behind her and, at the same time, her back hit the ceiling.  Even though she felt pinned, she could feel herself growing still. Despite being a balloon, Jen felt oddly calm.   The girl suspected she would never look like a normal person again.  Finally she stopped growing.

Down below his enormous sister, Jack glanced around at the witches and Julie.  He wished he could do something for his sister and friend.  Up above him, his sister looked around.  Aside from looking like a hot air balloon had blown up in her clothes, she looked fairly unshaken.

“Jen?” Julie asked. “Are you ok?”

“I’m never going to buy designer clothes again,” Jen replied.  “And my boyfriend is never going to hug me again.  Otherwise, I’m ok.”  The witches looked very satisfied and simultaneously turned to Julie.  Grinning evilly, Ella pulled a pear from her robes.

“You don’t have a choice, dear.  Just eat it.”

The little Asian girl looked simply terrified as she bit into the pear.  Grinning broadly, Twilight and Ella stepped back as the small girl finished the fruit.  Jack and his turgid sister watched as the girl began to change.  She began to swell, much like Jen had, but this time, it was around her hips and butt.  They grew as though a hose was inserted in her stomach.  Wider and wider she grew, her tiny butt blowing up like a hot air balloon.  Her thighs swelled accordingly, making her look just like the fruit she’d eaten.  Everything above her belt remained the same size.  Ella and Twilight looked at one another.

“Interesting,” Twilight said.  “We got the dosage wrong.”

“That’s ok,” Ella replied hungrily.  “I like my leg meat.”  She watched as the little girl sat on her great cushioned rear, unable to keep herself standing any longer.  Thanks to her now-huge butt, Julie’s torso tottered about a foot taller than the two witches.  She resembled an inflatable toy, a weeble-wobble.  Despite the gravity of the situation, Jack was sorely tempted to push the girl and see if she refused to fall down.  Eyes wide, Julie ran her hands down her tiny torso, wincing as her curious fingers happened upon her swollen legs.  Ella strode up to the Asian pear and smiled sweetly, pinching Julie’s enormous thigh.  “This seems ok, to start with.”

“To start with…?” Julie asked, clearly scared.  Twilight nodded blankly.

“Of course.  Ideally, you should be about her size.” She indicated Jen.  Julie glanced at up her friend, clearly envisioning what she would look like with a barn-sized posterior.  Smiling smugly, the witches started to leave.

“We’re going to whip you up another snack, my dear.” Ella said, glancing over her shoulder.  “And if you happen to see Jewel, please tell her we’re a bit sore with her.”  And they were gone.  Instantly, Jack rushed over to Julie and gripped her tiny torso in a hug.

“I’m so sorry!” He said.  The girl was crying softly.  “I wish this hadn’t happened.  Especially not to you.” Jen cleared her throat loudly.  With a sigh, Jack looked up at her face.  “Yes, you too.  And now I feel horrible, being the tiny one.”  Julie looked up, her face tear-stained.

“But you’re the only one who can really move.” She rocked back and forth a bit, kicking her miniscule feet.

“And I still don’t feel fat, so I think you can still roll me.” Jen said, waving her arms.

“But you’re stuck…” Jack replied, walked over to her.  He looked up the ten feet of her inflated body to meet her eyes.

“Listen, I can feel the ceiling and walls.  They’re groaning a little bit.”  She paused and Jack realized what she was saying.

“No!” He shouted.  “I can’t let you get any bigger!  What if you explode?”

“The witches need us,” Jen replied calmly.  “They won’t let me explode.  Of course, I think that every meal I’ve had made me even bigger.  This time, I’ll be huge.  But I’ll break through the building and you and Julie can escape.”

“We won’t leave you.” Julie said, her soft voice wavering slightly.

“Trust me, Jack, we can do this.” Jen said.  “I will get you out of this.”


The witches didn’t come until morning.  Jack scooted Julie over to his sister, then he himself lay his head down on one of her thighs.  There they tried to sleep, only to find themselves sharing worried glances.  When the door finally opened, the witches were nearly celebratory.  Their feast was near.

“Good morning, children!” Ella said.  In her hands, she had two plates. “Growing kids need healthy breakfasts to grow up big and strong!”  She glanced at the two plates, then at Jen. “Sorry, honey, no more for you!  These other two have some catching up to do.”  She strode over to Julie and Jack.  “Eat up, you two!  We have a lot to do today!”

“Like get fat?” Julie challenged.

“That seems to be all you teenagers do nowadays.” Twilight responded.  “Sit at home, eat your fast food, watch TV.  Such delicious fat and laziness.  All my sisters and I want is to survive.  We are granting your wishes!  You don’t need to do anything ever again!  We could bring a TV in here.  Find you some more friends.  Eat anything you want.”  Ella handed the plates to Jack and Julie.  With a sigh, Julie took a piece of sausage from her plate and took a bite.  The rumbling started and Julie squeezed her eyes as her enormous ass literally exploded in size.  It went from the size of a Volkswagen to a small blimp.  As she grew, though, Jack jumped onto one of her vast thighs.

“No!” The witches chorused as Jack neared his sister with the plate.

“I recommend the sausage.” Julie gasped as her ten-foot tall, twenty-foot wide lower body stopped growing.  Jen opened her mouth and before the witches could do anything else, Jack shoved the sausage patty into her mouth.

“Gangway!”  Jen shouted as she swallowed.  With a crunch, the swelling girl exploded through the building.  Jack leaped down from Julie’s enormous thigh and with a slight grunt of effort, lifted his inflated friend.

“Catch!” He called, tossing Julie.  The witches froze in panic as Julie descended, her vast lower body smashing the two witches into the ground.  Jack immediately turned to face his sister.

“You know,” he said, feeling his joking tone returning.  “I have never seen a Death Star up close.” Jen nodded, a smirk coming to her thin face.  “And I didn’t think designer jeans would look so good on it.”  Jen was a perfect sphere.  Her head was almost out of sight, her hands and feet little specks on her giant body.  If Jack had to guess, he’d say she was nearly fifty feet around.  Once again, he marveled at her clothing.

  “Alright, shut up and roll me.  I can barely see you.”  Jack vanished from her sight.  She paused for a while when she suddenly felt two little pins sticking here her butt used to be.  Then, with no effort at all, her head descended, getting closer and closer to Julie.  Jen hadn’t been able to see her little friend stop growing.  Now, it looked like an elephant had been inserted into each of Julie’s legs.

“Are those your thighs, or are you happy to see me?” Jen smiled, hoping her warmth spread to her friend.  The Asian girl smiled in return, touching her swollen legs.  Then her eyes widened.

“I can feel them!” She gasped.  Jack nodded and made his way over to her, pushing her off the two remaining witches.

“You foolish children!” Ella’s voice cried as Jack picked up the two flat women.

“Fix us at once!” Twilight demanded.  With a malicious grin, Jack slowly folded the witches just as he did with Jewel.

“Here, now you get to join your sister.” He pulled out his wallet and shoved the index-card shaped witches in.”  The three teens looked at one another.

“So, now what?” Jack asked, feeling tiny next to his sister and friend.  “There’s no way I can roll a gymnasium and a pair of Volkswagons anywhere.”  He glanced at them both.  “Sorry…”  Jen sighed.

“I love you too,” She said, only a little bitterly.

“I think there’s only one thing we can do,” Julie offered warily.  “We’ll have to get the witches out.”  They glanced at one another again.  Jen reached up and brushed her golden hair from her head.

“We have to,” She said slowly.  “They’ll be the only ones who can fix us.”  With a slight look of disgust, Jack pulled out his wallet, which was twitching and mumbling.  He opened it to the trio of witches’ voices.  Carefully, he unfolded them and laid them flat on the floor.

“How do we fix this?” Jen demanded at once.  The flat witches glared at her.

“I don’t know that we’ll want to.” Twilight said at once, her papery arms fluttering as though she wanted to fold them.

“But we’re hungry…” Ella moaned, her eyes flitting down to her thinner than usual body.  Jewel moaned in agreement.  “And we know you are too.” Both sisters looked at Twilight.  With a sigh, Twilight looked anywhere but at the teens.

“Fine.  The only way we can help you is to feed.”  The teens gasped.  “Oh shut up, foolish children.  We already told you, we feed off the gasses in your bodies.  We magical beings don’t eat like you barbarians anymore.”  She flicked her eyes at Julie.  “Move her towards me and I’ll show you.”  Jack reluctantly gave Julie a few pushes in her vast rear, scooting her towards the witches.  After a few minutes, her tiny little feet drifted above Twilight.

“Why do you get to feed first?” Jewel snapped.

“Because I’m the oldest.” Twilight replied smoothly, and suddenly, the witch began to grow.  Within moments, Twilight had returned to her voluptuous self.  Julie looked at her legs.  The poor girl had barely shrunk.  Twilight grabbed the cut-out version of Ella and draped her body over Julie’s thigh.  As Ella returned to normal, Twilight laid Jewel on the other thigh.  The two witches soon regained their form.  They were still fairly thin, much smaller than Twilight.  With an evil grin, Twilight grabbed each of her sisters and pushed them down, forcing them to “feed” off of Julie more.  Ella and Jewel gave muffled screams and struggled as their thin bodies began to swell, beginning to resemble Jen.  Julie looked disturbed even as her body shrank.  Finally, Twilight released them simultaneously.  Like the hippos from Fantasia, only bigger, Ella and Jewel staggered around for a moment, regaining their bearings.  Their arms and faces were slim, like Jen.  Their once-slender bodies billowed out, shapeless, like potato sacks.  Aghast, the younger sisters looked from their massive, bloated bodies to Twilight.

“What did you do?” Ella gasped, her blood-red hair in her face.  Twilight sneered, looking at them both.  Nervously, Julie moved backward until she bumped into Jack.  She was aware of neither her re-found ability to walk, nor the still-enormous size of her butt.  Jack placed his hands on her wide hips and pulled her toward Jen, hoping the building-sized teen girl would shelter them.

“Why, I don’t know what you mean,” Twilight replied casually.  “You both were so skinny I don’t know how you didn’t starve to death by this point.  I thought I’d help you out.”  She smirked, looking at her sisters.  “Now you won’t have any reason to be worried about that.  For a very long time.”  She then turned to Jen.  “And you, my dear!  You could feed us for decades!”

“The gas won’t go away?” Jen asked.  Below her, Julie rubbed her loveseat-esque butt unconsciously.

“Not on its own, no.”  Twilight said.  Behind her, Ella and Jewel gracelessly approached one another, their eyes shooting daggers at Twilight.  “A side effect of our special formula.  Only when we feed will it go away.”  With a quick glance at Jack and Julie, she sniffed.  “You two might as well go.  Since you, boy, refuse to eat, there’s no point wasting my time with you.  And you, girl, you were sufficient for now.  Since you can walk again, get out before I change my mind.”

“I’m not leaving my sister!” Jack snapped.  He tried to storm forward, but Julie grabbed his arm.  Twilight laughed.

“Jack, just go.” Jen said sadly.  “I can’t move on my own, and probably won’t ever again.  Save yourselves.”

“How sweet,” Twilight said mockingly.  Before anyone could move, though, Ella and Jewel pounced.  Well, as close to “pouncing” as two witches that vastly sized could.  It was too quick for Twilight, who didn’t have even a chance to yell as her sisters shoved her face into Jen’s enormous body.  Jen winced as she felt the witch screaming into her.  The voluptuous witch swelled rapidly, soon surpassing her treasonous siblings in size.  Jen felt herself shrinking as the gas transferred to Twilight.  In front of her, the brunette, black-clad witch had inflated like a blimp, clutched by the two masses that were her sisters.

A groan filled the room as Twilight’s head freed itself.  The witch rolled backwards on her roly-poly body.  She was also visibly shaking.

“Traitors!” She screeched.  Her enormous body pulsed, still inexplicably growing.  Twilight looked panicked, as her tiny hands pushed down on her plushy body, as though trying to stop herself from more growth.  The witch screeched again, a wordless scream, a sound that grew in intensity, finally cutting off in the spectacular explosion of the witch’s body being unable to hold any longer.  Everyone held their hands up to their faces as the debris of Twilight dissolved into a sickly purple powder.  Jack and Julie fell back, both landing on Julie’s built-in cushioning.  Jen, whose body had not shrunk into a human shape, rolled across the ripped open barn.  Ella and Jewel had not moved, their large bodies now covered in the dust.  Woozy from being thrown to the ground, Jack sat up, helping Julie.

The two remaining witches had not moved.  They looked at one another in glee, both turning to the teens.

“We’re sorry you had to see that,” Jewel said, and her voice actually sounded sorry.  She took a lumbering step forward, trying to shake some of the dust off.  “Twilight has been horrible to live with for centuries.  Constantly reminding us she’s the beautiful one, the shapely one…”

“So we were through with it.” Ella finished, concentrating on moving her giant body a step forward.  She looked at the teens, he glowing yellow eyes actually looking somewhat sympathetic.  “Twilight didn’t plan on letting any of you go.  Jewel and I won’t need to eat again for many, many years.” She looked distastefully down at her enormous body.  With a glance at Jen, Ella raised her hands, and they glowed.  Jen’s vast, round body began to float, rotating until her head was pointed at them.  Then the witch guided the teen closer to them.  Suddenly, a strange look appeared on both witches’ faces.  Their already huge bodies began to swell again.

A whispering laugh floated across the empty field.

“Thought you could betray me and get away with it?” The tiny voice of Twilight hissed from nowhere.  “I’m taking you traitors with me!”  Ella looked startled, while Jewel was downright terrified.  The teens looked at one another.

“What do we do?” Julie asked.  “I don’t think we can get far enough away.”

Ella had already doubled in size, resembling a balled-up elephant with a person’s head and arms.  “I can transport you all.  I’ll warp you right to the tow truck.” She glanced at Jen before her bosom got in the way.  “That’s the only way you can get the big girl home.”

“Hey!” Jen protested.

“Just prepare yourselves!” Jewel snapped, a house wearing robes and a strained look.  Both witches waved their toothpick arms.  With a resounding pop, the three teens suddenly found themselves about a mile from the road, the tow truck with an empty bed next to them.  In the distance, they saw two black orbs growing and growing until both erupted in what looked like red glitter.  Jack looked to Julie, whose butt would most likely take up most of the cab, to Jen, whose spherical body was at least triple the truck’s size.

“So, now what?” Jen asked, her arms crossed across her vast body.

“I guess…” Jack said slowly, looking at each girl in turn.  “We go back home and figure it out from there…”



After Jack and Julie easily picked up Jen and clipped her magnificent belt to the hook on the bed of the truck, Jack helped Julie cram her enormous ass into the cab of the truck.  As he closed the door (and apologized for the pained wince that crossed the Asian girl’s face), Jack drove off.  Miles away, three giant piles of colored powder lay in the remains of a garage.  Even though the wind blew, none of the piles shifted at all.  As the wind quieted, a soft laughing sound came from one of the piles.  The top of one of them finally shifted, creating a small avalanche.  Five severed fingers crawled from the powder, one by one.  They rolled down to the bottom of the pile and soon formed into a thin, pale-skinned hand.

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