Halloween Excitement

Inflation Types:

It's still August as of now, but my OC Molly here is so excited for Halloween, it's causing her boobs to fill up with joy. Because that's how excitement and boobs work. If you have boobs and they've never grown from excitement, then you've just never been as excited as Molly is right now.

Halloween Excitement
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Natalie's Inflation - Chapter 2

"Ok Natalie, the simplest explanation for what is going on is this; Natasha and I are witches."


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Modern-Day Hansel and Gretel, A

This follows the familiar tale of “Hansel and Gretel,” yet it has some interesting twists.  We find ourselves in modern-day America, where witches are uncommon and resourceful children abound.  We meet Jennifer and Jack, our sister/brother team.  The story opens with our duo returning from a retreat in a remote part of the state.

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