Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring great things to you all.

Side note: I first launched this site in December of 1996. Someone born on the day the site first opened would be able to legally register as a user today.

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Ah, fond memories.  Back then, youngsters, we had to carve our inflation pics on stone tablets and walk ten miles, up hill, both ways, to the upload station where swallows carried it a few bits at time to the internet.

You could produce a whole new peice waiting for a page to lead!

Another Canadian Guy
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Dude, I heard it was open for

Dude, I heard it was open for a while, but...wow. Well done Luther, and I hope for many more after this.

(Not on here too often, replies might be slow.)

Happy New Year! ^_^

And many happy returns of the day!
And congratulations to this website for becoming an adult. ^_^