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Annie giggled as she ran up the stairs to her attic bedroom, the flat package that had just arrived tucked under her arm. Unable to contain her excitement, he closed the door behind her, and tossed the box onto her bed, before running to her closet and pulling out a tall helium tank. She was able to acquire this prized possession from her party shop job. The pay was crap and her boss was an ass, but she didn't care. She was able to be surrounded by the one thing she loved most: Balloons. 

Annie had always had this obsession, since the first time she laid eyes on a balloon. She would always beg her parents to buy her bags and bags of balloons, and she would spend hours blowing them up, letting them bounce around her room before popping them, or saving them for later. As she grew older, and soon entered high school, she quickly found the cheap balloons of her childhood didn't cut it anymore. She wanted to be the balloon, not just play with them. Desperate to see what it felt like, she would shove balloons down into a silk nightgown, much too big on her, and lay out, pretending it was her that was all blown up and puffy. The party shop was a blessing in disguise. They had huge balloons used for art projects and outdoor parties that she could not wait to get her hands on. Blowing one of those under her night gown caused it to rip into shreds. That had been a fun night. But no, even those weren't enough after a while. She /had/ to know what it felt like. She just...she just had to.

That was when she found the suit. It was sold by this rather cheery plump woman, who was oh so happy to sell Annie the suit. Annie couldn't give the money over fast enough, as the claim was that 'you would feel just like a balloon in no time!'

Annie set the tank down  next to the desk, before rushing back over to pull out her box of balloons she still kept for parties and such. 

"First...a little decoration." She said with a small smile to the empty room. Her room was pink, with the rafters of the ceiling exposed above her. Her carpet was a brown shag, left over from the people who lived here before. She had pasted flowers on the wall, as well as painted bunches of balloons all over the place, floating high up into the brown ceiling. She had her bed in one corner and a small desk at the end of her bed. Her bookshelf sat across from her bed, and of course, her closet again the far wall, which held more than just clothing inside. She set her box down, before pulling out a smaller helium tank, suitable for the balloons. The large tank was for the suit, and for her, for later...

Sitting down on the floor, she pulled out a simple red balloon. She placed the neck over the valve, before tilting the nozzle just enough to let the air flow through. It bloated up in no time, becoming a nice round orb that bounced between Annie's fingers. Licking her lips, she brought it up to her mouth to breath in a bit of the helium. 

She giggled, "Won't be long now till I can join you, little one." She said, her voice squeaking with the helium. She tied off the neck, and let it float up high into her ceiling. 

"Now for the rest of you." She said, looking back into her box. One after another, the balloons of all different colors were inflated, and let go to float up to the ceiling. By the time she emptied the box of all but a few balloons, her ceiling was filled to the brim with the latex orbs, making soft squeaking sounds as they adjusted to their new space. 

Annie stood up, and looked at what she'd created. It looked magical, and she wanted desperately to join them. 

"But first, a few friends." She said, picking up one of the jumbo sized balloons. These would stay on the ground, with her. She moved the smaller tank under her desk, before walking over with her three pink balloons to the air compressor she'd snatched from the garage. Her father never found it, and ended up buying a new one, leaving her with this amazing object. Maybe she could test the suit with it sometime. She giggled, keeping that idea for later.

Flipping on the switch to get the air going, she placed the neck of the first large pink balloon over the nozzle, quickly watching it fill up with air, getting bigger and bigger with every moment. Annie brought it to her stomach, putting a hand over it to act like it was her own belly.

"Mmm...I almost can't wait..." She sighed, looking down at the stretching pink of the balloon, wishing desperately she was it right now. 

It quickly grew out of her reach, and she was forced to stand back as it ballooned bigger, squeaking with the air that was forced into it. It quickly touched the ground, and continued to expand, stretching towards the sky. Annie gave it a gently press, seeing how much more it could take. Her hand gave into the latex easily, showing that it had much more to go. Soon, it was even taller than her, quickly taking up a small part of the room. Before it could touch the balloons stuck on the ceiling, she shut off the air, and tied the neck tight, making sure no air would escape. 

"This is going to be...wonderful." She sighed, picking up the others. 

When Annie was finally done, she had three large balloons in her room with her, each one bigger than the last. The final one she got a bit carried away with, it now wedged up against the other balloons. She walked among them, running her hand over the smooth, tight surface of the balloon. Brushing her hair out of her face, she sat down on the bed, ready to start. She looked up again, seeing the three others almost trapping her in. It gave her just the space in the middle to try this suit out. She tore into the brown box, pulling out the soft white box labeled, "Madam Rosemary's." on the outside. 

Annie pulled the lid off, and pushed the tissue paper aside to reveal a soft pink suit, nestled in pink tissue. She lifted it up, noting the soft smell of bubble gum, not latex. It was smooth, and almost matted in color. The suit was rather large, much larger than Annie would have thought. Was it supposed to be skin tight? She shrugged, and pulled out a small card, mapping out instructions. Annie began reading. 

"Hello, and thank you for your purchase of Madam Rosemary's newest Balloon Suit! There are a few steps you need to take before you begin. First, please remove all clothing items, including any bras, boxers, panties, or other items, as these will interfere with the inflation process.' It read. 

Annie quickly striped down to nothing, her body open to the room. She was a petite thing, almost doll-like in stature. She picked up the card again to read.

"Next, stretch the neck of the suit out, stepping inside carefully. The black sealants should be tight around your wrists, ankles, and neck. This will insure no air escapes during inflation.' 

Annie picked the suit up, and very carefully, she stretched the neck out, allowing her to step inside. She pulled the suit up to her neck, before putting her arms and legs into the appropriate holes. Now that it was on, she saw just how baggy it felt on her. If it wasn't for the sealants keeping the cool air out, she would fell rather exposed. The suit fell over her hands, and draped down far enough to cover her feet up. Near her belly button, she saw a small black hole, likely where the hose would go. Close to her face was a small valve, like one that was on a beach ball. Could she blow herself up that way as well?

She reached over, and read the card.

'Now, the fun begins! First, place your hose from whatever tank you are using to balloon with. On your right side, there is a button. When pressed, this button seals the suit to your body, preparing you for the final step.' 

Annie took a deep breath, and pulled over the tank to the middle of the three giant balloons. She placed the hose into the hole, before gently pushing the button. With a sudden rush, the suit became tight against her skin, but looked all wrinkly. in the process. Some parts had stuck together, making her look like she was in a vacuum sealed bag. She noticed the hose was sticking straight out of her stomach, and when she went to move it, it felt as though it had lodged itself into her belly button, which was...rather strange. 

'Hurray! You've made it to the final step. There are two ways to start inflating. One way is to use whatever tank you have plugged into you, and the other is to use the small valve next to your mouth. Whenever you're ready, go ahead and turn on the valve of the tank you're using, or start blowing into the valve. Don't worry, you don't have to pinch it like a beach ball. Good luck, and thanks again!" The card said. 

Annie shook her head, and set the card down on her desk. She couldn't believe what she was about to do! The valve looked like a rather interesting way to start. She moved it over to her mouth, took a deep breath, and started to blow. 

A hissing sound starting echoing inside the suit as the air flowed from Annie's lungs into...her body?! She put a hand on her stomach, feeling it swell up like a beach ball!

"Woah!" Annie let the valve fall to the side, and as she did, the air slowly hissed back out. "Oh. Guess I have to keep going." She took another deep breath, and blew into the valve again, feeling her belly begin to puff up and out again. She smiled, and put a hand over the her growing belly. With another gasp, she blew into the suit hard, causing her chest to balloon up as well, rising up to block her vision. 

"Mmmm!" She mumbled with a smile. Her breasts were filling up with her air along with her stomach now! She couldn't reach over her stomach at this point, and she knew she could go further! Annie took breath after breath, her face going red after puffing into her suit so much. Her arms and legs had become puffy at this point, and she couldn't bend them to feel her stomach. She closed off the valve with the small plug attached to the side, keeping the air inside. She took a few deep breaths, taking in her new size. 

"Wow... I-I really did it..." She sighed, still reeling  from her change in shape. "I'm a balloon!" She cried, bouncing against her new friends. "Hello there! I told you I would join you." She said with a smile. She licked her lips. Maybe...she could get bigger...

"Oh, I must get bigger! I can't stay this small!" She waddled over to the tank, and after moving to get her hand to the valve, she twisted the small knob on the top of the tank. 

"Oh!" With a gasp, her already filled body surged out, the hissing sound returning. Annie flapped her arms with glee, feeling the cold helium fill her body out bigger and bigger...

"I'm so big! I'm so...full..." She moaned, feeling her chest start to rub up against the sides of the balloons. Her skin was now one with the suit, so she could feel the rubber squeak against the latex of the other balloons. Every feeling was electric, sending Annie reeling. She tipped over, leaving her laying on her enormous belly.

Soon enough, her arms and legs had been absorbed, leaving only her arms and legs sticking out of her massive balloon of a body. 

"Oh...this feels soo good! But..." She looked around for a moment, before she felt her body come and bump her in the chin. "H-How do I stop?!" She squeaked, her voice suddenly getting higher. She watched (and felt) her balloon friends start to press into her as they pushed against the wall, the room getting smaller around her. She flapped her hands, before they to became filled with air, puffing up like small balloons themselves. 

"Help! Help me--Mmmph! Mmhmph!" Annie tried to shout, but her lips swelled up as well as her cheeks, keeping her from speaking further. Her chest squeaked as well, coming up to cover the rest of her view. Her body was swelling around her, making her head sink into her body. 

A single tear trickled down her face, before she felt herself surge one last time...before....


Author's Note: 

This is from my deviantart, Floatinghigh, and one of my more popular stories. I thought since I was finally able to get an account here, but somehow messed up and used my name for another account that I can't get into. 

(By the way, the other story on her by me is very, very old.) 

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