Victor's Demise

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Victor always knew he was hot, possibly even gorgeous. He had a strong shaped jaw, slicked back hair, and golden brown skin. His gym workouts payed off in the form of a six pack that drove the ladies wild. He should know, he'd dated plenty of them. Missy, Laura, Jenette, Paula, just to name a few. The flavor at the moment was Stephanie, a ditsy blond with a killer rack. She was the leader of the cheerleading squad, the yearbook club , and the Girl's choir, and showed it all of with pride. Victor loved to see her bouncing towards him, her chest heaving up and down. 

Today, she was meeting him after her cheerleading practice. He watched her from the sidelines, sitting with his best leather jacket and black shirt that he'd cut the sleeves off of. They girls finished up, with Victor finishing off his cigarette, tossing it away before pulling out a new one. 

"Hi Sweetie!" Stephanie said, bounding over to him with a smile. Her blond hair was flowing with the small breeze as she hugged him tight. 

Victor pulled the cigarette out of his mouth. "Hey Babe." He said, patting her on the back. "You were great out there today. New uniform? Looked a bit tighter than usual." He said, pulling on the bottom of her shirt that was exposing her midriff. 

"No, silly!" She said, pushing him back playfully. "My shirt shrunk in the wash! I'm getting a new one soon." She said, twisting back and forth to make her skirt move. 

"Maybe you should just keep this one." Victor asked, placing his cigarette back into his mouth. Before he could light it, Stephanie yanked it from his lips. 

"Babe?! What the hell?" He asked, reaching for it. 

"I don't like you smoking. It makes you smell bad. Why don't you try something else?" She asked, tossing the thing away.

"Like what?" He asked, pulling out another from the pack. 

"Like...gum! I heard that works. My mom did it for a while, now she doesn't smoke." Stephanie said, settling down into his lap. "Enough about that though. I heard about this great carnival that's coming to town this weekend, and I thought we should go together..." She said, smiling at him.

"A carnival," He said as he lit the cigarette, and took a puff. "What are you, nine?" He asked, blowing the smoke out. 

Stephanie laughed, shaking her head, "No, no, It'll be fun! It's not just for kids you know! I hear...there's a tunnel of love going to be there..." She whispered into his ear. 

"I'll think about it." He said, taking another puff. 

"Yay!" Stephanie jumped to her feet. "Meet me at my house by ten. I want to spend the whole day with you!" She said, giving him a kiss before running off to get her bag. 

Victor sighed, flicking ashes off into the gravel. Stephanie was starting to get a little too much for him. All high energy and high pitched voice. No amount of great sex or great body could get past all of that. He'd have to break up with her, after the date tomorrow. He wanted to only date the best, and Steph, despite her boobs, were not good for his image. 


"Come on! Come on! This way!" Stephanie pulled Victor along down the path, smiling and giggling as she did so. Today, he was wearing a black shirt, with a blue lighting bolt down the middle, and his favorite leather jacket. He was also carrying a smaller prize for Stephanie, as she wanted to jump from game to game, and ride to ride. Turns out there wasn't a tunnel of love here, and he was going to get nothing out of coming. 

"Come on! We've got so much more to do!" She said, looping her arm with his. She smiled, her blue eyes shining from the sun in the sky. 

"Stephanie..." Victor sighed, before she pulled him down the path again. "Stephanie, listen!" He pulled her to a stop, right in front of an older lady and her tent.

"What is it, Victor?" Stephanie asked, "Aren't you having fun?" 

Victor sighed, and ran a hand through his hair, "No, Steph, I'm not. I don't...I don't have fun with you anymore. You nag me, you're always talking in that voice-"

"It's my voice, Victor. I can't change it." She said, stepping back a bit. 

"I know that. Plus, you're trying to get me to quit smoking. I can't do that, Steph." He said

"Not even for me?" She asked, tears starting to form in her eyes. 

"No. I'm just too good for you, Steph. I need to date the best, and the best just isn't you." Victor said, throwing her dumb prizes on the ground and stepping away from Stephanie. 

"Victor, wait!" Stephanie said. Victor sighed, and stopped walking. 

"What?" He said.

"Why now? Why didn't you do this sooner?"  Stephanie asked, hands shaking. 

"Because you had been good for my image. Now..." He looked her over as if she was garbage. "Not so much." 

"Excuse me, you two." The woman in the stand stood up, and gestured for them to come over.

"Not now, lady, We're busy." Victor said.

"But, I just heard that you have a problem with smoking. I think I can help with that." She said. 

Victor gave the woman a once over. She had white hair pulled back into a bun, and was wearing all sort of purple jewelry, with a flowing purple gown on that draped down to the ground. Her face was caked in makeup, and she had long gloves that went up to her elbows. 

"Who are you, anyway?" Victor said, walking over to her. Her tent was decorated with gold and purples, and was covered in various accessories and trinkets. 

"My name is Violet. And I have quite the thing here for both of you." She said, picking up her small purple purse. She pulled out a small pack of gum, and pulled out a single strip. "This." 

"That? That's it? It's just gum." Victor said, crossing his arms.

"It can help with smoking, Victor." Stephanie said, crossing her arms as well. "I've been trying to tell you that. Not that it matters now." She said, trying to stop the tears in her eyes from falling.

Violet sighed, and turned back to Victor. "Take it. It's something special." She said.

Victor took it, and looked the strip encased in a silver paper. "What flavor is it?" He asked, sniffing it to try and get an idea.

"Oh, its a three-course meal. I got it from an old friend of mine. I believe it is roast beef, tomato soup and blueberry pie. At least, that's what he's told me." Violet explained, "You'd be the first one to try it. I know he'd be ever so please to hear how it tastes." 

"The first? Really?" He looked it over. He'd love to be able to say he tried something first, before anyone else got their hands on it. Maybe he could start a trend, possibly get in on this cash magnet. 

"Do it, Victor. You always want to be the best at everything." Stephanie said flatly.

Victor looked over at her, and glared. "Fine, then. I was going to give it to you, you know, as an apology, but now," He unwrapped the gum, and slipped the strip into his mouth, "I'll just try it myself." 

A cat like smirk appeared on Violet's face as Victor chewed the gum, "How is it, dear?" She asked, standing up to walkover to Stephanie's side. 

Victor continued to chew, until the first flavor hit him. He shook his head, "Whoa, what the hell? It' really is roast beef." He looked over at Violet and Stephanie. "How's this possible?" he asked, continuing to chew.

Violet shrugged, "My friend would call it magic, but I have a feeling he's not telling me the truth." She turned to Stephanie. "Are you alright? I saw how horrible he was to you." She said. 

Stephanie shook her head, "No no, Victor's a nice guy. He's just having a rough day." She said.

"Oh, really? Tell me, what do you two like to do for fun?" Violet said, crossing her arms. 

"Oh, lots of things! Um..." Stephanie paused for a moment. "There was...something..." She shook her head. "I can't think of anything." She said with a shrug.

"Oh my god!" Victor shouted, "Actual tomato soup? It feels real somehow." He said, furrowing his brow. He turned around, still chewing away at the gum. "This is going to make millions!" He shouted. 

"Sounds to me like you don't really do much with this man, Stephanie. Do you think he actually loves you?" Violet asked. "Has he ever said it?" 

Stephanie shook her head, "No. No, he hasn't." She glared at him, "He's always just...stared at my chest, and cat called my friends!" She shouted, storming over to him. 

"Victor, I-" She turned him around, to find that his nose had turned from it's cute shade of brown, to a deep, deep blue. 

"Stephanie, it's really blueberry pie! I can't believe this! It's really working!" He said, unaware of the fact that his entire face was blue at this point. 

"Um...Victor..." She said, backing away from him slowly. "Your-your face..." She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a hand mirror. 

"What? What is it?" he took the mirror. and looked at himself. Where once his perfect brown skin was, was now a gaudy shade of deep purple. Even his beautiful brown eyes were changing to a deep aquamarine. 

"What the hell?! I'm-I'm turning blue!" He dropped the mirror, and looked at his hands, which now matched the color of his face. Even his hair had turned from it's deep black to a bright blue color.

Violet laughed, "See? I don't think you'll be doing much more damage to this poor woman, or to yourself for that matter." She smirked. 

"What's happening to him?" Stephanie asked, running back over to the woman. She watched Victor, still chewing away at the gum. 

"Watch, my dear. You'll see." Violet said with a smile. 

One child was walking past, and gasped at Victor's appearance. "Mommy! Look at that man! He's all blue!" She said. 

"He-He sure is, sweetie." The mother paused to watch, as well as others, wondering if this was some sort of show or not. 

"Go away! There's nothing to see here!" Victor shouted, still chewing the gum. The juice was still building up in his mouth, forcing him to swallow large mouthfuls of the rather delicious juice. He felt a shifting in his stomach, before a soft gurgling noise could be heard. He looked down to see his stomach slowly starting to stick out. 

"Look, Mommy! He's a blueberry man!" The girl shouted, pointing at Victor. 

"A-A..." He stuttered, eyes wide in shock. 

"A blueberry, Victor." Violet shouted, before pulling a makeup wipe out of her pocket. She wiped the makeup off of her cheek, revealing her own blue skin. 

"You-You did this to me..." Victor said. He lurched forward a bit, stumbling on his feet as he watched his stomach push against the buttons on his jeans. 

"I do it to people who were like me once. My old friend taught me a valuable lesson, and I thought I could pass it on to others." Violet explained as Victor continued to swell up with juice, eventually bursting the button of his jeans clean off. His leather jacket only just contained his swelling arms, being stretched out as the juice continued to fill him up. 

"He's a blueberry..." Stephanie smiled, and giggled, 'You look rather silly, Victor!" She shouted. 

Victor was in too much of a panic to listen, as he felt the juice move downwards, filling up his legs. His jeans quickly burst from their seams, leaving him in his black boxer briefs. 

The crowd was impressed, watching the man grow before them. They all smiled at the display, talking among one another. 

"Can't you see? This is actually happening to me! This isn't some show, I'm really..." He swallowed hard, still chewing the gum in his mouth. "I'm a blueberry..." He said, his favorite jacket slipping off of his growing form. The lightning bolt on his shirt was stretched thin, and saturated with the juice on Victor's thin skin. He tried to press himself down, to stop this expansion before it was too late, but his arms quickly  swelled up, before being absorbed by the rest of his body. His belly came to grow down between his legs, absorbing them as well. He was left with only his hands and feet sticking out, his cheeks the last thing to swell up. His head sunk down a bit into his body, leaving him only just peaking out over the edge of his round form. 

"Wow...Victor..." Stephanie walked around her ex-boyfriend's round form. "You're really a blueberry." She said. 

"Now you see, Victor. Hopefully, you've learned a bit about humility." She said, looking up at him. 

"Can he ever go back to normal? Or is he stuck like this forever?" Stephanie asked. 

"Mmmmph! Mmhmm!" Victor tried to speak, but he was muffled by his blue body. 

"This blend will eventually evaporate from him, but the color will stay. Hopefully, that will be enough of a lesson for you." Violet said. "In the meantime, you'd better roll him someplace safe." She said. 

"Thank you, ma'am." Stephanie said with a smile. She looked up at Victor, before back at Violet. "Do you happen to have any more of that gum?" She asked with a sly smile. 

Violet chuckled, "Here," She walked over to her purse, and pulled out the pack of gum. "Take the rest of this pack. I've got plenty more if you need it." 

"Mmmmmph! Mmhmmm!" Victor wiggled his hands, trying desperately to protest against doing this again. 

"Let's go, Victor. I've got plenty in store for you." Stephanie said, pushing her boyfriend down the path, the crowd that had formed clapping as they left. 

As he rolled along, Victor felt one tear fall from his eye. 'What have I done?' He thought...

Author's Note: 

Can I just say it is such a breath of fresh air to be writing male inflation again? God it's always good to go back to my roots.

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