Crazy Magic

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Ugh, are you kidding me? 

Patrick shook his head, and frowned. 

What, do you want to have sex with them?

He rolled over, and sighed.

We're done, freak, done.

Patrick sat up, growling. He couldn't get the conversation with Lizzie out of his head. He'd tried to share his secret with her, hoping they could bring it into the bedroom. To be fair, she'd told him he wanted him to wear his leather jacket to bed...

It didn't matter now. She'd dumped him the second he mentioned it.  This was becoming something over a pattern with his recent relationships. Get close, mention...that, and boom. They leave. 

What, are you like that freak from school then? 

Patrick sighed, and laid back down on his blanket. Originally, he'd come out to the park to clear his head, read a book, relax in the summer sun. But he couldn't stop thinking about his last conversation with Lizzie...

And Marissa.

He'd never have a chance with her. Not in a million years. The cute and quiet brunette always seemed to part crowds, despite the fact she had few friends. 

"Why does she carry that everywhere?"
"I hear it's alive, that's why no one's popped it." 
"No way! It's just a toy." 

Tied around Marissa's bag, floating just behind her wherever she went, was a simple yellow balloon. It never lost it's shape, or size. Always floating next to her, wherever she went. Even from class to class, the silver string was tied around her wrist.  

And it was always teasing Patrick. He'd had this...special interest, since he could remember. The squeaky latex orbs seemed to just trip something in his mind that sent him reeling. The soft curves, the sound they made rubbing together, the smell...

Patrick shook his head, snapping him from his reverie. Marissa always seemed to do that to him, leading him down the garden path. He was always nice to her, but thatballoon... 

He wouldn't dare touch it, or get too close to Marissa. The last guy that did that... never spoke about it. He tried messing with the balloon one day, and the next, he was silent. 

But that didn't stop Patrick from dreaming. He could go up to her, ask her about it. She would giggle, and say she really, really liked balloons, pulling a second purple one out of her bag...

"We could match? She teased in his mind. 

He nodded, and watched her fill the balloon with air, the rubber squeaking against her hand...

With a sigh, he buried his face against the blanket. Sure, matching balloons with her would be nice, no doubt about it...

But what would it be like to be her balloon? Her warm breath flowing into his body, stretching it up and out as it squeaked and shifted. He'd be at her mercy, for sure. He rubbed his stomach, thinking about what that might feel like...

"Liza! Wait!" Patrick sat up quickly, pulled from his daydream at the sound of a familiar voice. Looking over, he saw Marissa running after her balloon, which was floating inhis direction. 

"Come on, Liza! I don't want to play games right now!" Marissa shouted, trying to keep up with her balloon, apparently named Liza. 

Patrick moved to stand, but 'Liza' floated up to him before he could. The string tied itself around his wrist, making him shiver with the contact.

"Hiya, Patrick! You're sooo cute in person!" 

Patrick looked at the balloon in shock. Did...did it just speak to him?! No way. It moved closer, coming to bump into his cheek. 

Patrick couldn't help but sigh. The contact was electric, sending wave after wave of pleasure through him. He took a deep breath, and was about to reach up to touch the strange balloon when-

"There you are!" Marissa said, grabbing the balloon by the string. "Oh! P-Patrick!" She said, jumping back.

Patrick gasped, and jumped to his feet. Losing the contact was like a bucket of cold water to his face. 

"Marissa! I was just...your balloon got away." He said, cursing the fact the was stating the obvious. 

"Yeah...It was coming towards you." Marissa said, looking down at her feet. "Sorry for bothering you." She turned to leave.

Patrick grimaced. He'd only get once chance. "Hey!" He called. 

Marissa turned, looking attentive. 

"I...I think your balloon's pretty cool." He said, holding his arms out wide before slipping them into his pockets nervously. 

"Really?" Marissa started walking back over to him. "You don't...think it's stupid? I mean, at school." 

Patrick shook his head, "If it makes you happy, that's all that matters." He said. He wasn't going to screw this up. 

Marissa smiled up at him. "Do you...want to come home with me? I...I think I'd like to show you something." 

Patrick felt like he was going to faint. He nodded, before quickly gathering his blanket and book. "Sure, sure. No problem." He said with a stupid smile. 

"Great!" Marissa said with a beautiful smile. "I- I mean. Cool." She turned back to her balloon, who was swaying in the breeze.

"Shush you. You've done enough today." She whispered to it. 


The walk home was long, and mostly filled with silence. Patrick was working on trying not to blush as Marissa whispered at her balloon about 'Staying out of her business' and 'To let her get dates on her own'.  

She talks to it? Well, it did seem to talk to me before... He'd have to ask her about that. Sure, he...liked...balloons, but it was never that...what would he call it? All consuming? Overwhelming?  He looked back at Marissa, who simply smiled up at him. It was a little too good to be true, that this girl he'd thought would never look his way was taking him to her home. 

"We're almost there." She said, walking a little faster. Patrick picked up his pace in order to keep up. They eventually came to a small home, decorated like a cottage right out of a fairy tale. A stone path lead the way up to the front door, which looked to be carved out of an old tree, with glass that looked handmade. 

"I think my mom's out getting more spices, so we should have the place to ourselves." She said with a smile.

Patrick nodded, and swallowed hard. As he came closer, he could see a pair of old scissors and small bags hanging over the doorway. A bell chimed as Marissa opened the door, letting him walk in behind her. The place smelled of cinnamon, and a sharpness Patrick couldn't quite place.

The home felt as warm as it looked, with old furniture decorating the room. A fire was lit, giving the room a warm feel. Marissa set her bag down, and let her balloon go. Patrick couldn't help but watch it float towards a chair, and-

"Here, take this." Marissa said, suddenly appearing at his side. In her hand was a smooth, blue stone. "It should keep the spells from affecting you." She said with a smile. 

"Right..." Patrick said, slipping it into his pocket. 

Marissa smiled, and moved to sit on the old couch in the room. "I...I should probably explain a few things." She said, looking over at him.

Patrick looked around, seeing that the living room led into a kitchen, where- Wait, was that a cauldron? 

"Yeah...That would be nice." He sat down, trying not to jump to any conclusions. Marissa seemed normal enough, maybe it was just her parents who liked the strange decor.

Marissa took a deep breath. "I'm a witch." 

Or not. 

Patrick blinked a few times. "A-A witch. Like, Hocus Pocus, frogs and pointy hats witch?" He asked. Was that why she brought him here? For some sort of ritual or spell?

Marissa sighed, "No. Nothing like that. These days, my parents sell spells and potions in town. They've got a little shop going. People don't believe it's real, but they still like the look." She said with a smirk.

"Oh. Ok." Patrick said, still feeling a bit on edge. It still didn't explain why he was here. "" He asked.

Marissa looked up at Patrick, and blushed. "I'm still in training. I've picked a place to focus my magic, and now I spend my time training until I'm old enough to go out on my own."

"Oh." Patrick said. "'re not going to..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Do..anything to me?" He asked.

"No! I'd never hurt anyone with my magic! that what you were thinking?" Marissa asked, looking a little hurt.

"N-No no! I...well... I didn't think witches were real." Patrick said with a sigh.

Marissa nodded, and took another deep breath. "I understand. My mother warned me about this..." She said, looking away. The balloon floated over, and tied itself around her wrist. "I know, Liza. I know..."

Patrick swallowed hard. Marissa had seemed like an average girl, just with a balloon she carried around but he wasn't so sure.

Marissa smiled, and stood up. "Why don't I show you my focus? I've never been able to share it with anyone other than my parents." She said, holding out her hand.

Patrick took it slowly, still unsure about everything. Before he could fully stand, Marissa tugged him along towards a door next to the fire place.

"My parents gave me the basement, since I needed a lot of room. We discovered that after-" Marissa bit her lip, putting her hand on the doorknob.

"After...?" Patrick said, trying to ignore the fact that he was still holding Marissa's hand.

"Never mind!" Marissa said, before opening the door, and slipping her shoes off. "Take yours off too. Don't want any dirt down here. 

Patrick moved to take his shoes off, looking down the steps. The lights were off, but he swore he could hear something going on down there...

"Ready?" Marissa said with a nervous smile.

Patrick nodded. "As I'll ever be." He said with a shrug.

Marissa nodded, and started down the steps, with Patrick behind her. He held onto the rail, watching as they came further down into the dark basement. What could be down here? She was a Witch after all. Would it be like a dungeon, or more like the rest of the house? Was he walking into a trap, and her parents were there to weave some sort of crazy spell on him? He could hear something squeaking, things shifting around...

"Stop." Marissa turned, placing a hand on his chest. He blinked, and tried to keep his breathing steady. "Wait right here, and-and close your eyes." She said.

Patrick nodded, hearing Marissa run down the rest of the steps. He saw the light turn on behind his eyes. The steps creaked under foot, and Patrick felt Marissa take his hand.

"Just hold onto me, and walk down the steps." She said, leading him down. The wood was rough against his feet, and he expected a cold basement floor underfoot at some point was warm, soft almost. He felt something move by his head, and he weaved past it, the object just missing his face. 

"Alright," Marissa took his other hand, and a deep breath. 

Patrick felt himself shaking slightly. He was, right now, holding hands with Marissa! It didn't matter that she was some sort of Witch, this still made butterflies flutter in his stomach. 

"Can I-?" 

"When I count to three, open your eyes." Marissa said firmly. She let go of Patrick's hands. 

"One." Patrick shifted in place.

"Two." He took a deep breath...


Patrick opened his eyes. 

The first thing Patrick noticed was the balloons. All sorts of balloons all with silver strings tied around their necks. Some seemed to be having a conversation with each other, while others carried things around the room. They were all different colors and sizes, all floating around and past the two of them. 

"I-I-" He was speechless. The room had what looked like an inflatable red couch, and two chairs, both a deep shade of purple. The lights shined off of their surfaces, with a few balloons resting on them. Next to the furniture, was a giant purple balloon, with a long silver string tied to the neck of it. 

"My focus is pneumatic magic." Marissa said, "It's tricky, and not many witches do it, but I'm one of the few." She said, taking a balloon from the air. 

Patrick could feel his face heating up, forcing him to take a deep breath to try and calm down. He clenched his hands a few times, trying to keep himself under control. 

"So...What do you think?" Marissa said, smiling at him. She stepped over in front of him, the balloon in her hand waving close to his face. 

"I-ahem..." He cleared his throat. "It's great!" The words still came out a little strained. 

"Are you alright? You look a little red." Marissa said, stepping closer. The balloon moved again, this time against Patrick's cheek. He gasped, feeling that wave of pleasure shoot through him again. He stepped back. 

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I promise." He said, "It's just...a lot to take in, that's all." He said, smiling at Marissa. 

Marissa smiled back. "Let's go sit down. You can relax better over there." She walked over to the red couch, the surface squeaking as she sat. 

Oh no no no no no. Sitting down on a balloon couch with Marissa in the room, sitting next to him on that very balloony, squeaky, inflated couch? 

"Sure..." Patrick squeaked. Dead puppies. Dead puppies and nuns in bikinis. Grandparents having sex. Moldy food sitting in the hot sun. Deep breaths, deep breaths. He needed to calm down before he sat on this...balloon couch, or things would get awkward real quick. 

Marissa shifted on the surface, making it squeak as she got comfortable. She smiled over at him, "Come on! It's not going to pop or anything!" She grabbed Patrick's hand, and pulled him into the couch, the slick surface coming to cushion his fall. He sat up, pushing his hand into the smooth surface. 

"H-How did you make this?" He asked, shifting a bit, feeling the soft surface squeak and groan under his jeans. Mom and Dad having sex, Grandma and grandpa having sex. Focus, focus, focus! he chanted in his mind.

"Lots and lots of trial and error. I couldn't use any existing balloons, since they don't work well to being molded. This was made just with my magic alone." She said, smiling down at her creation. 

Patrick smirked, looking down at the couch. Marissa was clearly proud of what she'd done. "I've got to admit, I'd never thought things like this could be done with balloons." He said, still blushing. He was still trying to keep his mind from straying, thinking about what he might like to do with Marissa on this very couch- 

Thankfully, a percussive sound broke him from his train of thought. Marissa had blown up a balloon, and tapped him on the nose with it. "What'cha thinking about?" She asked, smirking. 

Patrick bit his lips. He looked down at the balloon, and saw one float past them. "Before...when that balloon floated towards me, I swear... After it tied its string around my wrist, I could hear" He asked. 

Marissa nodded, tying off the balloon in her hand. "Yeah...Yeah, they talk. Only when the string wraps around a part of your body though. Come, I'll show you." She got up, and started walking to the other side of the room. 

Eager (but only just) to get off the balloon couch, Patrick followed behind, looking around at the rest of the room. There were tanks of various colors and sizes, none of them seemingly labeled. The balloons that floated through the room seemed to be able to speak to each other, wrapping their strings around their fellow balloon's strings. Patrick turned to look as Marissa came to a stop, picking up a purple balloon from a normal looking pack. 

"This is where I bring them to life." She turned to a tank, sitting next to what looked like a hand-carved work bench. Tools he recognized sat on the surface, along with many he didn't. The tank was purple, and had gold writing on it. "Balloon Gas. Not for Human Inhalation."  It read. "I made this myself. Magic, air, and helium. And a special potion." She smirked, and brought the balloon up to the nozzle. 

Patrick watched with rapt fascination as the purple balloon swelled up in her hand, the rubber squeaking as it grew. He bit his lip, seeing the edge of the balloon had a slight shimmer to it. It wasn't a trick of the light, that much was for sure. Patrick had blown up hundreds of balloons, and not one looked like that when it blew up. Before he was sure she'd pop it, Marissa tied off the end, and tied a silver string from a nearby pack of them to the knot. "There. One magic balloon, made in no time." She smiled. The balloon floated around a bit, before wrapping around Patrick's wrist. 

"Hello there...My name is Michael. Nice to meet you." It said, bobbing happily in front of him. 

Patrick blinked a few times, trying to process this new information. "Y-You make...male ones?" He asked, looking the balloon over.

Marissa shrugged. "They chose their own names. Each one is unique, you know." She said, looking around. 

"Oh! Did Marissa make a new balloon? Welcome, dear!" A pink balloon floated over while Patrick was distracted, and wrapped its string around his arm as well. 

Marissa giggled. "I think they like you." She said with a smile. 

"Hello there. Who are you?" Michael asked, shifting towards the new balloon and Patrick

"Uh...Name's Patrick..." He said, smiling at Marissa's comment. 

"Holly, dear. Lovely to meet you." The pink balloon said.

"Can you hear them?" Patrick asked. 

Marissa shook her head. "No. I told you. Only when the string is wrapped around a part of one's body can you here them." She explained with a smile. 

"Hey, hey! What is going on over here?" A smooth talking blue balloon floated over, wrapping himself around Patrick's upper arm. 

"Just getting acquainted with the newcomers. Cal, this is Patrick. The Patrick." Holly said with what sounded like a smile. 

Cal, who must have been the blue balloon, gasped. "No. Way. She actually managed to do it?" He brushed against his cheek, making Patrick gasp. "Hey, buddy! We've heard a lot about you! I should get the others, hold on!" Cal floated away to the large group of balloons in the rest of the room. 

"Wait..." Patrick shook the haze off of his mind. "He said they've heard a lot about me? What's he talking about?" He asked, looking over at Marissa. 

"O-Oh! D-Did they say that?" She blushed, looking down at her feet. "J-Just stuff from the papers, you know, your sports and all that..." She played with a bit of her hair, still not making eye contact with him. 

Patrick gave a small smirk, wondering what was going on, before he heard a bunch of squeaks behind him. He turned, and gasped. A whole group of balloons were floating towards him!

"Hey, everyone! Come meet Patrick! You know, the one-Mmmph." Cal had been about to say something, before Holly reached up and tugged on his string. 

"It's not polite to share secrets, Cal." She said, moving aside as more and more balloons wrapped their strings around his arms. He couldn't keep up with the chatter, the balloons all either trying to talk to him, or to the new balloon, Michael.

"W-Wait, hold on a second, I-!" He tried to get their attention, but a few ended up wrapping gently around his neck, and brushing against his cheek. 

"Ohh..!" He gasped, giving a little moan as the familiar sensation returned to him. He nuzzled into the balloons, smiling and giggling as more wrapped around his body, a few strings ending up around his torso. So many, in fact, that he slowly started to float up off the ground!

"My goodness! I believe this is getting a bit out of hand!" Patrick could just barely make out Holly's voice above all the other conversations. 

"Hey! He floats pretty well! Maybe he'd make a good balloon too!" Cal said, with a few others agreeing with him. 

" Thatss...Impossible!" He shouted, coming to in a moment of clarity. He looked down, kicking his feet wildly. 

"Put him down! Put him down right now!" Marissa was shouting up at him. How long had he been up here? When did he get up here?! 

"Marissa! Marissa, what's going on?!" He shouted, trying to kick his way back down to the floor. He could see Marissa jumping up to try and grab him, but to no avail. 

"Perhaps we should put him down, Cal. I don't think Marissa's ready to show him everything." Holly said. 

"Yes! Yes, please put me down!" Patrick shouted, seeing the floor so far below him. 

Cal sighed, as if he was rolling his eyes. "Fine. You're no fun. Let's put him down, everyone." He called out.

One by one, a few balloons started to detach from him, allowing Patrick to slowly float back down to the floor. Once he touched down, he saw Marissa run over, blushing furiously. In her hand, she held an old looking knife. 

"Get away from him! Go on! Or I'll pop you, all of you!" Marissa shouted, swinging the knife at the balloons, causing them to scatter, like scared birds. 

"Marissa! Hey, calm down." Patrick said, pushing her arms at her sides, taking the knife from her and setting it aside. "They put me down, alright? They didn't want to hurt me, just get to know me." He smiled. 

"I-I should go." Marissa said, looking at the ground. 

"But...why? I thought we were hav-"

"Just get out!" She shouted with tears in her eyes. 

Patrick jumped back, and with a look of sadness, he turned to leave. 


"Are you sure about this, Cal?" Holly asked.

"Of course I am! You saw how sad Marissa was after Patrick left. We've got to make it up to her." Cal said.

"I agree, but like this? I think we've done enough damage for one day." She said, squirming a bit. 

"She's going to love this, trust me." Cal said. "Don't worry everyone! I think we're almost there!" He shouted back at the bundle of balloons that he and Holly were tied to, floating over the town below them. 

"I do hope you're right about that. I hate how upset we've made the girl I swear I could hear her crying all the way from the basement..." Holly said. 

"It'll be fine! She'll cheer up once she's got a boyfriend to cuddle!" He said, before a crosswind nearly blew them off course.

"It's rather windy up here. Don't you think we should start looking for the address?" Holly asked, looking down at the houses below them. 

"Relaax Holly! I feel like we're getting close! This way!" He said, pulling the large bundle of balloons down to the street level. The small cul-de-sac quiet for the evening, all the houses around them dark. 

"Now...let's see here..." Cal pulled the bundle over to a street sign. "What was the street again?" 

"I know! I know!" A yellow balloon jumped forward. "Lillybell! It's down that road, then to the right!" She explained.

"Very good, Liza! I forgot Marissa took you out more than the rest of us." Holly said, squeaking against the yellow balloon. 

Liza giggled. "I can't wait to see Patrick again! He was sooo cute!" 

"And he'll look even better once we're done with him! This way!" Cal pulled the group down the street, the balloons trying to keep from making too much noise. They rounded the corner, drifting further down the row of houses. Holly, Cal, and Liza all looked around, checking the numbers on the houses. They all soon came to a red painted home, with flowers all along the edge of the white panted porch.

"There it is! Marissa loves to come by here when Patrick's not around." Liza said with a giggle. "His bedroom's upstairs. There's a window that should be the best way to get in." She explained.

"Good thinking, Liza. Everyone! This way!" Cal shouted, pulling the bundle around to the side of the house, floating up to the second story window. Inside, just under the window, was Patrick, sleeping with a white tee-shirt on, and a pair of blue boxers. His hand was resting across his chest, his mouth slightly open in a snore. As the balloons drifted up, the saw his window was slightly open, letting in a gentle breeze. 

"Help me lift this up." Cal said, moving to the others, who all untied themselves from the bunch, and with a bit of effort, opened the window fully to let themselves in. 

"Now what, Cal? We'll have to distribute the weight this time around in order to not wake him up." Holly explained. 

"Right. This way, everyone." Cal, as well as the others, all slipped inside, floating around in Patrick's room, who slept on unaware. 

"Don't forget to whisper!" Holly said in a hushed tone, "He can hear us once we wrap our strings around him!" 

"Right!" Cal shouted back. "Uh, ahem, I mean, right!" He whispered. "Alright everyone! Let's get started!" 

The balloons all nodded in agreement, spreading out over Patrick's body. A few wrapped around his legs, a few around his arms, and most of them wrapped around his torso and lower body, making sure to keep themselves evenly distributed. Holly and Cal wrapped themselves gently around his neck, before looking up to see the others all spread out above him. 

"Good job everyone! Now, let's be careful when we lift him, alright?" Cal whispered. 

"On three. One, Two...three!" Holly counted down, before all the balloons lifted him up into the air, floating him above his bed as they turned to slid out the window. Patrick slept on, snoring a bit as he was moved slowly out the window, the balloons ducking as they float back up into the sky, their new cargo in tow.

If anyone had been watching the sky at this moment, there certainly would have been quite the sight. A young man was floating across the inky blackness, carried by a large bundle of balloons. Lucky for the balloons, no one cared for stargazing that particular night. They made their way back to Marissa's home, slipping through an open window, and carefully carrying their precious cargo down to the dark basement, where they sat him down in one of the balloon chairs, right next to the giant purple balloon. 

"Phew...He's...he's heavier than I thought..." Cal said, resting on the ground. 

"Well...he is a man...after all. Not like Marissa..." Holly said, resting for a moment next to him. 

"Now for the tricky part..." 

"Right, because carrying a human across the sky wasn't tricky enough." 

"Shh. Help me move the tank, alright? We're almost done." Cal floated back up, and with a few others, floated over to the tank of 'Balloon Gas'. 

"Alright, alright..." Holly sighed, joining in as they all wrapped their strings around the tank. 

"On three, okay? One...Two...Three!" Cal and the others all gave a mighty pull, dragging the tank across the room, inch by inch. Finally, the plopped it down next to Patrick, who was still asleep, his mouth having fallen open in a snore. 

"Right...then..." Cal and the others gasped, feeling rather worn out. 

"I-I don't know if I can do this part, Cal. I'm exhausted..." Holly said, resting on the ground again. 

"C-Come on...Holly...Just a little bit more. We've got this, guys. This is the easiest part." Cal floated back up to the tank, and motioned for the others to help. "Just tip the nozzle into his mouth, and turn the tank on...Then we watch." 

" last push." Holly said. The bundle of exhausted balloons all wrapped around the valve of the tank, and very carefully, tipped the tank over into Patrick's open mouth. 

Patrick, in his sleeping state, wrapped his lips around it instinctively, unaware of what was going on around him. 

Meanwhile, the balloons were shaking as they struggled to hold up the tank.

"T-Turn on the air!" Cal shouted. 

"I-I don't think we can hold it!" Holly said.

"I've got it!" Liza chimed in, unwrapping her string to pull on the valve, a soft hissing filling the air as it opened in short bursts. 

"Yes! Here... we go!" Cal said. 

Patrick's cheeks instantly puffed up, filling with the magic gas as it flowed into his body. His skin took on a rubbery sheen, his shirt and boxers looking tighter as the gas did its job. 

"Look! He's... filling up!" Holly said, watching as Patrick's belly started to stick out, his shirt riding up as a pale band of flesh was exposed. It didn't take long before the rest of his torso groaned and stretched, his body sounding like a balloon on the end of a helium tank. Patrick let out a sleepy moan, running his hands over his ballooned body, his limbs looking shiner and puffier. 

"Looks like he's it well!" Cal said, still struggling with the others to keep the tank from falling on Patrick as he filled up bigger...and bigger...and bigger! 

"Mmmph..." Patrick tried to speak around the nozzle, but it blocked his words, his body now a round ball with puffy limbs sticking out of it. He let out a sleepy giggle, patting his new body, unaware of what was really happening to him! 

"M-Marissa's...g-going to love t-this..." Cal said triumphantly. Patrick's lower body bloated out as well, his squeaky skin brushing against the balloon seat he was in, his butt wedging itself into the chair as he rounded up and out. He flapped his hands happily, his eyes opening just a bit for a moment. In his mind, he was still in a dream. He breathed in deeply, his body surging anew as the slick chair pushed him up with a pop! He rested on the armrests, his head still tilted down from the tank in his mouth. 

"A-Almost there...Just a little more!" Holly said, looking to see how wide Patrick's body had stretched. His body was a smooth, round balloon, his hands and feet puffing up with air as they sank into his body a bit, as well as his head, his chin causing his body to squeak. 

"H-How much more do you think-" 

Cal was about to speak, when the lights came on. "What's going on down here!?" Marissa shouted. Her feet could be heard quickly coming down the stairs. 

"Marissa!" The balloons all shouted, dropping the tank in shock. The full weight came down on Patrick's head, waking him up as it tipped over and out of his mouth. "Mmp-ahh!" He shouted, coughing as his voice was higher pitched for a moment. 

"What in the world are you all-" Marissa rounded the corner, and gasped. "P-Patrick!!" She shouted, seeing the Balloon Gas tank was laying on its side, hissing away. 

"M-Marissa? W-What's..." He blinked a few times, trying to snap out of his dazed, half-awake state. 

"W-What did you all do to him!!?" Marissa shouted, running around to Patrick's head. "H-He's a-a balloon!" She cried out with tears in her eyes. 

"What?" Patrick asked as he tried to move, but could only flap his hands a bit. "I-I feel really strange..." He said, blinking a few more times. His body felt like a live wire of sensations, his clothing shifting just a bit causing small waves of warm pleasure to flow through him. "I-I...." He looked at himself, wide-eyed and in shock. "I'm a balloon...." He whispered softly 

"I-I'm so sorry, Patrick!" Marissa cried out, with tears streaming down her face. "These stupid balloons...." She turned off the tank, and kicked it away. "They kidnapped you and blew you up!" She wiped her eyes, and glared over at the balloons. "I'll pop every one of you for this! Who did this to him? Who's idea was it?" She shouted, tears falling anew. 

"M-Marissa..." Patrick said softly, trying to turn his head, but only making squeaking noises in his struggle. 

"Don't worry, P-Patrick..." She sniffled, turning around to face him. "I-I'll find a way to put you back to normal, I promise! You-You won't be stuck like this forever..." She burst into tears, and fell to her knees, sobbing. "This is all my fault. 

"M-M-Marissa, don't cry..." Patrick said with a soft smile. "It's alright, trust me." 

"N-No it's not..." Marissa said between tears. "Your life is ruined because of me! My stupid magic did all of this. stupid crush was the reason for all of this..." She whimpered. 

"Crush?" Patrick asked. 

Marissa shook her head. "It's dumb. You're a sports star, and I'm a nobody who likes balloons. I never had a chance anyway, and now you're stuck here with stupid me because-" 

"Stop it, Marissa." Patrick said firmly. "First of all, I've had a crush on you from the first day I saw you. I was too nervous to go up to you, simply because you seemed to part crowds. Not to mention that balloon you carried around..." He bit his lip. "And second...I love balloons. I always have. I don't...really understand it, but something about them really sets me off. This...this is kinda..." He took a deep breath (How, he really couldn't say.), "It's kinda a dream come true, to be honest." He said, blushing slightly. 

Marissa looked up, and sniffled again, wiping the tears from her face. The other balloons had perked up, and were floating out from their hiding spot to investigate. "'re not mad about this?" She asked with a shy smile. 

"Far from it. I'm...rather ecstatic about it, to be honest. I thought I was dreaming when I felt my body swelling up like that. And right now..." He sighed. "God, is it normal for my skin to feel so tingly?" He asked, trying to reach with his fingers to touch his skin. 

" is." Marissa smiled, and reached out to gently rub against his stretched out shirt, the fabric brushing against his skin.

"O-Ohhh!" He gasped and moaned, his face turning a bright red. "Mhmm...god..." He sighed. 

"And that was just a touch." Marissa giggled. 

"Holy shit..." Patrick gave a weak chuckle. "This is...fantastic! I'm-" He looked over at Marissa. "I'm finally your balloon..." 

Marissa squeaked a little, and blushed furiously. She covered her face and looked away.  "O-Only if you want to be!" 

"It's all I've ever wanted..." He sighed, closing his eyes.

"Y-You weren't kidding about that crush thing...right?" She asked, biting her lip. 

"Nope. I've fallen head over heals for you..." He said with a bright smile. 

"And I you, my balloony boyfriend." She smiled, leaning over to give him a deep kiss. 

Patrick gave a deep moan around the kiss. Apparently all of his skin was sensitive to touch... He moaned anew when Marissa reached out to rub his rounded body, pulling away from the kiss slowly. 

"I like the sound of that..." Patrick gasped, his eyes glazed over. 

Marissa smiled. "Good. Because I really don't know how long it'll take to put you back to normal, if it's even possible..." 

"Don't think too hard about it. As long as you'll take care of me, I'm happy to be your helpless balloon." Patrick said. 

Marissa giggled. "Good. Now," She shifted him around a bit, before using the chair to hoist herself up and onto his rounded form. her legs straddling his body. 

Patrick let out another loud moan, the shifting sensations sending his mind reeling. "Now..?" He croaked out, wondering what could possibly be next. 

"How about you take care of me?" She purred with a wicked smile. 


Author's Note: 

A while back, me and perchedontheloon did a little story trade. I guess you could say he's one of my biggest fans, (pun intended) and I thought the trade would be fun for the both of us.  I've been working on this for months, in edits and rewrites, rethinking and my own nerves, not to mention classwork and the like. I think I did the request justice. A cute girl, balloons, and a couple brought together by the love for them. Hope you all enjoy, and happy belated Valentines Day! <3

Fun fact: Patrick and Marissa were actually the first couple in the first story I ever wrote for Deviantart and this fetish! :D

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