A chat or IM feature?

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A chat or IM feature?

It was suggested in the General board, and I was just wanted to bring this to the admin's attention. I don't know if such a thing was suggested before, but here it goes again anyway. If it has and has been shot down, I'm curious as to why, and if not, what would it take to get something like that working? Please post your support, or not if you're so inclined, and thanks to our admin for taking the time to hear these suggestions.

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I looked into the options for chat rooms back when I was revamping the site. In the end I decided that the available solutions weren't suitable and that the private messaging module was sufficient. But that was over five years ago. I'm sure plenty has changed in terms of available software.

If there's interest, I'd be happy to revisit it. I just need to know what sort of features people are looking for.

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Thank you for considering it! I'm not sure how you would go about collecting opinions on the matter, but I'm sure you have your ways. Either way, you know how I vote ;)

When it comes to features, what I'd like to see is your basic IM, maybe with some sort of color theme to visually distinguish between sender and receiver, a few customization components like font and color, sound events would be nice too, and definitely the ability to have multiple users at the same time (3+). Of course, none of these things are absolutely necessary, and it all realy depends on what software you choose. It is your site afterall.

As far as security goes, the first obvious step I can think of is you'd have to have a profile before you can use it. That's probably a "duh" right? Naturally, users would like to have some way of turning it "off" so they can browse the site without being bombarded by IMs when the just want to check messages/posts.

But, I digress. You're probably aware of a lot of these issues and have your own ideas how to deal with them, and I'll leave you to them. Once again, thanks for the thoughts!

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