Story Submission Guidelines

Story submissions do not appear instantly in the Library. First they must be reviewed and evaluated for form and content. Those that are approved get posted. So you should review the following guidelines before uploading a story.


Subject Matter

This site is about people inflating. Any submitted stories must be about people inflating. Pretty simple. But for the sake of clarity, I feel the need to provide a couple of definitions.


Your story should be about humans inflating. So furries, Pokémon, robots, airplanes, and the like are right out.

There is a certain amount of flexibility depending on how human your inflatee appears. We get the occasional alien and demon in inflation stories, and that’s fine. Just understand that the farther your characters are from being human, the more likely it is that the story will be rejected.


The dictionary definition of inflation is “to swell or distend with air or gas”. I extend that to include liquids, e.g., water, soda, blueberry juice. My rule of thumb is that if you can use it fill a balloon, then it counts as inflation. Beyond that you wind up in questionable territory.

There’s a category for Stuffing but it’s easy to wander from there into Weight Gain, which isn’t permitted. You would do well to check out what’s already been accepted if you want to go this route.



If your story is so difficult to read that I can’t be bothered to complete it, then it won’t get posted. Here are the most common issues that will get your submission tossed into the circular file.


At the very least, use a spell checker. That won't catch everything (e.g., its versus it's) but it will help a lot.


The word “I”, proper nouns, and the beginnings of sentences and quotations should be capitalized.


Sentences should end in a period, question mark, or exclamation point and should be of a reasonable length. Someone once submitted a 500-word story that consisted of two sentences. That is not a reasonable length.

Dialog Punctuation

Technically this falls under punctuation, but it’s a big enough issue to deserve its own section. Here are some tutorials for punctuating dialog:

Punctuating Dialogue

Punctuation in Dialogue


Wall-of-text submissions will be rejected. Break your story up into paragraphs.


Stories that violate the the guidelines will not be posted.

Keep in mind, I will not be enforcing these standards retroactively. There are stories currently in The Library that would not be accepted if they were submitted today. So while it can be helpful to use existing stories as a guideline for what is and isn't acceptable, this becomes less reliable the farther back in time you go.


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I think, infating body, nude

I think, infating body, nude and sex is non separated pair. Before and after sex is desired in reall and stories.

sexy trans Kamila

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Can I write stories in MS

Can I write stories in MS Office Word editor and after copy it in site tu upload? What about image (photo) in story text?

sexy trans Kamila

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Yes, you can write stories in

Yes, you can write stories in Word and copy it into the submission form. Text formatting might not be preserved, though.

Images are not supported in stories.

Just to be clear, can I

Just to be clear, can I upload stories written by other people if I credit them as the authors?

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Yes, that's allowed.

Yes, that's allowed.

and by the way

ANd is/was there anything I could have done to make them acceptable?  I fyou wish, please just leave a message on my account here.

Latest submissions...

Did you A) receive my Mother's' Love stories and B) did you reject them?


To clarify, is there any system in place to notify someone when a submission is accepted/rejected? Or do we just check back in every few days? How long is the typical waiting period? If a story is rejected, will we be told the reason? Thanks.

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Currently there's no

Currently there's no rejection notification system, and I don't have time to reply to all of them. If you've submitted something and it's not posted after a week, send me a message. It may have been rejected, or I might just not have gotten around to it yet.

How sexual can the stories

How sexual can the stories be? I have an idea but it gets quite graphic in that regard.

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Currently sexual content is

Currently sexual content is allowed and there aren't any formal guidelines about it. But a story may be excluded for inappropriate sexual content, e.g., underaged characters having sex.

Underage Characters

At what age is a character considered underaged?

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.

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Since we're dealing with fiction, there will always be situations where I have to make a judgment call. But I use California state law as a guideline, which basically states that it's legal for minors as young as 16 as long as the partners are close in age. Of course, anyone 18 or older is a legal adult and thus fair game.


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Subject Matter

...Inflatable airplanes? Is that a thing?

I want to pop so much I could burst!

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You have no idea, my man...

You have no idea, my man...

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I was wondering why all my

I was wondering why all my stories weren't being accepted. This makes much more sense now, glad that you've posted up the rules to avoid anymore confusion on this site.


I like your profile pic it's really cute Btw! 


This clears things up quite a bit. A few years ago I submitted a furry story and it never got published. This is extremely helpful. Now I can feel more confident in posting more content in the future. This was a very good idea.

Btw, this doesn't have much to do with the actual guidelines, but I think there should be some way to notify a user if their story has been rejected. I just thought it was on a really long waiting list, and it was only after a few months that I realized it wasn't going to go up. Maybe PM or e-mail, something along those lines would be helpful. Just sayin'


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One criticism...

While I agree with most of the points made here, I feel that the "no furries" restriction may be a little unfair.  While I wouldn't call myself a fan of them, I don't believe they deserve to be excluded in such a fashion.  There's a lot of furry fans in the inflation community (and vice versa), and locking them out like that strikes me as a bit harsh.  I do agree with excluding the offensive or extreme stuff, but so long as the content is fairly benign, and the furries aren't too 'animalistic', I don't see a huge problem.

"A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men."

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I'm always open to criticism and discussion.

There's nothing new in the subject matter section. These have been the rules pretty much forever. This is just the first time they've been written down and posted publicly. This exposes them to critique and debate, which is a good thing.

The question of whether To Fur or Not To Fur comes up periodically. My approach to running this site almost always skews towards keeping the focus narrow rather than expanding it. It's an outlook that's largely informed by watching what happened with the fragmentation of the Balloon Buddies mailing list way back in the day, along with observations of how other expansion-related communites have evolved over the years.

I tend to be quite stubborn about changing longstanding policy that has worked well thus far (e.g., the old rule regarding nudity). I'd need to be convinced that the benefits of redrawing the boundaries outweighed the risks.


Kudos to the 'Wall of Text'

Kudos to the 'Wall of Text' complaint (and thank you for accepting my 'spa' and 'Ski Lodge' stories!)

More than once I've run into stories on Deviantart that were nothing but 2-4 sentences at the top and bottom, followed by a PAGE of words (and yes, typos will kill you).

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Yes please...

Nothing kills a sexy-sounding premise like spelling/grammar/pagination issues.  No seriously... How can someone be expected to enjoy it if they can't even read it.


Hopefully this will stem the tide of unreadable material, or at least keep the ones who write it quiet...