Magician's Assistant, The

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Once, there was an amazing magician who could manipulate the very fabric of the world. His tricks defied all preconceived notions relating to the reality as we understood it. His beautiful assistant had been working with him for years, and all the tricks had been collaboratively conceived by both of them. For their final show, they decide to craft the perfect feat to amaze audiences, and they had. It took years to master it, but once they had a grasp on it they were ready.

Tonight, one of the biggest crowds of people he had ever seen lay before him, eagerly watching his amazing abilities. He began with things he was known for, like disappearing acts, health miracles, among other things.Tonight, he will realize that if you tamper too much with nature, you’ll end up a fool.

“And now, for my final trick!” The Magician projected to the audience. Everyone was amazed by his previous tricks, but this man was known for making a good climax. “Now, what if I told you I could turn my lovely assistant into a balloon?” The audience was stoked. The Assistant giggled because she knew what he was about to unleash to the crowd.

The Magician looked at his assistant and asked her “Are you ready?” She smiled and nodded. This trick was special, though. It defied what people knew about the human body, it would be the amazing conclusion to his amazing career.

“All I need for this trick is a balloon!” He said as he pulled one out from his pocket. The Assistant walked down to a platform in the center of the tent. The audience watched in silence as The Magician began to exhale into the balloon.

While the balloon didn’t expand, The Assistant’s belly did. The spotlights quickly shined on her as she proudly displayed it to everyone in the room. The buttons on her vest began to strain and reveal more of her undershirt. Exiting music began to play as the whole audience became transfixed on her swelling body.

Soon enough, her butt began to push out along with her thighs, and the strings in her her stockings made sounds of stretching. The first button on her vest flew off into the distance. Her arms, legs, and fingers pushed out and slowly became stiff. The Assistant almost cheered in delight as she slowly lifted off of the ground. Her waist was tied by a rope to a sandbag to prevent her from flying away. The Assistant floated as high as the rope could hold her. Her waistline was three times bigger than what it was before. “Would ya look at her, folks? Isn’t she beautiful?” The whole crowd cheered as the Assistant blushed.

“Let’s see how big we can get her!” After that statement, the Assistant gave the crowd a toothy smile, and the crowd cheered. The Magician blew into the balloon, and The Assistant blew up more and more. The second button on her vest popped off and the third followed soon after. Blissfully unaware of it, the rope that kept the bag and her together slowly began to tear. Almost all of the buttons on her shirt quickly bursted off as the audience was left to see her globular belly.

Her waistline stretched further, and the rope strained more with it. The Magician couldn’t see what was going on with her, as he was too busy focusing on inflating the balloon. Her leggings suddenly began to rip in random spaces to accommodate the room of her massive behind. Her arms and legs started to sink into her spherical body.

The audience couldn’t believe their eyes. What stood in front of them was a human-turned balloon that was floating into the air. Everyone cheered and encouraged both people in the act. “Alright, my beautiful blimp looks like she can’t handle much more, but let’s blow one last breath!”

The Assistant gave an awkward smile. What if this was all She could hold? She then stared at the rope, but before she could announce what happened, The Magician Blew in one last gust. Her gut, ass, and waistline all pushed out and formed a perfect sphere from her body. “Ta-daa!” I hope you al-”*SNAP*

The rope had ripped.

The Assistant screamed as she slowly flew up past the tent and towards the sky. Everyone had a silent horrified expression. Her head, hands, and feet sank into her huge body. She rose higher and higher into the air, and let out one extremely high pitched scream before an ear-deafening explosion occurred. Blood, gore, and pieces of the suit all fell to the ground. “Oh god, please no!” The Magician yelled. The audience ran in horror as the Magician was the only one left in what remained of the tent.

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I had thought about making this story for a while since there is only one decent "magician" story. I hope you all really enjoyed this. Please leave some criticism for me to improve!

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I thought it was going along so well

Then it turned into a horrow show of blood and guts (literally) at the end for seemingly no reason. I know the tags indicated as much but it was still an unpleasant finish.

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Thank you for the criticism!

Yeah, now that I look at it, the ending does seem a little shoehorned in.

I think I've had too much...

I also agree, the ending was

I also agree, the ending was opposite of the tone the story had. I thought she would appear slim and happy again as the audience cheered once she exploded.

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I disliked the ending because

I disliked the ending because of tone, so a purely writing critique rather than "I dont like gore blergh blergh". I thought it was clever that what happened wasnt intended. Usually in the whole magician/assistant trope, its all about fooling the audience, but here everything goes kaputt (especially the assistant).

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Very nice doze of realism

I like emotional realism in this story. I believe in this fantasy.

I'm into clean popping, so as Alec Deluxe once said, I'll just use a text editor to remove these 10 characters - "Blood,gore" - and will thoroughly enjoy the rest

Thank you for writing it! ^_^