Home alone

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I take the hose and gently l lube it..finally, tonight was the night where i would inflate like a balloon. Nobody was home, expect for me, and the air compressor. I was wearing a black sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. I trembled a little, nervous and excited about filling my body with air. I was in my room and had the door shut. I pulled down the sweatpants, and took the hose, pulled it around to my butt, i took a deep breath and gently, carefully, pushed the clear tubing into my arse. The sensation was strange and a little uncomfortable but once i got it in far enough, i pulled my sweatpants back up and sighed. All i need to do now is turn on the pump.

I stood next to my bed where the compressor was, it was now or never, i counted down...3...2....1....VRRRRRRR!! I gasped, the air instantly forced its way up my into my belly, the pump whined as it was inflating its biggest balloon yet, me. I felt my belly getting bigger and a grin spread across my cheeks, my cock was getting rock hard, i blushed and used my already lubed up hand to stroke myself..it felt amazing. The air kept filling me up like a balloon, i felt my ass and my thighs swelling up too. I felt my chest puffing up, i was in total bliss, I had the body of a pregnant woman but i didnt care. I wanted to be bigger.

I felt my sweatshirt getting tight around my body, same with my sweatpants, i had trouble keeping my arm on my hard cock, as the stiffened and filled with air. I grunted as i stroked it more...it felt so good, my belly was getting almost as big as a beach ball, and my ass and thighs were so full and swollen, i could barely move! Thats when suddenly, i felt...even fuller?

My clothes were stretching and holding my ballooning body inside, my skin felt tight, and i felt well over full. My belly was as big as a yoga ball, and my lower body refused to budge. I knew this was my limit and i try to reach the pump desperately...too tight...! Too full! I cant move my arms!! I cant reach it!! My cheeks puff out and burn red with embarrassment, i feel myself cum hard, my legs feel weak but oh so stiff! I look down as my chest rises into view, i-its too intense! Too much pressure!! Im going t-


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This is my first story, I hope everyone can enjoy it :)

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