XX, Redux


It was on this day twenty years ago (give or take a day) that I first published the Body Inflation Home Page to my web space at America Online. That site would grow and evolve and eventually become BodyInflation.org.

I should have planned something with a bit more fanfare, but 2016 has been a rather hectic and unpleasant year. I had my doubts as to whether the site would make it to this milestone, but here we are. It’s kind of mindblowing.

I’d like to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who have walked with me on this journey. Going for another twenty years seems overly ambitious. Then again, we inflationists do tend to aim high.

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Thank you personally

You've made this a great place to be for so much of us, I couldn't imagine exploring fantasies anywhere else. It's kept the inflation community alive and well for those who haven't yet "found" this fetish, you know. I find something deep in that. 

Wow, I was about three when

Wow, I was about three when you started the BI Home Page. Well, here's to another 20!

Nice pun at the end!

Here's to many more years.

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After all these years, almost

After all these years, almost two decades for me, I still find this place to be the most comfortable to be in, fetishy wise.

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Milestones are cool. :)

Milestones are cool. :) Congrats!

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Hehe, I still remember when I

Hehe, I still remember when I was young, sneaking to the family computer to look up the old website, my little mind was mesmerized by the pretty balloons. Good times, back then. Heres to another milestone! Lets smoke a bowl!

Happy B-Day, BI!

Happy B-Day, BI! Have a fantastic new year! ^_^

Makes us feel old. 

Makes us feel old. 

Thanks for giving us a home.

Thanks for giving us a home.

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Let's work to making it

Let's work to making it another XX (with a positive community presence that is)!