Women's Anti-Gas Wedge, The

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"Uugh!" moaned Leighann as she sat up and groggily got out of bed. "I hate getting up so early, but the shopping will all be worth it!" she thought excitedly. Leighann was a slender, five-foot-eight college student who loved to shop every weekend, especially at the Mexican resteraunt in the mall's food court. She got a change of clothes and donned them quickly, not wanting to waste time. "Oh man, i'm totally gonna buy some cool stuff today! That new beauty shop opened last week and it looks really popular!" Grabbing her car keys and racing to the front door, she dashed excitedly to the car and got in. Soon, she was headed off, not knowing the new discovery she would later find.

"Well, here I am! There's gotta be something good here." The new store was clean, and stocked full of interesting things that repeatedly caught Leighann's eye. After some browsing, a strange object sitting on the shelf intrigued her, and she pulled it down. "The women's anti-gas wedge? 'This personal hygiene tool is specifically designed to combat offending flatulence'-oh, it stops you from farting so you don't embarass yourself! Hahaha! That is SO stupid", she chuckled. "But, maybe that could let me eat more spicy Mexican food, 'cause I only ever stop when it gives me gas. The price isn't so bad either! I'll take it, I guess".

After buying the device and going to the food court, Leighann ordered plenty of Mexican to fill herself up, and even bought another big meal to take home as dinner. Once she got home, she placed the second meal in the fridge and opened the packaging of her new "hygiene tool". "To use", she began, "firmly insert into your backside. Remove and wash thoroughly once use is done." She did as the packaging instructed, jamming the thing in her, uh, posterior, and redressing. "Wow, this is great! I barely feel anything! But I DO feel pretty hungry" she added. Deciding not to put off her big dinner, Leighann returned to the kitchen and washed her hands before heating up all the food she'd bought and placing it on a big tray in front of her TV. She sat down to eat and turned on a show to watch, noticing that the gas from lunch was starting to make itself heard. Her mind ensured her that the wedge would take care of any gas she experienced, so Leighann got right to eating. The big lunch had her stomach full, but the love of the food put more in as she ate, forcing it to make more room.

After shoving all the food into her gut, Leighann was absolutely stuffed. Her stomach was even pushing on her belt. "Okay, MAYBE i ate a little too much. But it was soo good! I wonder how the wedge will handle all that gas". Her answer came sooner than she thought it would. The newly double-filled stomach began producing far more gas than Leighann usually felt, but it still took a while for her to notice it. "Ooh, those farts aren't coming out, so I guess the wedge works. Oooh! This pressure isn't feeling too good, maybe I should take out that thing so i'll feel better". She quickly went to the bathroom to remove the wedge and relieve her belly.

"Uh oh...", Leighann whined, "The stupid piece of plastic won't come out!" In her eagerness to eat, she had lodged the wedge in too well, and it wouldn't budge! Defeated, she returned to watch TV, and the gases really kicked off once she sat down. "Argh! this feels so weird! And my belt is chafing! Oooh, oooh, oh-EEK! My belly's still rising!" Both the gas and the food were quickly working together to grow her stomach from a slight bulge, into full pregnancy! "Ohmygosh! WHAT!?", Leighann screeched, for now all those would-be farts were hissing into her chest. Her breasts went from 0 to large in no time, and continued to push her shirt outward. Meanwhile, her belly was looking morbidly obese as it slowly pushed her shirt up and strained her belt. "this is crazy! I'm full of farts! I need to yank that darn wedge out NOW!" The resumed attempts to pull it out yielded no success, and were suddenly halted as each cheek of her behind grew to be as large as a basketball and beyond, sealing the device within her.

Now Leighann's stomach, breasts and butt were still growing, the latter 2 reaching a foot around, while her belly grew to 3 whole feet and started to push her legs and privates to each side of her airy bottom. Her panic only increased once her hips began to flare out, soon making her look like the fattest woman alive. She, however, actually felt very light, because she was not fat, she was brimming with fart gas. "Ooohh!! This pressure is insane and i'm still ballooning! What do I do?" She tried bringing her knees up to push out the gas, but this proved to be a great mistake, as it funneled Plenty of new gaseous deposits into her limbs. They instantly went straight as the pressure pushed them, and began fattening like sausages as it continued. "Oh great, now i can't move at all!" This was bad.

Leighann could only look on in terror as all sides of her body continued to inflate larger, and she wished greatly that she could fart the gas out. With cone-like limbs as wide as trees and a torso that filled half the room, she tried in vain to move, only to knock over her foodtray. Her shirt strained until it could hold no longer, and nearly every button popped off at once, sending the clothes flying backward and allowing her front to surge forward even more. Lots of seams ripped open in her jeans, letting buoyant skin show. They, too, snapped off, no longer able to hold her thighs. now her breasts and butocks grew apart as her light, oval-shaped body widened in the middle. Leighann's underwear ripped in half and floated to the floor, and her belt snapped in two, letting her body grow unchallenged. However, by the time she had become a 7-foot girl with wide, sideways arms and legs and a body mostly spherical, the gas stopped.

By now, Leighann was a little less frightened and a little more curious. she could barely move her digits, let alone her limbs, but the gas had, thankfully, ceased. She felt barely human and lighter than air, realizing the true extent of her growth. "Yikes, i'm like a parade balloon! how do I reverse this!? Wait...AAHH!" Her thoughts were interrupted by even more gas pushing her about an inch out in every crevice of her body, before stopping. Unfortunately, this was enough to  kickstart a new experience for Leighann. slowly, gradually, her massive and flattened butt started to leave the couch as all her body rose into the air. "OH GOD! I'M FLOATING!! these farts are lighter than air! Heellpp!!" But no-one came to answer her cry, and her tight, gassy balloon of a body finally bumped into the ceiling.

Leighann's fear was at a peak, and the final momentous steps of her change began. unnoticed at first, her skin began to quiver, and then wobble, which caught her attention. "Aarrgh! my body is jiggling like crazy! What's happening to meee!!" Those final words were lost as she billowed feet and feet out in every way, while her whole figure continued to jiggle wildly like an airborne water balloon. "OOOHH"-Boohm! 

Leighann's unexpected eruption scattered all her furniture, coated the whole room with a great big fart-cloud, and left not even the anti-gas wedge behind. The police who came in a month later collected some very unusual footage from her TV camera, and could only assume she had died of stomach complications.

Author's Note: 

this idea was completely random, and i transferred it into a story.

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