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meet up forum

Meby a tip: Im not a person who needs this. But if lately there are a lot of people who post "meet up" or "date me" on the general forums.

We have a forum subject of role-play. But meby we can have the sane thing for people who want to meet up. So they dont have to post it in normal forums and miss the meet ups of this site.

Ps: i love this site, you did a amasing job. This compliment has to be made!

And boom goes the inflatee

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I like this idea. It would be nice to find a way to identify people that are looking for more than just an rp partner.

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I agree. I'd love to find a woman who shares the same fantisy and willing to "expand" on it with me.


A relationship/meet-up forum would be awesome. Yes, please implement this feature. 

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Has anyone thought this might be plausible?