Cheating Leads to Swelling

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John loved to play the drums. He was an excellent percussionist and played in a jazz band. That's how he met the love of his life, Mandi. She was a percussionist too, and was pretty hot.  They were both in their last year of high school, and had been dating now for their entire high school career. John was a pretty hot looking dude. He took great care of his body, and loved to work it.

Now as much as John loved Mandi, he was always swayed by hot girls. The couple would be walking down the beach and a hot girl would be there and John would always stare, not even caring that Mandi was right there with him. The even worse thing was that he'd get a boner every time. Finally, John surrendered to the power of the boner and when Mandi wasn't looking, he gave a girl his address. She came over later that night and they slept together. 

The next day, Mandi came over. She knocked on the door and John sat up right in bed. He looked at the girl he picked up yesterday and broke into a cold sweat. She was naked and her clothes her strewn about the room. He was still in his pants. He shook the girl awake and she got up. 

"What's up lover boy?" She asked. 

"I'm sorry, but you have to go," John kissed her. 

"Okay lover boy. When can I see you again?"

"Next Saturday, come over."

The girl got up and stretched. John developed a pants tent. She gathered  her clothes and got dressed. She left out the back door. John got out of bed and went to the door. 

"Mandi! Hi! How are you today?" John blocked the doorway. 

"Good! Now that I got my eyes on you.  How are you?" 

"Better then ever! Now that you've cum, um came."

"You ok? You seem flustered?"

"Am I that hard, red?"

"Well, can I come in?"

"Sure! Sure! My bedroom's messy so don't go in just yet."

Mandi walked in and and sat down on the couch. John sat down beside her. There was a prolonged silence. 

Mandi broke it, "Soo, what did you do last night?"

"No one. Did no one. I mean nothing! Nothing at all. I need to use the bathroom," John quickly got up and left.

Mandi got up too and went straight to John's bedroom. She opened the door and went in. His bed was unmade and she saw a spot in the center of the bed. She looked over at his desk and on the chair was a women's shirt. Mandi started to cry. She realized that John had cheated on her. She then also realized that John would stare t girls as they walked by, or he wouldn't even notice her when other girls were around. John walked in and saw Mandi crying. 

"John, I've realized now that you've cheated on me and that you stare at other women, but I'll forgive you if you promise never to sit again."

"Yes! Yes! I promise never to do it again. Oh thank you Mandi!"

"That being said, I need to go," with that Mandi left the house. 

She went straight home and went to her mother. She cried in her arms and told her everything. Her mother became angry. 

"How dare he do that to my little girl! I know a way to keep him from sleeping around! I know a spell he cast him with!"

"What? Magic? Seems cliche doesn't it?" Mandi said.

"Yes, but old cliches die hard." Mandi's mom walked her bedroom and pulled a book from the bookcase. She opens it and combed over the pages, "Ah ha! Here it is! A spell to ensure your love stays true! We just say these words: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a JOHN PAKARD!" As she said the words,  cloud appeared above her and then flew away.

"There, if John knows what's good for him he'll never ever think about taking anyone else to bed but you."

"Oh thank you mom! I love you! I'm going to see John now."

"Ok dear, see you later!"

Mandi went to John's. She knocked on the door and John answered it. 

"You're back! How are you doing? I just wanna say how sorry I am."

"It's ok John it really is. Let's just hang out for awhile okay?" They were together for the rest of the day and night. The next day was school, so they just rode together. John got dressed in a nice button down shirt and jeans. He left the shirt untucked, but buttoned it up  

They arrived at school and walked in. As they entered a door, another girl walked in. She was a hot girl too. John looked over at her and immediately started to get hard, but then he felt another growing sensation. His stomach felt bloated. He put his to his stomach and realized it was swelling. He looked at Mandi who was staring at him. He looked back at his extended gut. He breathed a sigh of relief, as his gut had stopped swelling. He looked at Mandi and then decided something right there. He took her to the bathroom and they made out in there till the first bell rang. They walked out and went to class. Almost their entire schedule was the same, except for the first period. As John was string in first period he looked at his creamed gut. It wasn't very tight, but it was uncomfortable. His stomach was slightly showing through. The second bell rang and class began. Then a girl walked in. She was a hotty too. John again got hard, and again felt the swelling sensation in his gut. He was lost in his thoughts of sleeping with this girl however. His belly swelled farther, and a button popped off, snapping John out of his daydream. He looked at his gut. It was now showing quite clearly through the shirt. It almost touches the desk top from his chair. He realized what was happening: he was going to swell up ever time he fantasized about a girl being with him. He died to turn hos mind elsewhere for the whole period. Then then the bell rang and John ran to his next class he went to where he mets Mandi and grabbed her. They went back into the bathroom. 

"Twice in one day?"

"No, look at me! I'm swelling up! Every time I look at a girl I start to inflate!"

"Oh, John! This must be my mother's fault! She put spell on you for you to remain true to me! This must be what she did!"

"Magic? She knows magic?"

"Cliche, I know. Do you think you can it the rest of the day?"

"Yeah, I can. I'll  only think of you."

"Well here we go!"

John made it through the rest of the day. They went to John's and spent the night together. For the rest of the week, John did pretty good. His swelling didn't go down, but he was becoming accustomed with it.

Saturday came. Mandi was away at her grandparents for the weekend and John was alone. Wearing the shirt from Monday, and a pair of sweatpants, he was watching TV and was keeping his mind on the right track, when there was a knock on the door. He got up and walked over it. He opened the door and was suddenly latched on to. His lips met someone else's and was almost knocked over. He felt his member harden and his gut push. He broke off, and saw the girl from last week.

"Oh John how I've missed you!"

"It's you! I can't do tonight, and I can't see you ever again." His gut continued to swell.

"Why not lover boy?" John was turned on by the way she spoke, causing his swelling to increase faster. A button popped off and hit her in the gut, "You're swelling up!"

"I was cursed and now it I'm turned in by anyone other than my girl, I swell up."

"Really? That'" She leaned in and kissed him, all the buttons popped off and john felt other places expand. His thighs hardened, and his chest surged.

"No! Don't do this!" John pushed her away.

"Why not you sexy thing? You don't like being inflated?"

"No! I've got to stay true to Mandi!" His sweats stretched. 

"No you don't! Come and lay with me in bed! I'll rub you, and lay on you," John's shirt fell off and his arms and legs star fished. He tried to waddle away, but she just spoke so sexually to him. He felt his sweats start to rip, and his thighs poked through. His butt jiggled and he fell over. His torso started in engulf his arms and legs. 

"Look at you! So big and round. I just look at you and I wanna sleep every night with you!"

John's body was now completely round and spherical. His fingers plumped up and his cheeks filled up. His lips smooched together and his eyes squinted. She climbed up on top of his and rolled him over to see he face. His head sunk down in to him and he continued to swell bigger and bigger. He filled the whole room and then stopped get bigger. John felt the pressure start to rise within him. She looked him over. 

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're about to pop!"

John's skin was drum tight, and see through. His eyes watered and he knew this was all his fault. He thought of Mandi one last time. The girl leaned over and kissed him, and sent one last surge of air through him. John then exploded. The girl landed on her butt and looked around at John, as he was all over the house.

"Oh well, he was fun."

Author's Note: 

John loves his girlfriend, but he also loves all the other girls too. This will most likely get him in trouble, won't it?

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