The Cock Pump

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This story contains explicit language and sexual content. If you are not 18 or whatever your respective legal age is in your area you shouldn't be reading this. This story also deals with Cock and ball expansion to giga hyper sizes. This is purely a work of fantasy and is meant as nothing more than a bit of fun. If you know what Cock expansion is and like it, enjoy. If you know what it is and don’t like it you might want to steer clear. If you’re curious as to what cock expansion is then read on you’ll find out. Please have respect. If you don’t like it that’s fine but please refrain from negative comments. Thanks for reading.

Sheldon sat on his bed naked. Ran his hand threw his short brown hair. He reached down stroking his very hard, though pretty average cock. He had reason to be super hard though he could barely contain himself. It had been like two months since he ordered it. Now it was in his hands. He picked up the cock pump running his hands over the shiny plastic. “Man this thing is bigger than I thought.” He said placing it down over his cock. The pump was bigger than his forearm. Like seriously, bigger he had put his whole forearm in it earlier. There was room to spare.

Holding it in place with one hand. He gripped the pump bulb in the other. He started to squeeze. Pump. Pump. The suction alone felt great Sheldon let out a groan. What was even better though. Was that it was working. Pump, Pump, Pump. He watched as his once average cock started to stretch out fatter and longer. Filling the tube a bit more “Oh god it’s actually working! I can’t believe it!” The suction was so intense. He soon found himself huffing, groaning. It was like the suction was just trying to pull the cum out of his cock.

“Ohh if it keeps feeling like this I’m not going to be able to hold back at all.” Pump, Pump, Pump, Pump. He was already half filling the pump. His cock fatter and girthier “look how girthy it’s getting. I’m gone to have a monster pole when this is done.” Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. He groaned in pleasure the head of his cock just a third away from touching the other end. He worked the pump more and more. “Ohhh fuck come on! I just want to cum with this thing pulling on my big, fat, meaty, cock!”

“Oh yes! Come on! Do it! Do it!” he let out a long moan. His whole body convulsing. While his goo squirted from his cock head. Squishing down around the cock pump coating his monster dong in his own warm cum. Huffing, panting Sheldon lay there a moment. The suction from the pump still pulling lightly on his cock. Keeping his cum from oozing out onto the rest of him. He unscrewed the end of the bulb. There was a bit hiss. The pressure around his cock was gone. Sheldon pulled off the tube with a loud pop and a slurp. As the cum coated cock pump slide off.

Picking up the towel next to him he started to clean his cock. He had planned to jerk off after this. Not get off during. Oh well good thing he planned ahead. Sheldon sighed looking at his cock “Oh yeah so worth it. Just look at how big and fat and long you are.” He started to stroke his cock as he had stroked his ego. Rubbing with both hands he let out a groan. “Ohh still a little tender? Or maybe more sensitive?” He started to rub harder with both hands vigorously working his new monster. “Unnghh nope not tender or this would hurt right now. Ooohh fuck sensitive it is. This feels fucking phenomenal!”

Sheldon jerked his jumbo cock furiously getting closer to the edge. He even started humping. So hard that the bed even shook. He could see his balls bouncing between his thighs. “Jesus even they look bigger! Come on you big fucker! Make me feel like a king!” He grunted gritting his teeth in pleasure and determination. He squeezed in tightly with his finger letting them become focal points of pleasure.

Every time his thumbs pushed up over the ridges of his cock head he groan louder. His other finger applying pressure to the walls on either side of his urethra. These focal points pushed him over the edge. He bucked and thrashed in pleasure still humping with the orgasm. With a loud groan another volley of rounds fired from his cock. This time they rained down on top of him. Along with some of the bed. No neat and tidy clean up this time. Sheldon looked around at the mess letting out a content sigh “again. Worth it.”

That had felt good. Though not as good as the suction orgasm. That was something else he couldn’t even control himself on that one. He was shaking all over. “This is gonna have to become a regular thing I think.” Sheldon cleaned up again then sat there with his back against the headboard. He looked at his cock very pleased with himself. Sure this was too big but, that’s what he wanted. Just the thought of having such a big proud erect cock excited him. He even thought about saving for a bigger pump. Deciding to call it for the time being. He left his cock alone so it would soften up. He knew eventually the swelling would go down too. So he just had to wait.

Though after nearly 25 minutes. His waiting had become a mixture of impressed and impatient. Poking his cock it was still a granite slab. Looking at the cock pump Sheldon picked it up. “Alright! One more! Then I’m getting up. Hard cock or no hard cock.” He started to push the pump back down over his cock. He actually had to force it a little. “Man am I still seriously still this swollen. Fuck this thing works.”  

He started to work the bulb again. Letting out a growl of pleasure as the familiar pressure and suction returned. “Hooo yea that’s the stuff. That’s why it’s better. I can just feel it all over every inch of my cock!” Pump. Pump. Pump. It was so good. The pressure all around his cock increasing more and more. Even though he couldn’t get any bigger inside of the cock pump. It felt like he was “Ohhh fuck yeah bigger! Pump me bigger!” he grunted. The the walls of his cock getting pressed harder and harder with every pump.

Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Sheldon gripped the side of the tube. He started to work it up and down hard. While it couldn’t come off of his cock because of the suction. Every pull had him moaning out loud. He didn’t care if his neighbours could hear him or not. This felt to goddamn good. Getting hornier by the pump Sheldon started to hump. Every thrust forward, fuck, the pressure on the head of his cock was so intense. The tube kept pulling on him and pulling on him. His whole cock was tingling now it even reached down to his balls.

Closing his eyes Sheldon worked the bulb faster than ever. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. It felt like his cock was vibrating inside that thing. With his eyes closed Sheldon couldn’t see that there were cracks starting to form in the plastic tube. “Ahhh, Hooooo! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK! I’m not stopping till I cum!” Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. The tingling in his balls intensified. So caught up in the pressure and pleasure on his cock. Sheldon didn’t even notice that they had started to grow.

Plumping out bigger and bigger they sat between his legs. The cracks were running from top to bottom now. The pump was on its last legs. “Rrrrrahhhhhhggghhhh!” Sheldon yelled as he came. The added pressure of the cum was the last straw. Sheldon heard a loud pop. Something painfully hit him in the leg.

“Holy fuck!” He cried out his eyes snapping open. Falling on his gigantic cumming cock “Holy fuck!” He yelled louder. His cock was now the length of his bed. How did all of that stay inside that tube. “HOOOOOOLY FUCK!” Sheldon roared as his light pole of a cock burst with cum. With nothing to hold it back. His new cannon fired. The wad was thick and plentiful enough that it punched a hole in the wall.

“Ohhh I can still feel it!” Sheldon moaned loudly “It still feels like my cock is getting pumped.” He watched as his seven foot cock kept pumped out bigger and bigger. He could feel the steady suction on his cock. Pulling his cock fatter and fatter. It was stretching across the room “Hooooo fuck bigger! Come on bigger!” He cried out as it pulsed out more and more. “Fuck! This is better than I could have ever hoped for! It just keeps getting bigger!” His cock slammed into the door smashing it as it continued its steady growth.

Picking up the bulb from the cock pump Sheldon held it in his hand. As silly as it was he wanted to keep squeezing it. It was now just growing on its own but, he liked the idea that he was the one pumping his cock bigger. If this never stopped he wouldn’t complain. Even still knowing that he was the one making his cock grow bigger was such a turn on. He started to fantasize that he had an even bigger cock pump on his cock again. Way bigger than his cock currently was. Picturing this in his mind he squeezed the bulb. He let out a loud gasp as the suction feeling in his cock multiplied ten times over.

Sheldon grunted as his swelling cock pushed through wall after wall of his house. “What the fuck was that!? Ohhh fuck it’s swelling way faster now!” Looking down at the bulb in his hand he squeezed it again. Letting out a long groan his cock started to expand faster again. Bursting from his house. Smashing into houses down the road from him. “Did I somehow trick my cock into thinking it’s always in a cock pump?” He put on a devilish grin before starting to squeeze the bulb as fast as he could.

He moaned louder and louder as his cock started to rapidly stretch and swell. It was like a freight train passing through the suburbs. If a freight train was hundreds of feet on the circumference. That didn’t last though every squeeze had his cock shooting out now it was covering hundreds of miles every pump. He kept flexing his hand. “Ohhh fuck yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” Sheldon shouted. As his massive balls stuffed wads of cum down his country long shaft. The rope of cum poured out with enough force it shot out into space.

Another insane idea popped into his head “I….ughh I wasn’t using just one, oh fuck, pump. I, Oh fuck yes bigger! I was using two!” Sheldon started to flex his right hand working an imaginary second bulb. It work the vein in Sheldon’s neck throbbed as another powerful orgasm hit. With two of his hands working to pump his cock bigger. His cock was really growing out of control now. It shot off into the depths of space.

“Ohhh fuck look at my big fat cock! It’s all I can see!” His cock head was reaching the end of the solar system now. His balls made all the planets and stars look tiny. “I’m not letting you fucking stop!” He shouted at his cock “I’m going to keep pumping you bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger!” Pump. Pump. Pump. Sheldon started focusing more. He didn’t have two cock pumps working to pump his cock bigger. He had twenty. He panted lustfully as his cock and balls blew up so much they were overtaking the milky way.

Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. No Sheldon was wrong. Not twenty more like 20,000. His tongue hanging out his mind solely focused on pumping his cock bigger. He squeezed over and over. Fatigue never seeming to set in. His forearms continued to flex. As his cock was pumped big enough to make galaxies look like specs. His cock was bigger than everything now. Sheldon knew this but still he wasn’t satisfied. Sheldon continued to picture more and more cock pumps working his cock bigger. It jumped into the millions, billions, trillions. It was never enough. His cock and balls raced across the universe.

“More! I need more!” Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump. Pump! He could barely think straight anymore. He felt the most pleasure he thought he could possibly feel as another universe sized orgasm burst from his cock. He felt the warm goo oozing down over his cock coating in cum. Almost the same way it had when he had started this cock fueled odyssey. It hit him, he now had a universe sized cock pump on him now. His cock was so big now it filled the whole universe. Knowing this drove him wild. Smiling looking down at his cock he patted it. “We already broke one cock pump. Time to break another.” Pump.

The end.

Author's Note: 

Another cock and ball expansion story. Hope you like it!

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