Milk For All

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Nancy was a typical student, young pretty but not a lot of money to spend. So as you can might know, she take every small job to make some money. That is why this pretty english redhead came into this story.

Nancy had signed herself up for some medical experiments, this job became really populair because the government had a ban on animal testings. She was almost late, that is why she dident read much about this experiment.

She stopped her car at the adress she did get is her email, it was a big hall just out of London. She walked into the building right on time, because the presetation was just about the to start and small boxes with a pill were handed out.

A woman walked on to the stage. She looked like the nerd fantasy bride. She was a small but pretty asian girl with cute glasses. She wore some kind of lab jacket. So she has to be the leader of this project. With a clear voice she started to talk into her headphone "My name is Doctor Mary Deltia. I like to welcome you all to the SPM project. With your help we can start to put a end to word hunger. Our new tested hormone product can help a cow to...."

Nancy looked around . All the seats around her, and meby the whole hall was filled with girls her age.

The story of Dr Deltia was about to end " we can supply all the nations with milk.". A silence fell into the hall. "Now I would like to start the test... Who is gona be the lucky one to start off... Veronica Johnson" now one of the girls of the public came on stage. Nancy knowed her from collage. " Veronica, you will start off by swolling this pill". Veronica did what Dr Deltia asked. "Soon her hormones will react so her breast will produce a lot of milk. But no worries Veronica, some farmers where kind enough to give us some milking pumps."

Slowly Veronica's breast began to swell. "Its working, oh god... it feels so bloody good" cried Veronica. Dr Deltia smiled because her project was working.

A lot of girls followed the instructions to and swolled the pill. But not all girls did what they were tolled to, like Nancy. In front of the hall a girl yelled at Dr Deltia "If your test is so save for us, why wont you test your pills on yourself". The small Dr Deltia smiled, meby I will.". She wasnt bluffing, she tried a pill herself. Now every girl with was swallowing the pill, so did Nancy.

"It doesnt taste that bad, just like milk" thought Nancy. "Owhh... yes... the swelling does feel good"

It was calm in the hall, you only can hear the sound some giggles and snapping bra's. After a short time this calmness was broken by Veronica's voice. "Uhh... Dr Deltia... Is this planned?"

Veronica's breast were swelling much faster. "I dont feel so well, the weight is getting to much". The body-horror of this poor girl shocked all the girls in the public " Oow my god.... Look at her, she is ballooning... That looks not normal... Is this gonna happen to us all?" The poor veronica was standing on the stage. Her head was red of shame. Her chest looked more like 2 beachballs with nipples packed in a tanktop. Veronica was not the only one, some girls is the hall started to swell faster to.

A lightly swollen Dr Deltia came on to the stage. "No worries girls, Veronica just need to be milked... thats all". Dr Deltia striped Veronica of her tanktop. The whole hall watched in terror at the topless Veronica. Her breast where huge and covered in purple veins. Her hard brown nipples were leaking milk. Nancy dident know what to say. Was also she going home looking like that.

Dr Deltia rolled a milking pump on stage "Come on Veronica, we know the product worked, now lets harvest your milk so you can get home". But out of nothing somthing happend even Dr Deltia dident expect.

A double explosion was heared and Dr Deltia was coverd in milk. She looked at a pool of milk and empty shoes of Veronica. "Did she just exploded?!" Dr Deltia looked down on her own swelling breast "Did I just create the first human timebomb?".

An other double explosion came out of the public, an other poor girl popped like veronica did. Soon after another girl exploded, sending a shower of milk over the swelling girls in the public. The chain reaction happend all over the hall. It was like a firework show with milk. "This is not happening...BangBanG!... No Sharon... BangBang!...I start to leak!.. BangBang!"

Total chaos filled the hall. Milk was streaming on the floor, exploding boobs, swelling girls fighting over the milking pumps. One by one they all popped.

At the end only Nancy and Dr Deltia were the only ones who are not turned in to a couple of liters in the milky sea. "Next time, I am not gona work for the food industry" cried Dr Deltia. Nancy smilled "I think you dont have to worry about it anymore" and pointed at her breast.


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English is not my native langauge

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If possible, you need to add

If possible, you need to add "messy" for popping. As a story, it could use some fleshing out and some better detil on the expansion.