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by SvenSvenson

Disclaimer: Naughty, inflatable themes herein.
For mature audiences only.

Jane stood alone in the alley, her frozen breath hanging in the air as she numbly waited for someone to answer the door.

The dim New Year's Day sky did not illuminate the narrow space very well. The dirty blue paint on the wooden garage door in front of her was chipped along the edges, revealing layer upon layer of ancient color. A small, domed security camera stealthily hid in the archway shadows. Shivering, she pulled her coat tighter and looked again at the business card in her gloved hand.

Maybe she was at the wrong address?

The events of the last day re-played in her head like a fading dream. Did it really happen? Of course it had. She held tangible evidence in her hand, not to mention the dozen selfies on her mobile phone. She had managed to snap them in front of the bathroom mirror before she'd fully deflated back down to normal and fallen unconscious in bed from exhaustion. Even the clutch of helium balloons still floated on the bedroom ceiling where she had left them.

She reached out for the buzzer and pushed it again, jumping as a loud clunking noise of a lock and deadbolt immediately rumbled from within. The door creaked open and a woman stepped half way through, meeting Jane's startled gaze with a predatory smile.

"Jane?" the woman inquired, coolly amused.

Jane nodded, clutching the business card.

The dark haired woman's eyes narrowed. "Come." The door was opened more widely and Jane stepped through.

The shaft of pale grey light streaming in through the gap narrowed and disappeared as the woman closed the door and locked it again. A single incandescent bulb lit the other end of a dark corridor as the smell of dirt and old automotive lubricants hit Jane's senses. She followed the woman toward the light bulb and saw that it marked the location of a modern steel door of stout construction. The woman palmed an electronic keypad above the handle and it let out a muffled beep followed by the mechanical sound of precise lock movement.

As the woman turned the latch and the door opened, an intense light spilled through. Jane followed her inside and as her vision adjusted to the brightly lit room, she realized that she was in a very modern and very stylish reception area. A graceful chrome and glass desk was at one end of the room with a computer screen and business telephone on it. On the opposite wall was a white leather couch and matching coffee table. The ceiling stretched to an impossible height above.

Dressed in conservative business attire, the woman walked over to the desk and sat on its corner, flipping her hair to the side as she turned to pick up the telephone's handset. "Are you ready?" she spoke to the other end of the line. A moment later, she looked up at Jane while replacing the handset back onto its cradle. "Mr. Smith will be with you shortly. Please have a seat." The woman stood and walked around to the other side of the desk and sat in the executive chair behind it. Ignoring Jane, she began typing away on the computer.

The room was comfortably warm and Jane removed her coat and gloves as she sat down. After a couple minutes of silence punctuated only by the clicking of the computer keyboard, she crossed her legs and fidgeted nervously, unsure whether or not to start up a conversation with the other woman. It felt like waiting for a job interview.

After a few more awkward minutes, a smartly concealed door in the wall opened and Mr. Smith stepped through. He was dressed casually, now, and wearing a white lab overcoat. With a manila folder in one hand, he reminded Jane of a medical doctor and her face lit up at seeing him. She stood with her coat folder over her arms. With a smile, Mr. Smith looked at her and motioned for her to follow him through the door.

The woman at the desk did not look up.

As he went to turn and close the door behind him, Mr. Smith looked at the woman and then waved. "Thanks Lucy."

Still concentrating on her work, Lucy raised a hand in acknowledgement and then continued typing.


Mr. Smith lead Jane down a corridor flanked by a group of unoccupied office cubicles and stopped outside a glass walled conference room, opened the door, and motioned inside. "This one should do. Have a seat".

Jane entered and sat down at the table. Mr. Smith followed her in and closed the door behind him, taking a seat opposite of her.

"Okay, first things first" he said as he opened the folder and began flipping through the papers in it. There was a more formal tone in his voice. "Forget what I told you last night. From now on, you are only to refer to me as 'Mr. Smith'. Do you understand?"

The sudden change in demeanor was confusing but Jane managed to meekly say "Yes".

"Good." He slid a piece of paper in front of her. "Look this over and sign it if you agree." He then removed a pen from the breast pocket of his lab coat, clicked its end with his thumb, and then placed it on the paper.

Jane picked up the paper and began reading. It was a non-disclosure agreement filled top to bottom with legal jargon and it had an alarmingly detailed amount of her personal information listed on it. She looked up at Mr. Smith quizzically.

"Yes, it is necessary" he said rather sternly to the unspoken question. "We're really serious about this one."

Jane let out a breath, paused, and then signed at the bottom.

"Excellent." Mr. Smith's tone brightened and he seemed to be back to the personality she knew. He took the signed paper, placed it back in the folder, and clipped the pen back into its home on his lab coat. He leaned back into his chair. "Now, I'm sure you have a lot of questions."

Jane nodded and opened her mouth to take a breath before speaking.

He raised a hand to cut her off. "Not that I can answer everything just yet, but I'll do the best I can."

She paused and looked down at the table for a moment, searching, then back up at him. "Have you been watching me?"

Mr. Smith leaned forward in his chair and placed his elbows on its armrests. Bringing his hands up, he folded them together with his thumbs pointing at his sternum. He smirked a little and a twinkle lit up in his eyes. "Yes, we have."

"We?" thought Jane. "You... you're not the contracting agent, are you?

"Yes, er, no... correct"

"You're the Client."

Mr. Smith put his index fingers together and touched his chin just below his smirk. "Sort of yes."

"It's that woman, Lucy, then?"

"Also, sort of yes."

Jane sniffed in frustration and paused to refocus on another line of thought that had been bothering her. "H... how did you know about..." She hesitated and looked down at the table again. Her unspoken thoughts were something she had never discussed with anybody.

Mr. Smith took the opportunity of the long pause to spare her some embarrassment. "Lucy..." He looked askance, trying to find the right words. "Think of Lucy as a, oh, I don't know...." He then looked up at the ceiling in a moment of contemplation and then back down at Jane. "Think of her as a recruiter of sorts."

"What kind of recruiter?"

"Let's just say that she has a talent for finding, uh... talent."

"Is that what you are?"

"Sort of."

Jane let out a small sigh and let the moment pass. "Is that why you did... that... to me last night?"

"Sort of." This question seemed to amuse him.

The obtuseness was getting frustrating. She let out another sigh and looked down at the table once again. Searching through the noise of a thousand questions in her mind all shouting for her attention at once she looked up and managed to get one out. "Why?"

"You're not alone, sweetie."

Jane furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head slightly to one side as she looked at Mr. Smith.

"Everyone always thinks that they're the only one." He cocked an eyebrow, looking up from below it as his smirk became a smile.  With a lowered voice he continued. "Your... interests... are certainly rare, but you're not the only one with them."

"Of course" she thought, realizing that they had probably tracked her online. "Stupid, stupid, stupid" Jane absentmindedly whispered to herself as she imagined smacking the palm of her hand up against her temple. Then, a little louder - "I... I... kind of knew that already."

Mr. Smith blinked his eyes slowly and exhaled through his nose. "No, that just helped us figure out how to make contact without scaring you off." He lowered his folded hands down and sat back in his chair again, slowly rocking it back and forth. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out. "You're different, Jane." He paused a moment and then looked directly into her eyes. "You have </I>the</I> gift."

She felt her heart drop into her stomach. The thousand shouting questions in her head all went silent at once as if they had simultaneously stopped to look up at Mr. Smith.

He cocked his head a little bit to the other side, still smiling. "Look, do you think just </I>anyone</I> can do what you did last night?"

The encounter briefly flashed in her mind. She was confused. "But... I didn't do anything."

Mr. Smith let out another short breath through his nose and his smile broadened just a little bit more. A gentleness now seemed to pool in his eyes. "Yes you did, sweetie." He paused. "It was <I>all</I> you."

Jane was stunned. The questions; they, too, were stunned.

Mr. Smith now grinned like a Cheshire cat and he let out a knowing chuckle. "Welcome to the club."


A little less than an hour later, Jane was nervously standing in a large room. It reminded her of a gymnasium; a weird gymnasium. There was soft rubber matting at her feet and the high walls and ceiling were lined by what looked like foam padding covered in fabric, like furniture upholstery. The whole room glowed white from cleverly hidden lights and she couldn't help comparing the setup to a padded cell in a mental institution. "Well, yeah, this <I>is</I> just a bit on the crazy side" she joked to herself. She wasn't exactly sure how much of a joke that sentiment really was after what Mr. Smith had outlined for the afternoon's itinerary.

As she had been instructed to do, she stood at the center of the floor on a small painted circle waiting for Mr. Smith. Earlier, in a little room just off the entrance to the gym, she had changed into what looked like a white, one piece bathing suit. Its woven material was thin and smooth and impossibly stretchy. On her feet were white stretchy socks. She felt naked.

Mr. Smith was soon at the glass entrance door of the cavernous room and then inside, walking over to her. He had exchanged the manila folder for a clipboard. "Good, good" he said as he approached, looking down and writing something on it. Once he was a few feet away, he pulled from out of his lab coat pocket what looked like a small black automobile key fob. "Would you move a couple steps to your right for me, please?"

Jane complied.

Mr. Smith pressed a red button on the fob and a small trap door under the circle she had just been standing in opened. After a moment, a green metallic compressed gas cylinder silently emerged on a mechanical platform and rose until the platform was even with the floor, taking the place of the trap door. The top of the cylinder came up to just below the height of Jane's chin and it had a regulator and a balloon inflation nozzle attached. There was a decal on the top of the cylinder identifying its contents as helium. She was very familiar with this particular setup.

"Does it fit okay?" Mr. Smith asked, gesturing at Jane's white suit.

"It's snug but it's perfect, otherwise."

"Good, good" he nodded and made another note on the clipboard. "We have some other things if you don't think this one keeps your modesty very well."

Jane nodded back in acknowledgement. "It's okay - just feels odd being in a bathing suit and not being poolside."

Mr. Smith looked down at his clipboard once again and responded with a distracted grunt, then back up at Jane. "Well, let's get started, shall we?"

Nervously, Jane nodded her head as her gaze switched from Mr. Smith to the green cylinder.

From the same pocket of his lab coat that he had the fob in, Mr. Smith brought forth a large red deflated balloon and handed it to her. Jane turned it over, examining it.

"There is nothing particularly special about that" he stated flatly as he pointed first to the balloon and then at the cylinder. "Or that." Then, he reached into the opposite pocket of the coat, removed his hand with the thumb and index finger pinched together, and with a quick motion released into the air above Jane's head what looked like a sparkling powder, just like he had done the night before.

Jane flinched a little at the sudden gesture, a manifestation of her nervousness. Most of the powder quickly settled onto her and the balloon while the remainder seemed to vanish before hitting the floor. The little specks glowed brightly on her before quickly fading. It was as if they were being absorbed into her and the balloon.

"Now, you are entangled."

Jane's eyes widened with a sudden understanding of some of the cryptic things Mr. Smith had told her in the conference room and she silently nodded.  

He looked down again and wrote something on his clipboard and then reached out to Jane with his hand palm up, gesturing at the balloon. "May I?"

Jane placed the balloon in his hand. She was trembling slightly. His smirk returned and as he received the balloon he stared straight at her with a raised eyebrow. He let out an amused little chuckle that seemed to say "I've got you now."

He tossed the clipboard onto the matting next to the cylinder and began speaking very matter-of-factly, like an instructor to his student. "Right now you need this to focus." His attention alternated between Jane and the balloon as he spoke. "But eventually, you won't need anything at all."

Jane nervously followed his hands as they took the balloon's valve and carefully placed it over the regulator's rubber nozzle. Slowly, he then pulled it down onto it. With the nozzle and balloon firmly pinched between his thumb and finger, he turned to look at Jane again. "Are ya' ready, sweetie?"  

She could barely manage a nod of the head. Her trembling seemed uncontrollable.

"Okay then." He paused and then winked at her. "I love this part." With a movement of his wrist, he deflected the nozzle to the side for a moment. There was a faint hiss of gas and the balloon went from limp to partially erect.

Jane gasped and almost let out a shriek. She could feel herself filling. It was a soft, warm hollowness that seemed to well up from inside. Her jaw dropped and she began to breathe heavily, eyes wide.

Mr. Smith deflected the nozzle once more. With another hiss, the balloon continued inflating, becoming erect above the regulator. He stopped just as it began to stretch.

She gasped loudly as the hollowness spread. Involuntarily, she arched her back and threw her arms out to the sides. Her skin felt thick and taut and the white bathing suit seemed to be just a little bit tighter. She breathed even harder now, her chest rising and falling rapidly, and she looked up at Mr. Smith again, mouth agape.

He continued his lecture. "Now, without any control, it's just kinda' all over." With another flick of his wrist, he deflected the nozzle to the side again but this time for much longer. The red balloon swelled with gas and its surface became shiny as it wobbled back and forth.

Immediately, the hollowness intensified and Jane felt herself balloon into the suit. The feeling seemed to center about her torso and she could feel her chest and belly inflate. Her shoulders swelled along with her hips, thighs, and calves. The soles of her feet seemed to push outward along the floor matting as her legs pressed into one another. Her breasts perked across her chest, pushing the neckline of the suit outward. Her buttocks ballooned bodaciously. Then there was her... oh, dear God... even <I>that</I> was swelling. Eyes wide in astonishment, she stared upward, looking at nothing.

Mr. Smith pulled the balloon from the nozzle, pinching its valve to keep the gas in and moved in front of the panting woman. Then, loosening his grip, he let the helium quickly escape. "And just like that, poof! Gone!"

As the balloon rapidly shrank, so did Jane's body. Her skin seemed to shrink in upon itself as her chest and belly receded. She stood there for a moment, arms still out to her sides as she breathed in and out. She felt smaller. She felt heavier. She felt deflated.

Mr. Smith bent down and picked up the clipboard, wrote something else, and then tossed it back down onto the floor. "You okay?"

Jane nodded vigorously as her breathing slowed.

"Ready to continue?"

She paused and breathed in deeply, closing her eyes for a moment before looking up and slowly nodding in the affirmative.

Mr. Smith went over to the cylinder and carefully put the balloon back in place over the nozzle. "Now, with a little practice..." Flicking his wrist a little more forcefully than before, the balloon went from limp to erect to swelling in one quick moment.

The hollowness returned but this this time seemed to be centered about her breasts. Her feminine balloons swelled quickly into the stretching suit. She reflexively grabbed them and they squeaked as they rubbed against each other and the fabric of the suit. She looked down at her ballooning cleavage and then back up at Mr. Smith with a daft smile on her face.

He halted the inflation for a moment before continuing his speech.

"You can..."

He momentarily flicked his wrist. The gas flowed briefly and Jane felt only her left breast grow. It swelled until it was almost twice the size of the other and pressing into her forearm. Her fingers spread widely against the stretching suit. She looked down in astonishment.

"Very precisely..."

He flicked his wrist again. Her right breast swelled like the other until the two were once again a matching pair.


The nozzle was deflected again. This time her backside ballooned out. Her buttocks swelled to cartoonish proportions and then stopped.


He made one final, momentary twitch on the nozzle. Jane gasped as she felt her nipples swell beneath the palms of her hands and then looked up at him in astonishment.

Mr. Smith let Jane stand there for a moment, holding her ballooned bazooms in her hands as she began to giggle. He lifted the balloon off the nozzle and then slowly let the helium out as Jane watched and felt her chest shrink back down to normal. Normal felt heavy and small.

"Doin' okay?"

"Yes!" Jane nodded enthusiastically as her giggles finished playing themselves out.

The balloon was positioned back on the nozzle. "There are no limits." He tilted the nozzle to the side again, forcefully.

The hollowness returned more intensely and she felt like she was expanding all over like before. But, there was a difference this time. Mr. Smith, indeed the whole room, seemed to be shrinking. Looking down at herself, she realized that she was growing taller. That is, growing both taller and filling out all over.

Mr. Smith stopped the inflation when she was about three times her normal height. "No limits at all."

Jane looked and felt like a buxom advertising inflatable. The suit and socks stretched right along with her and with every movement her shiny skin squeaked. The hollow pressure of the gas filling her seemed to make moving about more difficult and she felt light headed. Her two balloon like breasts seemed to be floating up and trying to force their way out the top of the suit and she felt very light, as if standing at the bottom of a swimming pool. When she tried to talk, her voice seemed to loudly echo inside her head and she looked down at Mr. Smith, mouth agape once again.

"Yeah, I know" he responded to her attenuated exclamation. Then, nodding toward the red balloon, he added "This thing has a lot of stretch left in it, ya' know. I can make you get much bigger."

A wordless "Oh" formed on her lips as she looked down.

Mr. Smith again removed the balloon from the nozzle and then slowly let the helium out. Soon, Jane was back down to her normal self: small and heavy. She stood there, chest heaving in and out as she tried to take in the experience. She looked at Mr. Smith. "Wow."

"I have one last thing to show you."

Jane nodded. "Okay."

"I have to balance things, so be patient." Mr. Smith returned the balloon back to its perch on the nozzle and then quickly looked at Jane, studying her. After a few moments, he opened the nozzle and slowly began inflating the balloon.

The hollowness returned again. Jane closed her eyes and tilted her head back, then put her arms out to her sides again. A shiver washed across her. Under the stretchy fabric of the suit, her belly began to swell. From her sternum to down to her mons pubis it swelled outward with helium. She began to feel lighter, much like she had the night before and she brought her arms around her front to feel herself swell. The fabric of the bathing suit easily stretched around the curve of her body.

Mr. Smith stopped for a moment, then resumed. The balloon was already bigger than it had been at any time before. Jane felt her hips and thighs begin to swell now. As they got bigger, she had to shift the diminishing weight on her feet to widen her stance. The upness seemed like it was trying to pull her up backwards, trying to make her head and feet swap places.

Mr. Smith stopped again and then took a breath, concentrating he narrowed his eyes. With another flick of the wrist, the balloon began to swell again. In tandem, so did both of Jane's breasts. Up into the neckline of the suit, they ballooned bigger and bigger. Soon, each had inflated until they seemed to be half the size of her belly. The suit strained but still stretched right along with them. Her new cleavage inflated up to her chin, squeaking as it tried to float up and out. The inverse pull was gone - Mr. Smith had "balanced" her.

Still swelling, she could feel herself getting lighter and lighter until finally she went up on her toes as her heels left the ground.

Mr. Smith halted the balloon's inflation. It was huge now. Jane opened her eyes wide and looked over at Mr. Smith, who smiled back at her. Teetering back and forth on her toes, she felt like she could push off and bounce up into in the air for a moment.

"You like it, sweetie?"

Jane closed her eyes and nodded. "Oh... yes."

Mr. Smith paused for another moment and then gently pushed the valve to the side to slowly add more gas. Jane felt her whole body swell a little bit more as her toes left the matting and she began to rise up into the air. First it was just a couple of inches, then one foot, then three.

He let one more puff of helium into the balloon and Jane's posterior swelled just a little bit, making her slowly rotate forward into a more prone position. Over the swell of her cleavage she looked down at him and laughed. After a few more moments of rising, she felt the padded ceiling at her back.

Mr. Smith let her float around for some time, partially deflating and reinflating the balloon to let the ventilation air currents carry her around. After a while, he began to slowly let the helium out of it until her toes touched the matting again. With a little more haste, he allowed her to fully deflate back to her normal self. Back on terra firma, she ran up to him with a big smile on her face and gave him a hug.

"Well, I've got some things I need to do." He reached out and grasped her wrist in his hand, pulled it up, and placed the deflated balloon in it.

"Really?" she asked, not sure to believe she was being let loose.

"Yes. I've shown you what to do and now you need to practice."

Jane looked at the balloon in her hand, then at Mr. Smith, and then at the helium bottle.

Mr. Smith bent down to retrieve his clipboard and then stood back up. "Oh, one last thing." There sternness in his tone returned and Jane's attention perked up.

"Whatever you do" he continued while pointing at the deflated balloon. "Don't let it burst."

Alarmed at the implication, Jane's eyes went wide. "Will I..."

"Well, no, but let's just say you'll be stuck in whatever state you're in for a while."

"Oh" she replied quietly.

"Seriously" he said, "don't let it happen."


It was awkward at first.

She had absolutely no control. At one point, frustrated and just wanting to float again, she found herself blowing up all over like parade balloon, holding onto the nozzle as the balloon inflated uncontrollably. Finally unable to hold on any longer, her grip loosened and she shot up into the air. The balloon promptly popped off the nozzle and began flying around the room as it deflated. When that happened, Jane found herself also rapidly shrinking while in midair. She began falling and crashed into the floor matting as the deflated balloon landed in front of her. Sitting up, she clutched a knee until the pain subsided.

After many more failed attempts, something seemed to click and she was finally able to just blow her boobs up by themselves. With a number of tries, she could eventually get them as big as weather balloons. At one point she was able to inflate them so that they were big enough to pull her up to her tippy toes. After even more practice, she was able to do a fairly good job replicating some of the ways Mr. Smith had inflated her. The whole time, the white suit stretched with her.

She found that she couldn't get enough of the feeling of being fully blown up and floating around, yet her sore knee tempered her yearning. If she were to accidently let go of the balloon while up on the ceiling, not even the floor matting would be able to prevent serious injury.

She stood once again at the cylinder, pondering whether or not to act on the stupid impulse running through her head. After a few minutes of rationalizing in favor of the idea, she carefully placed the balloon valve back onto the regulator's nozzle and then slowly began to blow herself up like Mr. Smith had done on his final example. Reaching around her wobbling gaseous breasts, she gave the balloon one last quick blast as she went up on her toes, making her rise into the air. She tightly pinched the balloon's valve in her hand as it pulled off of the nozzle.

She slowly rose until about she was about halfway between the floor and ceiling and then brought the shiny red balloon in front of her inflated cleavage. She paused for a moment. It wasn't too late to come down. Maybe this wasn't a good idea.

"Fuck it" she quietly said to herself and then brought her other hand up to the balloon, tightly closed her eyes, and dug her fingernails into its tight, shiny surface. It did not give.

She pressed harder.

Loudly, it burst in her face and she gasped and shuddered at the explosive noise.

Slowly opening her eyes, she found that she was still hovering in the middle of the room with the shredded remnants of the balloon in her hand and down into her balloony cleavage.

Jane giggled naughtily and kicked her feet.


Mr. Smith stood next to Lucy at her computer. She looked up at him as he concentrated on the security camera feed. It was recording Jane as she floated around in midair sans the red balloon.

"Excellent." He smiled wryly.

"Verdict?" Lucy asked the question, already knowing what the answer was going to be.

"Start getting her prepped to help me on the San Francisco gig."

Author's Note: 

A long overdue sequel to Party Favors.

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