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Immaculate yellow banners flap in the light breeze from on high in the towers.  The grass is growing again after a long winter, and the birds are returning to nest in the trees.  Animals return from hibernation, bringing new and interesting fauna to the sights around the castle.  The early afternoon light bathes the courtyard in its warm glow, illuminating the dozens of finely crafted statues of men and women having sex in increasingly lewd positions, many indescribable by mortal words.  Truly, Maringyon is the most prestigious school for succubi and incubi alike, teaching both magic fueled by lust and pleasure, as well as exactly how to please any mortal beyond their wildest dreams.

Karina is not a demon, and she is bored.

Karina is a young witch, sent on a student exchange program across the magical colleges of the world.  She is very energetic, and upbeat, and a tad mischievous, but bored beyond belief.  Just as the statues in the garden are erotic enough that a mortal human would orgasm after even a glance at the most modest one of the collection, the recreational activities offered to the lust demons at Maringyon are as routine as a game of bowling to lust demons, but would without a doubt kill any mortal trying them in a whirlwind of pure, indescribable pleasure that some would call enlightenment.  Instead, Karina is stuck sitting in her room studying lower-level fetish spells, the kind that many lust demons learn in their early school days, and her roommate isn’t even here!

Karina’s roommate Alexander is world-famous for being the first mortal man to ever survive opening a book meant only for lust demons, but it had the side effect of turning him into an incubus, and he needed to learn from the ground up, as well.  Since he needed to be placed in a room that was devoid of all the higher-level pleasures he couldn’t yet fully understand, the staff put Karina in with him, suggesting that Alex ‘explore his new form and try things out’ while Karina should ‘enjoy the chance to have sex with an incubus without losing her soul’.  And while the sex was mind-blowingly amazing, Alex often got dragged off by his succubus tutor Maria in order to get used to the crazy pleasures he could now experience.

Thus, the current predicament: Karina is bored with no way of surviving any local activity, and Alex left his Lustonomicon on the desk.  The same Lustonomicon all lust demons have to know, and the same Lustonomicon that should never be opened by a mortal, ever, except when Alex did it that one time and destroyed the book in the process.  Even the most basic position in the book is said to be so erotic that a complete nymphomaniac would pass out, and so complex even the greatest contortionists could not pull it off.  And it sat there, and stared at her.  Mocking her.

Fuck it, she thought.  In a single, swift movement, she undid the casing and opened the book to a page Alex had bookmarked, apparently his ‘favorite spell, ever.’  As she opened the book, a bright light blinded her vision, and she shook with pure ecstasy as every nerve in her body cried in joy.  The last thing Karina saw before passing out was Alex and Maria returning to the room, Alex looking like had run a marathon, and both diving for the book as it burst into pink, heart-shaped flames.


        Karina awoke later in the room, more specifically in her bed.  Maria was watching her intently, waiting for her to wake up, while Alex was fanning through another lustonomicon as fast as he could.  “Well, well.  Hey hot stuff,” Maria called to Alex.  “Your roomie’s awake!”  She turned to Karina.  “You, my dear, have just made the best, and last, mistake of your life.  You opened up my boy toy’s big book o’ sex and stuff, and you went and got his favorite spell cast on you.”

        Alex rushed over.  “Karina, I’ve been looking for an inverse spell, but I can’t find anything on undoing spells in progress!  I’m sorry, I’ll keep looking!  You stay calm, and whatever you do, don’t get aroused!  It’ll start the spell!”  He rushed back over and pulled out some other demonic books, leafing through them at a faster and faster pace.  His tail swayed as he hurried through book after book, and Karina’s eyes were drawn to his rear as the extra limb thrashed about.

        He’s got a cute butt, Karina thought.  But that started it.  She heard a hissing, a gurgling, a sloshing, and more all at once, as a strange feeling overtook her body, causing her breasts to slowly expand with… whatever was filling her.  She moaned in pleasure as she caressed her breasts with one hand, rubbing her nethers with the other, as her breasts grew ever larger.  Maria laughed as Karina’s tits passed the size of her and strained to keep together at the size of carriages, and Alex turned around all too late and received a faceful of giant witch boob as it burst in his face with a mighty BANG!, leaving Karin unharmed on the floor of the room, moaning as this time her ass began to swell with the magical substance.

        “Maria, what the heck are we going to do?  None of those spells are meant for humans!”  Alex cried out.  Maria responded by whipping him lightly with her tail, which among demons stands for ‘be quiet’, or in this case ‘be quiet and let me think’.  Karina could not be quiet, as her ass swelled first past the size of a beanbag chair, then a dresser, and finally reaching the size of a car before once again sending her to her climax with a second resounding BANG!

        Alex only looked on in horror as Karina, unharmed, laid in the middle of the floor, moaning in pure joy as her lips began to swell on her face.  Even this was so pleasurable, that amidst her muffled cries even an inexperienced incubus like Alex could detect her pleasure.  Another BANG!, and Karina showed up again, unharmed, as her ass and belly began to swell in tandem.

        “Nothing,” Maria finally interjected.  “We do nothing, and leave her here.  Then we go tell the teachers what happened.”

        “Why?  Can’t we help her?”  Alex replied as Karina exploded again, this time swelling into a prefect sphere at high speed before blasting apart again and growing her belly alone.

        Maria picked up the Lustonomicon and flipped to Alex’s favorite spell.  “Xksdfb-maijalas-anurbfb-ranmalfos”, she read without casting the ritual to go with it as Karina exploded yet again.  Maria continued as Karina got a swelled head and hands.  “Better known as the eternal bloat spell, causes the victim to inflate with gudwigos, incomprehensible to mortals, in various ways while causing extreme pleasure and an orgasm upon exploding, then fully repairs the body.  Irreversible and wears off after 101 years.”  BANG!  Another blast again shook the room.

        “Wait, 101 years?  You’ve cast that on us dozens of times, why are we not-“

        “Demons are immortal, you twit, and we do it in a magic area outside of time so you don’t miss anything.  Unfortunately, pretty girl here,” BANG!  “Isn’t immortal.  Even with herself completely recovering after each pop, she’ll kick the bucket of old age before you can help her.  Still, she should have a good sixty or so years of pleasure before the reaper comes calling.  Now, come on, stud, we’re going birdwatching today.” BANG!

        “And how is this going to,” BANG! “turn into an orgy exactly?  You know I prefer advance warning.” BANG!

        “Oh, it won’t,” Maria replied, swaying her hips as she walked out the door.  “I just like birdwatching.”


Author's Note: 

This request came from a friend without an account here who wanted in on my new How I Would Inflate You thread.  She requested her OC Karina to be blown up, but she also specified ALL SHAPES of inflation.  That may take a while.

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