Bloomp Berry Surprise

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Blooomp Berry Surprise
by the happyguy

Tazi was pretty all over. Her light brown skin, almond eyes, and slender curves gave no hint to the origins of her ancestry, but there was no doubt she was pretty. She walked down the hall with a mischeivious smile, holding a bowl of rather large, purple-blue berries. She walked carefully in her bare feet, her slender brown legs long beneath her white frilly shirt.

Tazi was also a trickster. And tonight, amid the wildness of the party planned for the sorority, she was going to play the most delicious trick ever.

She stopped at the first open door and poked her head in.

"Tazi!" said the young woman on the bed. Sara was pretty too, with light red hair and skin as smooth as fine porcelin. She was wearing only a T-shirt and light green panties. Her slim waif-like frame looked delicate as she reclined on the bed with a notebook on her lap, a pencil in one hand and a textbook in the other. "What's up?"

"Here, try one of these!" Tazi held out the bowl of berries.

Sara sat up, then set the book and notebook aside. She adjusted her white T-shirt, and pulled her hair back up behind her and secured it with a tie. "What are they?"

"Delicious!" Tazi declared. "You have to try one! You won't believe it."

The other girl wrinkled her nose, then plucked a berry from the bowl, and put in her mouth. A few chews, then she swallowed. She stuck her tounge out. "Weird!" she said.

"Good?" Tazi asked.

"Well, kind of. Way, way sweet. And, I don't know, kind of weird." She made a face and licked her lips.


Sara shook her head. "No thanks! That was... ohhhhh...."

"What is it?" Tazi asked innocently.

"I feel really... strange." Sara reached under her T-shirt and rubbed her belly. "Wow... that's... so strange."

"Do you feel OK?"

Sara nodded, both hands on her tummy. "Yeah. Just... weird." She lifted her shirt up to look at her smooth tummy. "Feels like... sloshing around in there? OH!"

"What's happening to you?" Tazi asked, leaning closer.

"I don't... know.... ohhhh...." Sara moaned softly, and pressed a hand against her belly. "It just feels... so...."


Sara's belly jumped forward into her lap. The soft ivory skin jutted out from under her T-shirt and rested in her lap. She moaned loudly, rubbing her giant, swollen belly. "Oh... my... God! Tazi! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! My belly is so huge!"

"How does it feel?"

Sara flopped back on the bed, rubbing the sides of her belly that rose above her. "Full, and squishy.... too much!" she groaned again. "What the hell did you do to me? Arrrrrrrrrrrrg!"

But Tazi was already leaning out the door into the hallway. Marissa was walking down the hall toward her, and saw Tazi leaning out. "Is everything OK?" the woman asked. Marissa was cute, with short, mousey brown hair and a pert little nose. In fact, almost everything about her was pert. She was wearing a glittery T-shirt and a short red skirt, all ready for the party later.

Tazi smiled. "Oh, ya, everything's fine. Here, have a berry."

Marissa took a berry from the bowl and popped it into her mouth. She chewed as she went past Tazi into Sara's room. "Is Sara OK?" she asked, but stopped once inside.

Tazi laughed a tinkling laugh. "She's great! Except maybe for a little tummy ache." She made a pouting frown.

Marissa looked at Sara lying back on the bed, holding her enormous belly with both hands. Sara moaned loudly. "Damn it Tazi, look what you did to me!" She stopped to pant and groan. "Marissa... don't eat... the berries...!"

The other woman gasped loudly. "What? The berries? Why... ohhhhhhhhhhh...." She moaned loudly and put her hands on her belly.

"How do you feel, Marissa?" Tazi smiled a mischevious smile and bent forward to get a closer look at the other's tummy.

Marissa stumbled over to a large comfy chair on the other side of the room. "Oh, wow, that feels really weird. I don't know... what's going on." She pulled her shirt up to look at her tummy.


Her belly jumped forward and swelled into her lap. She looked up at Tazi, startled. "Tazi! What... what... oh, this is so freakin weird! Stop it!"

But Tazi was ready. With a deft motion, she stepped forward and popped another berry into the woman's mouth. Marissa tried to spit it out, but Tazi put her hand over it, then slapped the huge belly with her other hand. Marissa reflexively bent forward, holding the globe of her belly, and chomped down on the berry.

Tazi stepped back at Marissa looked at her with wide eyes. "Why... why did you...?"


This time, Marissa's breasts surged forward, and sat like two swollen mounds on top of her giant belly. She leaned back in the comfy chair and moaned loudly. "Oh, that's too much... too much...."


Tazi laughed as the woman's breasts and belly surged forward again. "I guess you weren't quite done!"

Suddenly a new voice cut through the moaning of the two swollen women. "What the hell is this?" It was Kiki, unquestionably the hottest girl in the sorority. She stepped into the room, her mouth agape. "Sara? Marissa? Oh my God, you two are blimps! What the hell happend to you? Gack! Hurk!" and then "Gulp!"

The last was the sound of a berry going into her mouth and sliding down her throat. Tazi raised her arms in mock triumph and declared, "Three pointer! The crowd goes wild!"

Kiki was ridiculously hot, with wavy black hair down past her shoulders, smoldering eyes, and sleek, generous curves all the way down past her slender waist, wide hips, and long legs, down to her sensous toes. She was wearing a short red dress with frills on the bottom. It made her look like a sexy firecracker about to go bang. But now she was standing still, both hands on her midsection. "Tazi! Dammit! What have you done!"

Tazi just shrugged and smiled. "I wanted to try something out."

"Try something...?! This is crazy! Some of your pranks are... but this..." She stopped and closed her eyes. "OK that feels weird."

Tazi stepped forward, and helped her to sit down on the floor. "Here, better sit down."

Kiki grunted and winced. "I feel so strange. Tazi, what in hell...?"

"I know, honey. You're going to be OK. Much bigger, but OK."

"Oh, wow. My tummy... feels... I need to get out of here!" She struggled and tried to stand back up.


Her belly rolled forward, rapidly filling the frilly red dress. "Ah!" she cried. "My tummy!"

Tazi leaned forward. She popped a couple more berries in poor Kiki's mouth. She held her hand over her mouth until the woman stopped protesting and swallowed them.

Then she stood. "Well, I think that looks like a go! I suppose I'll see you girls later at the party! Unless... you're not feeling up to it!" She set the bowl of berries on the desk, and playfully slapped the huge pale globe of Sara's belly. Then she walked out into the hall.


Kiki moaned loudly as Tazi closed the door behind her, and went down the hallway, then downstairs.

The party was getting rolling, with the girls standing around chatting and drinking. A few guys had already shown up, but mostly it was just the sorority sisters. The sound system was pounding out dance music, and a few of the girls were dancing with each other and laughing.

Tazi raised her arms and shouted "Parrrrrrrrrty!" The women raised their arms and whooped back. Tazi turned and went into the kitchen.

As she was coming back with a large tray, there was a commotion at the door. Tazi broke into a brilliant smile and said, "They're here!"

One of the women turned to Tazi and said, "You didn't!"

Tazi nodded. "I did! I invited 'Girls Gone Awry'! I told you this was going to be the blow-out party of the season." She turned to the woman and called out, "Let's get this party started! BB shots all around!"

Women crowded forward to take shot glasses from the tray. One woman downed hers, and made a face. "That's cold!" she declared.

"Best chilled!" Tazi said. "Slows things down."

Another woman laughed. "Slows down?"

Tazi said, "So you can have another!" and handed her another shot glass with the blue liquid.

The woman knocked it back and laughed. "That's strong!"

"Is it good? It looks weird," another woman said.

"Yes, really good! And strong!"

The Girls Gone Awry guys had their equipment ready, so they turned on bright lights and the two cameramen hefted their cameras to their shoulders and started taping. Bonk Birkiss, the GGA front man, called out, "Drink up girls! Tonight is going to be the party of the century!"

Tazi's tray quickly emptied, so she scooted into the kitchen and returned with another. The women danced forward to the pounding beat of the dance music, and quickly emptied that tray too. They downed their ice-cold shots in quick motions while GGA filmed them.

Bonk Birkiss called out, "All right! Who's going to be our first lovely ladies to give our cameras some love tonight?"

Two women stepped forward, a curvy, large-chested blond with long wavy hair, and a slim woman with her pitch black hair cut in a bob, and started dancing for the camera. Then they looked at each other, laughed, and pulled their shirts up. The women went wild, calling out and shouting over the beat of the music.


The two women looked at each other, stunned. The blond reached out and put her hand on the other's giant tummy. Her own tummy stuck out, too, lifting her heavy breasts.

All the chatter died in the room, and the only sound was the pounding beat of the dance music. A woman started rubbing her tummy absently, then she groaned and lifted her shirt.


Now the effects were catching up with all the women in the room. Some staggered back to sit where the could. A few lowered themselves to the floor, looking dazed.


Bellies were rolling forward and swelling out everywhere. The stunned women couldn't believe it. They rubbed their gigantically swollen bellies and moaned loudly, but the sound was drowned out by the pounding sound system.


The first blond's chest surged forward. She'd had a shot or two too many, and wasn't done. Her black-haired companion swelled again, too.


Tazi was dancing with her arms in the air, laughing, as the women of the sorority swelled up and went down to the floor holding their bellies. She turned to the GGA cameraman and shouted, "Keep filming! Get it all! Get all of them blowing up like balloons! OOOOF!"

Something soft and round and huge struck her from behind, and she fell to the floor. Then Kiki waddled forward, holding the giant, distended globe of her belly amid the ruins of her tattered red dress. She flopped forward, pinning Tazi underneath her giant, swollen belly, and gigantic breasts.

"It finally stopped, no thanks to you!" she shouted over the din of the music. "But, oh look, you left the berries in Sara's room! Have a few!" She scooped up a full handful of large purple berries, and leaning over the bulk of her tummy, jammed them all into Tazi's mouth. The woman's eyes were wide with fear as she was forced to chew and swallow them.

The woman with short black hair waddled forward, hefting her belly with one hand, and holding a bottle of blue liquid with the other. "Need something to wash it down with?" She upended the bottle into Tazi's mouth, and the berry-infused alchohol splashed over Tazi's face, flooded her mouth and went down her throat.

"Here's some more!" called Kiki, and she emptied the bowl of the last berries into Tazi. Then a couple of swollen women took her arms and helped her roll back off of Tazi.

Tazi stood up, gasping. She looked around at all the women watching her. Then she moaned. "I feel... really, really... strange." She took a few staggering steps forward.

The cameraman whispered sideways to Bonk Birkiss, "Dude, she's going to explode."

Bonk whispered back sharply, "Keep filming!"

Tazi shook her head, her pretty hair flying around her. "Ohhhhhhhh... that really, really feels weird. I feel... soooooo...." She stopped and stood still, hunched over with both hands on her tummy.


Her belly surged forward, with a vengance. It rapidly filled and tore open her light shirt.


Her breasts rolled out, resting on her belly and growing fast. She trembled all over, and then another surge hit her.


She tumbled forward on the globe of her belly, but didn't have far to fall. She leaned at an angle, her swollen breasts sloping to each side, as her belly widened and pushed forward.


She cried out. The cameraman whispered urgently to Bonk, "Dude! Seriously! She's going to explode!"

Bonk hissed back, "Keep filming!"


Now Tazi was standing upright, lifted by the swelling ball of her tummy, her little arms and legs sticking out the back. Her head was nearly buried in the mass of her swollen breasts. She pounded feebly on the mass that she had become. Her wimpering could be heard even through the driving dance music.

Sara stepped forward. She held something in her hand. "Kiki, look, one fell out!" She stepped forward and reached around Tazi's head, and forced the last berry into Tazi's mouth.

Tazi screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as her whole body started to rumble and shake....

Author's Note: 

The whole story basically came from the title ;)

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