Repleti Baca Sucus

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“Late again, Erica?” Professor Lakosky smirked, as a red-faced Erica timidly raced to her seat. She felt both embarrassed and enraged. This was the third time this week she belittled her in front of the class, and she would not take it sitting down. Actually, she would, but she had a trick up her sleeve.

Under the guise of night, she had attended sororities specializing in ‘magic’. She knew it was a bunch of baloney, but what other way to release anger than by whispering odd obscurities at your botanical professor?

Professor Lakosky marched to the chalkboard. Her long, black hair bounced about while she wore a white blouse and black dress pants. She was a little over thirty, and quite the success story; being quickly able to teach botany fresh off your doctorate was not an easy task. Though her diet did not reflect her profession; you don’t maintain an hourglass figure by eating salads.

“Today’s topic is fruits. More specifically, berries.” Lakosky jotted notes down on the board for her students to write. One of those students sat in the back, staring at her, murmuring, “Repleti baca sucus…” over and over again. It was a spell she had learned at one of the odder sorority meetings, focusing around the transformation of your enemies figure. This one in particular made the target of it become satiated with blueberry juice. Erica could picture the irony; a botanical professor bloating with her own field of study, her own superior knowledge, pitting her curvaceous figure against her.

Through her droning, Lakosky noticed the unbroken glare and incoherent mumbling from Erica.

“Something you’d like to say, Erica?”

Before shooting one more curse Lakosky’s way, Erica responded. “No ma’am.”

“Good.” Lakosky decided to lecture the class instead of scribbling on the board. Unknown to her, a blot of blue had emerged on the tip of her nose, which quickly spread all over her face, creeping down her neck.

Students sat baffled and shocked at what was occuring. Was their professor really turning blue? Whatever the case, everyone sat quietly, listening to Lakosky ramble on, her chest and shoulders emitting a bluish glow from underneath her blouse.

It was only when it reached her wrists did she notice. “Of course, unlike that peculiar Tim Burton movie, it is impossible for someone to…” she watched it engulf her palms. “Swell with…” Each finger succumbed to the blue tint. “Juice?”

Erica could only cover her mouth in disbelief, both to keep from gasping and laughing hysterically. It had somehow worked!

Lakosky whimpered, completely flabbergasted at what was happening to her. “What on earth?” She felt a strange pressure building up in her midsection.

With a cacophonous gurgle, the juice was unleashed, having no mercy on Lakosky’s already voluptuous figure. The buttons on her blouse began to strain, as her belly swelled outward with impressive vigor. These were of course to be accompanied by increasingly noticeable love handles, while the juice seemed to manipulate Lakosky’s body like a voodoo doll.

Because of the shock Lakosky’s swelling had caused, the room had fell silent, filled only with the thunderous groaning of Lakosky’s body. Like kernels of popcorn, the buttons on her blouse were catapulted aimlessly towards students, who ducked underneath their desks. Her belly and breasts jutted out of what was left of her blouse. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she felt the juice start to find new places to go…

The seams of her pants came apart violently, revealing juice-stained panties. With her eyes as big as saucers, she glanced at her ballooning bottom, displayed for all the students to see. Many stifled their laughter at the absurdity they were witnessing.

When Lakosky’s rear was big enough to put any plus-sized model to shame, the juice centralized itself to her nethers. Intensely aroused, she tried to cover them in consolidation. Her inflated figure made this impossible. Instead, she wailed and moaned, as any dignity she had retained up to that point dissolved.

Her only sense of freedom now were those cries that made her body shudder with pleasure. Even this was soon to be suppressed.

The juice rose up her throat, making the moans more muffled and garbled until Lakosky’s cheeks puffed out, causing her to grasp her mouth, the juice sputtering from her lips, leaking down her chin.

Her body wobbled about, bulging with juice from every conceivable part. Her ass and belly had been subject to the most copious amounts of juice, her immobility making the ordeal even worse. Her appendages were sucked into her growing mass, the room starting to feel small. Through muffled, deep groans she tried to release the amount of pleasure she was receiving, though this was in vain. She managed to look at Erica, who sat in the back laughing and gawking at her. Somehow, she must be responsible. She felt utterly powerless, her physique beginning to resemble a blueberry, skin became more and more taunt until…

Professor Lakosky’s awoke in a cold sweat at her desk, panting. She inspected herself, surprised to find she was not bloating with juice. The class gave her stares of confusion. Erica had just walked in the door.

“W-why, good morning, Erica! Please take a seat!” Lakosky said nervously.

“Do you want me to get a tardy pass?”

“Heavens no! Y-you’re the best student here!”

“Are you okay, Professor Lakosky?”

“Never better!”

Erica smirked. She went up to Lakosky and whispered. “Repleti baca sucus, no place to put that juice.” Lakosky froze in terror, a blue blot appearing on the tip of her nose.

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