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Sarah shivered in the breeze as she followed Jessica along the trail. Everything about her current situation was insane, the nudity, the promise, and the idea of what they were about to do. But here Sarah was, following along diligently.

All of this had started after that TETHER meeting. The “stretch, take your meds, don't burst,” lecture had only served to heighten Sarah's fears. Now everything she had dreaded was confirmed, she really could burst. Just one day, with a cute guy, or in the shower, boom. Rubber scraps of a stupid, horny balloon. And that was the worst part, the arousal. Sarah couldn't deny whenever she grew, how damn good it felt. The tingles of the helium, the way her skin pushed out, the feeling of gravity slowly letting her go. Her cries of pleasure had betrayed a side of her she had never known existed. But all the pamphlets said she was wrong, she would blow, float away into the sky, all sorts of horrible things.

Enter Jessica.

Jessica had offered a warm smile and a gentle handshake, something Sarah had desperately needed after the meeting. She held an aura of absolute confidence about her, the way she walked, the way she smiled, and the way she had described... it. Jessica had sounded like an experienced professional to Sarah, every question, every minor thing Sarah had thought about, Jessica had an answer for. That confidence, that trustworthy confidence, is why Sarah had followed Jessica onto the trail, naked save for the shoes on her feet. The promise, the possibility Jessica was right was too valuable to pass up.

The trail emptied out into a large clearing. A carpet of grass waved gently in the breeze. The duo walked to the center before Jessica turned to look at Sarah. She seemed completely unbothered by either her own nakedness or Sarah's, compared to the blush Sarah felt on her face. There were no words for a moment, the two simply stood there in silence. Everything from here on out was a matter of trust. “It's all in the trust.” she had said. Sarah reflected on those words for a second before she decided to break the silence.

“Alright Jessica, this is crazy you know?” Sarah said, stating her feeling quite concisely. Jessica tilted her head, giving Sarah an inquisitive look. Sarah heard the words before she said them, but it didn't make what Jessica was going to say any less piercing. “Why did you follow me out here then?” Jessica's question rang in Sarah's mind before she answered: “Because I trust you.” “You trust me to teach you to control it?” Jessica asked, “To show you its true potential?” Sarah nodded meekly, fidgeting nervously. Jessica simply smiled. “Then you know what to do now.” Sarah nodded again, closing her eyes and concentrating. She waited now, for the process to begin.

She didn't have to wait long, soon the tingles had started, echoing across her body from her nethers. With the tingles came the goosebumps, and with the goosebumps came the hiss. The hiss began to fill her, tickling her skin with helium. It still seemed so foreign to Sarah, girls don't hiss, they don't inflate. But again, here she was, feeling her skin beginning to stretch. It was always her breasts first. They plumped up, round and perky as helium rushed in. Sarah had always compared them to party balloons, even though she knew it was probably a cliché to do so. Squeaks could be heard as their circumference forced them to squish together. If Jessica was at all affected by the sight of Sarah's breasts, she made no sound to indicate such.

Sarah on the other hand couldn't help but moan as her hips and ass suddenly flared outwards. The helium was beginning to fully saturate her now, and she could feel her body begin to resemble an overinflated sex doll. The first pangs of buoyancy were starting now, the air becoming thicker, pushing at her. She reached a trembling hand out instinctively, and felt Jessica take it, a soothing grip in a sea of arousal and lightness. Now was the crucial moment, Jessica had said, now Sarah had to give in. And she did. With Jessica's reassuring grasp, Sarah's body seemed to double in size. Her breasts now pointed skyward, with her flared lower body pulling her legs straight, the sky's call becoming greater and greater. Sarah slowly opened her eyes again and was greeted by the pale expanse of her breasts, shivering and pulsing as they swelled. She looked down to her side and could see her hips jutting out, her inflated rear large enough to be a seat. To her other side, she could see Jessica, smiling as her own body swelled with helium.

Wait what?!

“Jessica! What are you doing!” Sarah's voice was fraught with panic. “You said you were gonna hold me down, we'll end up floa-” Sarah's yells and panic were cut off as Jessica pulled her close and pressed her own growing body into hers. Instantly, Sarah felt warmth flood her body, the sensations of Jessica's body swelling into hers making the concerns of buoyancy fade away. Jessica's hands explored Sarah, squeezing her breasts, tracing over the curve of her hips, and pulling them together. The girls squeaked as Jessica's own curves raced outwards to match Sarah's size before slowing to match Sarah's rate of growth, a precision granted to Jessica by experience. Sarah's moans and trembles contrasted Jessica's confident sighs and steady hands. Soon, Jessica pushed away, walking to Sarah's side so she could hold her by the arm while keeping her body at length.

Sarah started. “We're gonna float away.”

Jessica responded. “Mmhm.”

“You planned this.”


“I-I'm not sure if-”

“Do you still trust me?”

Sarah hesitated. “...yes. Completely.”

“Kick off your shoes.”


“Trust me, remember?”

Sarah raised an eyebrow as she complied with the seemingly innocuous request. Her eyes went wide however as she felt nothing beneath her feet. Her legs kicked as she realized that without the ballast of her sandals, she was just light enough to escape gravity's grip. She rose into the air, both her arms gripping Jessica's tightly. Her breathing was quick, panicky, and undeniably aroused. She lazily drifted over Jessica's head until she was inverted, her feet pointing to the sky and her head right above Jessica's own. Sarah's eyes were wide, her mouth trying to form words. But all reason failed her as she hung precariously below the maw of the sky. Before Sarah could collect her wits, Jessica kicked off her own shoes and rose to meet Sarah's gaze eye-to-eye.

Now nothing held down the pair as they slowly floated, gently parting the air. Sarah could no longer hear the hiss of her body, only her own fervent breaths as she took in the reality of the situation. She was floating, flying, drifting away like an errant balloon. The ground seemed distant even so early into the ascent. Mere feet below was everything grounded and sane, and feet up were two woman held away from it by their own bodies. Jessica only let out a soft giggle as she cupped Sarah's face and met her frantic gazing. Sarah gulped, before she finaly spoke. “W-w-we're flying away.” Her voice was soft and unbelieving. Jessica chuckled at her tone. “Yes, we are. Very observant of you.” She pulled closer until they were face to face, the two balloon women hanging horizontal in the air as the trees now passed by inches below. “How does it feel?” Jessica asked, her voice breathy and seductive. Sarah waited for a second before giving a soft response; “Amazing...”

“And that,” Jessica said, “is the key. Give into it Sarah. Just let it carry you away. Trust it. Like this...” Jessica pulled close and began exploring Sarah's body again, squeaking as their pneumatic curves squished into each other. Sarah returned the favor, groping and rubbing whatever curves she could reach, and arousal flooded both women once more. The hiss returned, their bodies filling with helium born of desire. Sarah could feel a pressure tickle her skin as she grew. Clearly, the sizes the two were now dealing with were testing the limits of their bodies. Sarah thought for a moment of what she learned in TETHER, of girls who had floated up until they just burst, but such thoughts were quelled by the argument of the helium. The ground and all its worries were so very distant now, and Sarah could catch a glimpse of the landscape curving into the horizon around the curve of Jessica's own body as they continued their intimate teasing and groping. The size of her body, the buoyancy, the teasing of Jessica, everything felt so right now. This is what Jessica had meant, to trust her and the helium in her. It wasn't some foreign intruder seeking to destroy her, it was a tender lover caressing her, carrying her aloft on a breeze of lust. And that belief was only reinforced by the growing heat in her crotch. Before, it had marked a shameful end to the experience, but now Sarah felt as if Jessica and the helium had only begun with her.

And so it went, Sarah and Jessica swelling from both arousal and thinning air, dancing together into the blue sky.

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A sequel to "Enlightenment," commissioned by Colortwist on deviantart. More balloony ahenanigans inbound.


And like "Enlightenment," the helium virus idea comes from heliumgirl77.

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