Shygal Quest

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You are Suzie, an average fanservice-y shygal. Red hood, mask, suspender stockings, boobs, the bunch. Your quest, should you choose to accept it: get to your girlfriend’s place. How you do it is up to you. Good luck, adventurer! 
Her place is to the NORTH.

To the north, you see a canyon.
To the south, you see a cave.
To the east, you see some item blocks.
To the west, you see your house.
What do you do?

>check inventory

Thinking ahead, you do what any sensible adventurer does and check your pockets. You find a wallet with 20 coins in it, a tissue, and a lighter.

>go north

Going north, you come to the rim of the canyon. Looking around, you don’t see any bridges. Nothing here but a cliff and a nice breeze to the north.

>go south

You arrive back at the intersection you started from. 
To the north, you see a canyon.
To the south, you see a cave.
To the east, you see some item blocks.
To the west, you see your house.

>go south

Walking south, you arrive at the entrance to the cave. It is extremely dark inside. You feel you may get eaten by a grue if you stick around.

>go north

You head back to the intersection.
To the north, you see a canyon.
To the south, you see a cave.
To the east, you see some item blocks.
To the west, you see your house.

>go east

Heading east, you arrive at a set of three item blocks, with labels A, B, and C below them.

>use fist on item block A

Giving the bottom an old-fashioned tap, the box immediately turns brown. You hear the telltale noise of a mushroom popping out. A classic yield.
You have acquired a mushroom.

>eat mushroom

You pop the mushroom in your mouth and wait. Immediately, you feel your whole body rumble before your breasts suddenly grow! Guess not everyone is affected the same way. Looking down, you see they have expanded to D-cups. You figure your girlfriend will love them, despite the fact your bra is pleading for mercy.

>use fist on item block B

Giving the bottom an old-fashioned tap, the box immediately turns brown. You hear a clink, and five coins fall into your hands. A standard payout from the blocks, really.


Smart idea.

>use fist on item block C

Giving the bottom an old-fashioned tap, the box immediately turns brown. You look up to see a small, yellow balloon with a large P painted on it. You wonder how a Power balloon will help you at all.

>take pballoon

You store the balloon away in your pocket. Somehow.

>go west

You arrive at the intersection without trouble.
To the north, you see a canyon.
To the south, you see a cave.
To the east, you see some used item blocks.
To the west, you see your house.


Oh, leaving already? Or testing something stupid.

>equip pballoon

Something stupid it is.
You take you the P-balloon out.

>untie pballoon

With careful fingers, you untie the neck of the P-balloon, pinching it to keep the air inside. 

>use pballoon on self

Putting the balloon to your lips underneath the mask, you inhale its contents in one go. Your breasts immediately inflate to the size of overripe watermelons. They’re bound tightly by your bra, which is currently fighting for its life. The squeeze feels kinda nice, and you decide to leave it on for the time being. 


Worthwhile endeavor , eh?

>go north

You arrive back at the mouth of the canyon.

>inflate pballoon

You inflate the P-balloon back to its former glory.

>use pballoon on self 

Taking another huff, your breasts really push out this time. Your sweater rides up until it can’t cover you anymore. Your absurd boobs push together, squeaking like the P-Balloon that inflated them. Any hope of seeing your feet has long since passed, as your lower field of vision is solidly filled by boob. 

You really feel light on your feet now.

Noticing how your nipples are poking out, you can tell your bra appears to have disappeared. Probably jumped ship before it snapped, smart little thing.


You jump, going nearly 15 feet into the air before gently gliding back down. Definitely a spring in your step now.

>jump across canyon

Uh, you sure about that buddy?


Girl you crazy, now quit joking around.

>save to file 2, then jump the canyon.

Well, you saved, so eh.

Getting a running start, you do your best long jump across the canyon. Your inflated tits carry you up and you feel the breeze pushing you across at a swift pace.

This lasts for about 15 seconds before your gross underestimate of the laws of physics come into play. You’re light enough to not plummet, but you steadily descend to the canyon floor. As you feel your feet make touchdown, you take a quick assessment of your surroundings.
To the east lies a dark trail.
To the west, you hear the sound of rushing water.

>save to file 2

Uh, ok. Guess you like canyons.

>go east

You step onto the dark trail. Unfortunately, you are immediately popped by a grue. Text adventure rule number uno, honey.

>load file 2


>inflate pballoon

You blow the P-balloon back up.
Unfortunately, you failed to address the issue of the dark path. A gunshot rings out as you are sniped by a grue.

>load file 2


>use lighter on trail

You angrily light and throw your lighter into the foliage around the trail. A fire starts up, eating away at the vegetation. You see a black blur run off into the distance.
Stupid grues.

The dark trail is now lit up!

>inflate pballoon 

And so it was inflated once more.

>use pballoon on self

You inhale yet again from the P-balloon, tasting the air as it flows into you. Your breasts grow again, your sweater trying to pull across their enormity, but failing. It folds up, exposing your zepplins to the cool air as they inflate.

As you stop growing, you feel your breasts begin to pull you up. Kicking your legs, you realize you’re not on solid ground anymore. Slowly but surely, you rise into the sky, a shygirl suspended by her balloon tits.

Any ideas?


Uh, ok.

You continue to rise, watching the canyon floor get farther and farther away. A few parakoopas fly on by, surprisingly not noticing the floating girl with huge boobs. Guess they’re used to the weird.

You’re about halfway up the canyon.

>squeeze breasts

You gratuitously squish your balloons together, enjoying the squeaking noise they produce. A sigh escapes your lips as you can tell they’re more sensitive now as well. You wish you had known about this little trick earlier.

You’re about to reach the top of the canyon. Better do something now before you become the newest Fly Gal.

>remove sweater


>stretch out sweater

You stretch out your sweater… allowing it to catch the wind blowing across the top of the canyon. You sail on the wind over to the other side. Before you can rise too high, you reach out and grab a tree limb, anchoring yourself.

Alright, I’ll admit, that was pretty sweet.

You’re currently up in a tree, topless. Past your tits, you see the path leading to your girlfriend’s house.

>search tree

Looking around, you see some fruit in the tree.

>take fruit

You take the fruit with your spare hand.

>put fruit in sweater

You stuff the fruit as best as you can into the pockets of your sweater.

>put on sweater

Putting your sweater back on around your neck, feeling the fruit provide just enough ballast to keep you from rising. You’re a regular MacGyver aren’t you?

>get down and go north

Floating down from the tree, you manage to find some purchase on the ground. Each breeze feels like it could lift you away into the sky. Testing your footing as you head north, you find walking isn’t really possible, rather, you must skip along the ground, bouncing up and down with your massive balloon tits.

Suddenly, along your path you see a P-balloon floating towards you! It’s rubbery surface glints in the daylight as it heads straight for you. What do you do?

>swat p-balloon away

You stick a hand out and try to swat away the pesky balloon. The moment your hand brushes the surface, it pops, right on top of you.

Uh oh.

With a mighty hiss, your breasts swell once more. They double in size instantly, and your feet quickly leave the ground. Inflated and buoyant, you can do naught but helplessly float into the sky. Your mammaries are so massive, you feel more like a shygal strapped to two mighty blimp tits than a shygal who has blimp tits. They dominate you now, large as your body and lighter than air.

The ground falls away to show the landscape at large. You can see the canyon and the trail behind it leading home. Over on the opposite side, you see the path you were on below, with your girlfriend’s humble abode at the end. Everything is getting smaller as you fly higher and higher into the sky like a balloon with no string.

Sighing, you decide to simply relax and ride the ordeal out. At the very least, if the wind goes right, you could end up in the Sky Kingdom. Maybe you can find work as a stripper, or an advertising balloon. Probably the latter, as you remember what happens to balloons when the air pressure drops.


You got the “Untethered Fly Gal” Ending!

Try again?


Author's Note: 

Text adventures, ain't they neat. 


Don't look at me like that, you would've tried to use "Assfart" too. 

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