Abandoned Candy Factory, The

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Daphne a slender, toned, redhead, and her boyfriend, Fred a lean, athletic, blonde, are private investigators for hire. Business for the couple slows down for a while, uneventful cases only, until mysterious explosions start happening at the abandon candy factory on the outskirts of town.

“Fred! Come check this out!” Daphne squeals in excitement, “all of these women went to the factory and never came out!”

“Wow, this might be the break we need with our business. Daph you’re a genius!” Fred replies.

“We need to check this place out,” she says.

“But women never come out of there, for all you know all of those explosions could’ve been those women,” he explains expressing great concern.

“No buts we’re going!” Daphne declares.

Not one to disappoint his girlfriend, Fred, reluctantly agrees to investigate the factory.

They arrive at the factory, Fred asks “Daph, are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes for the the 100th time,” she replies annoyed, “besides what the worst that could happen?”

Walking into the factory, Fred and Daphne find puddles of blue liquid.

“Hey Fred! Catch it out! What do you think it is?” she asks.

Bending down to grab a sample of the substance, then Fred notices an odor. “It smells like blueberries, I think it’s blueberry juice.”

She nods and they continue walking, until they come across clothes, torn and stained blue.

“So they exploded and left blueberry goop everywhere? Interesting.” Daphne says.

“I don’t know, I got bad feeling about this place. Something bad’s gonna happen!” Fred worries.

“Quit your worrying Fred, we even don’t know what made the women explode. Nothing bad’s gonna happen” she reassures her boyfriend.

Daphne ignores Fred’s growing concerns, the two press on with their search. They come to a set of doors, Fred reluctantly opens the doors. A lone table rests in the center of the room, with a light beaming down onto it.

“Fred, look! I found a clue on this table!” Daphne yells.

“It looks like a piece of candy or something, maybe gum.” he replies.

“I’m gonna try it,” she says grinning.

“Daph, please don’t! For all you know that thing could be what made those women explode!” Fred protests.

“Only one way to find out,” Daphne says popping it into her mouth.

As she’s chewing the candy, “Fred, it’s gum, blueberry flavored too.”

“Spit it out before something bad happens!” Fred says worried.

“No! It tastes too good!” she protests.

“Oh my God! Daphne! You’re turning blue! Spit that thing out!” he begs.

“What? AHHH!” Daphne screams as she looks at her now blue hand.

Soon her stomach starts to feel full, it swells slowly. Daphne can feel pressure starting to build up inside her. She’s blowing up! Daphne panics.

“What’s happening to you?” Fred panics.

“I feel funny,” the ballooning girl says, “Oooo, tummy feels heavy, I can barely walk Fred!”

“You’re blowing up like a balloon! Spit out the gum!” he says, “we can still make to a hospital or something.”

The buttons on her black high-waisted jeans pop off, as Daphne’s belly swells forward, revealing the tiny red gem in her navel. Then her butt starts to round out and balloon, her hips and thigh begin swelling. The young couple tries to flee the factory but it’s no use, Daphne’s belly is too big to fit in the car. They make to the corridor where they found the first puddle of goop. A surge of liquid presses against Daphne’s red shirt, the buttons strain and struggle to contain her ever growing gearth.

“I told you something bad was gonna happen! You never listen to me!” Fred cries.

The buttons on her shirt fly off, revealing her swollen breasts and the rest her inflating belly. Daphne’s breast start resembling over inflated basketballs, as her body continues to swell with juice. The mounting pressure starts to knock Daphne off balance, she wobbles and sloshes as she tries to stay on her feet.

“What’s happening to me? I’m huge! My skin feels so tight!” Daphne cries.

Fred wraps his arms around her belly and gives it a shake, “you’re filling up with liquid, you sound like a water balloon.”

“Fred stop shaking it! I can feel something fizzing inside me!” she panics.

Fred ignores her and continues shaking her, “spit out the gum, and it might stop.”

“I can’t!” Daphne cries.

“Why not?” he asks.

“Because I swallowed it when you shook me!” she says.

Daphne bursts out of her jeans and top, only her black lace bra and thong remain. She looks down at her once slim body, swollen and inflating more, Daphne moans in pain. Then another surge of juice fills her entire body, she’s huge, and inflating faster.

“I’m a giant water balloon!” Daphne shrieks, “Fred do something! I’m still getting bigger!”

“I think you’re becoming a blueberry…” he replies, “what do you want from me, you swallowed the gum.”

The pressure builds more and more inside of her, as Daphne’s breasts press into her chin.

Snap! Snap!

Daphne’s bra and thong give way, swelling bigger and bigger, her breasts and butt merge into the rest of her body. Then her legs and arms sink into her sides, only two average sized feet and two little hands remain. She looks like she’s going to burst at any second, the giant blueberry girl now resembles an over inflated parade balloon.

Her body swells and swells, until she’s a 25 foot around blue sphere. “I think it stopped Fred,” she says relieved.

“Are you sure?” Fred asks as he walks over to her.

She nods, Fred presses his ear against her belly, he pulls away “I hear more juice.”

Just then Daphne rapidly starts swelling again, "Oh, too...much...pressure. I’m gonna pop if this keeps up!"

Fred pokes her belly, his finger barely sinks into her, Daphne’s skin is taut.  

“Fred! Help me! I feel like I’m going to explode!” Daphne begs.

“I don’t know what to do! You just had to swallow that gum!” He replies angrily.

She stops swelling again, but only for a moment. Then the flow of juice becomes torrent as it inflates Daphne’s ballooning body. Her body grows bigger, and bigger, and bigger. The tiny red jewel recedes further and further, as it embeds itself into her convex navel.

As the pressure continues to build inside of Daphne’s body, "I'm gonna blow! I can feel it!" Daphne tries to shout as the juice fills her cheeks.

Fred looks on in horror as his girlfriend becomes a 50 foot blueberry girl. Daphne starts creaking and groaning louder and louder, her body is reaching its limits. The pressure is building more and more, dark navy stretch marks start forming all across her belly, centralizing around her belly button.

"Help me!" comes Daphne's muffled cry. "I can’t hold anymore! I’m gonna explode!"

"AHHHH!" Daphne tries to scream, she is frantically waving her hands to the best she could. She bites her lip and closes her eyes, then with a gigantic, thunderous roar.


She explodes.

The pressure and force from the surge of juice, blinds and carries Fred to the other side of the room. He struggles to his feet, juice dripping off of his body, staring in horror at the gaping blue crater her body. The gum, ripped clothes and the blue goop, that’s left of Daphne.

“She never listened to me…” Fred sighs as he rises to his feet.

Heartbroken and wet, Fred leaves the factory alone with very little information to go on.

He turns around looking back inside wiping away tears, "don't worry Daph I'll find out who did this to all those women, especially you."


Author's Note: 

I posted this also on my DeviantArt Page.

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