Bikini Season

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The morning sun shone through the blinds as Joyce stood in front of her bathroom mirror. Summer had come, and with it bikini season. She stood clad in her red bikini, running her hands over her body. An exercise regiment had done wonders in slimming her down, but it had also left her top a little less full than she liked. Joyce wasn’t at all disappointed however, as she had a talent for solving such problems.

Raising her hand to her mouth, Joyce blew onto her thumb, puffing her cheeks out. At first it appeared to do nothing more than that, but something began to stir. There’s a faint rustle of fabric, then a visible shift in her bikini top. Her breasts perked up, nipples poking through the fabric. Slowly but surely, Joyce could see her tits growing, forming cleavage as they pushed into each other. She kept blowing, emboldened by the visible swelling of her bust. Air could be heard swirling in each tit, a hollow woosh of wind sounding with each breath blown. With each breath, she felt herself growing more confident, her boobs a proud symbol of her femininity.

Bigger and bigger Joyce went, even as her top began to strain against her swollen breasts. The fabric creaked in protest as the beachballs they contained inflated. Remembering that she needed her top intact for the beach, she relented in her growth and took her thumb out of her mouth. Her hands squeezed and prodded as she inspected her handywork. Soft cleavage bulged around the triangular cups, her breasts big enough to cover her upper body from view. Going for the larger, stretchier top had been a wise choice.

Giving herself one last appreciative grope, Joyce turned and squeezed out of the bathroom door. She couldn't help but laugh at how her tits squeaked like balloons when they rubbed against eachother. As she gathered her things and prepared for a trip to the pool, a thought crossed Joyce’s mind that made her smile.

Balloons expanded when they warmed up.

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Remember that scene in El Superbeasto where Velvet von Black inflates her boobs by blowing on her thumb?


I sure as hell do.

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