Feeling Light Headed

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“Hello? Anyone? Anybody there? I’m trapped on the moon base and need some way to get back home!” Jazette called the intercom for the fifth time. She was currently wearing a breathable heated gray mesh tight suit for comfortable space exploration. Jazette was on the moon base for a special experiment but while Jazette was sleeping there was an emergency evacuation that she wasn’t warned of and now she was stuck on the failing base.

“Oh no… this can’t be the end! I can’t have my life end here! I have so much more to live for!” Jazette began panicking when there was still no signal. She collapsed onto the console and began crying for her life.

“This is hopeless… I’m getting out of here…” She cried onto the board.

“Signal detected, connecting to communications.” A voice announced. Jazette gasped and looked up with hope in her eyes. As the screen cleared up she could see a woman wearing a blue leotard with a sleeveless turtleneck sweater that had a logo of a white circle with a blue outline and words that said: “Galactic Adventure in Adrenaland” along with blue striped stockings going up to her thighs leaving only a couple inches of showing skin and blue and white sneakers. Her hair was slicked back with a hairband and straight going down to her back. She looked up from a book she was reading for Jazette to see her glasses.

“Huh? Another one of those strange signals? Who is it this time?” She looked at the screen with another woman peering back at her.

“Uh… hello? I-I need your help, I’m kind of stuck on a-” She was interrupted by the woman’s eyes suddenly going wide.

“Wait a minute… that voice, that hair, that face… Jazette!? Is that you?” She asked with awe and surprise.

“Breedona? My sister? The one that our family hasn’t seen for months?” Jazette was in the same disbelief and shock.

“I’m not called Breedona, I’m now called Bleater. Ms. Bleater by my students.” She mentioned correcting her.

“Sorry, I’m just, just so relieved to see you alive and well. We all thought when you went missing you were gone for good…” Jazette’s tears did not dissipate as they turned into tears of joy for the search for her sister was now over.

“Anyway the emergency signal was activated so I can tell you might be in a little trouble here. Why don’t you explain the situation before we begin the reunion?” Bleater told her.

“Oh? Well, there was some kind of evacuation and I got left behind. So I attempted to contact mission control but it seems I can’t get in contact with them.” Jazette explained fumbling with her fingers nervously.

“You were sleeping on the job again, weren’t you?” Bleater looked at her indifferently.

“Maybe… but that’s not important! What is important is that I find a way off this blasted moon base and get back on earth.” She changed the subject.

“Agreed, so what do you have around you that could help? We first need to assess the situation before we try anything.” Jazette looked around sifting through unfinished projects and notebooks with notes and observations. Finally she took one more look to see a capsule with a strange clear glob.

“What is that thing you’re looking at?” Bleater asked adjusting her glasses to try and get a better look at the item Jazette grabbed.

“It’s going to help me get back onto earth.” She said before opening up the capsule and slipping the orb into her mouth.


“This time it’s okay, you see, this is an experiment we were studying. We were testing its capabilities in space and found that it was capable of producing oxygen inside a human being for them to breathe and rearranged the skin’s molecules into something that allows humans to practically walk around in space naked.” Jazette grabbed a communications watch and switched the signal to it to keep in contact with Bleater.

“Is there any way for me to plant down coordinates nearby the island?” She asked.

“Well, oddly there is, but why would you need to know something like that?” Bleater was now beyond confused by what her sister was doing.

“Then please find a way to confirm my coordinates so I can land safely! I need to head over to the planning station. Find some way to keep in contact with me.” Jazette said before heading off. Choosing to question it later Bleater grabbed her old wristwatch and slipped it on before transferring the signal to it.

“I’ll try but I can’t guarantee anything.” She told her sister before heading off. She opened up the door to reveal her new place of residence being an amusement park where one of its sections was spaced themed. She took off past the crowds and headed off. Meanwhile Jazette pressed a button and formed a bubble around her head as a helmet. Taking one more look at the communications and experimental lab she sighed and opened up the airlock. Outside she saw the gray landscape and craters doting the moon. As soon as she felt the air leave her she felt a cramp in her stomach.

“Argh! Why now!? How could I forget this about the project!?” She looked down and watched as her stomach began blowing up like a balloon. The glob inside quickly noticed the change in atmosphere and began the adapting itself to allow its host to survive by inflating itself with oxygen to give them a source of air to breathe to avoid the need for a space suit.

“I need to hurry before I’m reduced to immobility. Now where is the planning station?” She hopped across the surface like a rabbit on a sugar rush. Unfortunately the large hops created shaking only further upset the glob which fastened its rate of growth. Her stomach stretched out to accommodate this mysterious thing inside it. She looked around frantically trying her best to ignore the swelling in her belly.

“It has to be here somewhere… I know for a fact this is a shortcut to the place.” She tried to reassure herself despite being skeptical.

“Okay sis, I’m here! Now what do you want me to do?” She received a sudden message which scared the living daylights out of her.

“Eek! Oh, good you’re there! Now type in these coordinates: X: 78, Y: 85, Z: 201, when you do select confirm!” Jazette was in a nervous panic and jumping around worried.

“Okay, calm down there. I just need to ask the guys here to let me use the thing.” She said. Outside the station she could see two man toting assault rifles wearing armor made from scrap and baseball jerseys along with shorts and knee socks, one wore a gasmask while a beekeeper’s hate while the other wore a pilot’s helmet with a broken gas tube.

“You two, I need to get inside and do something.” The two sighed.

“Always with you guys and being vague as possible. Tell us for what reason and we’ll let you in Ms. Bleater.” The gasmask one told her.

“It’s none of your business, let me in!” The two simply looked at each other and shook their heads in response.

“Fine! If you want to know I need to rescue my sister who’s trapped on the moon.” She finally gave them an answer.

“How is this station supposed to help? Wait, she isn’t a part of AggrasonLabs is she?” The pilot helmet one looked at her.

“What if she is!? She’s still my sister and she’s still in trouble!” She angrily told them off.

“No can do, we can’t have those AggrasonLabs punks crawling all over the place. This is home to the Junkies and we have the right to our privacy, so you can scram!” He yelled at her.

“I promise you that she’ll stay here with us, she can become one of us. She doesn’t have a way to talk to the labs once she lands here. She’ll be stuck with us, just please let me in and let me help her.” The two looked at each other once more.

“How can we know that she won’t call-” Her patience finally hit a breaking point.

“Oh for the love of god! Just let me the f*** in!” She shoved the two aside and went inside. The station itself was rather bland compared to the rest of the park serving an actual purpose than just for decoration. She headed over to one of the computers and began the boot-up sequence.

“Great… now I need to wait for these dinosaurs to start up. I wonder how sis is doing.” She flicked her wristwatch on.

“Come on! Open up you’ve got to be kidding me! I can’t be stuck out here!” Jazette banged on the door with her tummy still expanding. It was now reaching the three foot mark as she hastily fumbled with the door controls.

“Hello? How are you doing? Have you got the coordinates planted yet?” Bleater asked.

“No! Not yet! This stupid door won’t open for me! Please open for me!” She complained. Suddenly when she attempted to pry it open the door complied.

“Yes Ms. Kennell, opening the airlock.” It opened up immediately and Jazette walked on through blushing a bright red. When she felt the air cycle through her stomach stopped growing remaining at four feet. She pressed a button causing the dome to dissipate around her head and took a large breath of oxygen.

“Huh, how interesting, the glob will only expand when it notices a lack of air. Need to note this down when I return home.” She rubbed her stomach before heading off to a computer and typing down the coordinates located on a beach on the Shambling Isles.

“H-H-Hey sister? Y-Y-Y-You g-g-g-got the c-coordinates set y-y-y-y-yet?” Bleater’s signal was going out.

“Wait, let me get a better signal here…” She raised it above her head to reveal her bloated stomach.

“Good, I’m get- WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR STOMACH!?” Bleater’s mouth was agape.

“Just a side effect of the oxygen glob. But don’t worry it’ll help me. Now just get the coordinates ready before I take off or else I’m going to be left adrift in space. See you there.” She rematerialized the dome and took off once more.

“Great… hm?” She looked over at the computer to see it now booted up.

“Finally! Now to type in these coordinates…” She quickly opened up the program connected to the satellite and began.

“Let’s see here… 78… 85… 201… there!” She hit enter.

“Now processing information into the satellite, expected processing time: 1 hour.” She slammed the computer in the side.

“New processing time: 30 minutes.” She sighed.

“This better do…” Bleater grumbled something inaudible under her breath.

“Now where is the loading station from here?” Jazette wondered aloud as she could feel the glob once again getting back to work in making itself grow inside her stomach. But she noticed something else strange, her breasts felt tad heavier, and so did her bottom. As luck would have it Jazette realized that now those parts were growing.

“Reminds me of my first time messing with these chemicals… no time to reminisce about the past and the mistakes that led up to this scale-wide investigation on the stuff.” She headed off in the general direction of the launch station. Her belly jiggled and bounced with every step Jazette took and she looked rather silly because of it.

I feel ridiculous… so glad nobody’s watching me.’ She thought to herself as her breasts and thighs also began jiggling. She kept moving as fast as she could, the moon’s low gravity assisting her all the way.

“Okay now… which crater was the launch station located near? Theta? No, was it Beta? Or maybe it was Alpha? Oh I can’t remember!” She panicked trying to remember causing her to hyperventilate in stress. Unfortunately the glob took notice and began expanding itself even further at a faster rate and made sure that her other parts would get a fair share of the expansion now.

“Oh no… no, no; no! Calm down there… I can’t let this grow too large before I reach the launch station.” Jazette needed to hurry before it was too late. She looked far and wide but to no avail and now her body was growing ever faster. Just then her wristwatch sounded.

“Hello? Jazette? Are you there? I got the coordinates all pointed out and now I’m just waiting for this computer to process it, how are you doing?” Bleater could hear her sister’s heavy breathing and panicking.

“Oh, Bree- I mean Bleater! I’m doing fine… just a little lost. That’s all.” Jazette tried to remain calm and collected but her nerves were getting the better of her.

“Okay I can tell something’s wrong, just calm down and try to take deep breaths. You know, just like what mom would tell us.” Her voice was filled with hate and scorn when she spoke that word.

“Are you still mad at mom about that argument you two had?” Jazette asked quite annoyed at her sister’s petty hate.

“Does no one understand what she was trying to make me do? I don’t want to follow in her footsteps, I just want to do my own thing…” She looked forlornly at the computer screen.

“But mom’s devastated! She thinks you’re dead! That argument has pushed her over the edge, and she won’t come out of her room to talk to me about it. Bleater, I think mom wants to apologize to you!” Jazette said struggling to keep her footing as her stomach was now pushing her off-balance.

“I don’t want to talk about this! Just keep going and I’ll talk to you later.” Bleater flipped her wristwatch off and put her arms on the table staring at the green bar increasing very slowly.

“Dang it Bree- I mean Bleater! Don’t just drop the- and she cut the call.” Jazette sighed and looked around her before looking down at her stomach. The size was a whopping ten feet yet Jazette was still as spry as a cheetah. Each step she took her belly would jiggle and groan, as if finally acknowledging the foreign substance inside it.

“I know I’m getting closer to the launch station, it has to be… here! Finally!” Jazette jumped up and down in joy as she discovered her ticket off this gray rock.

Quickly she ducked inside and prepared for a fresh blast of air, only to discover the entire launch station was out in the open.

“I thought the launch station has an oxygen generator like the rest of the place!” Jazette yelled in disbelief and distraught.

“Did you not pay attention to the warning outside? The one that says: WARNING, NO OXYGEN IN THE LAUNCH STATION, PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK.” A female voice boomed over the intercom freaking Jazette out.

“Who’s there!? Are you an alien!?” Jazette looked around for anybody.

“What are you? Six years old? I am an AI. Do I look like a green Martian man to you?” A computer screen with sound bars and eyes showed itself to the swelling woman.

“You ate the experiment, didn’t you? Of course seeing the ditz that you are I guess that should’ve been expected.” Its tone of voice told Jazette that it was not interested in hearing her plights or care about her problems.

“What are you? Why are you here?” Jazette asked.

“I am called AI-0L1V1A and I’ve been trapped thanks to those idiots at AggrasonLabs.” The AI responded.

“So Olivia for short?” The scientist said walking over to the launch computer gripping her still bloating belly.

“Olivia? I suppose that will work, anyway, what are you doing here? Did you oversleep again you lazy a**?” The sarcastic AI asked.

“Very funny, I need a ship to launch me to these set coordinates.” She looked over to the screen to notice that the coordinates weren’t there.

“Aren’t there supposed to be numbers on the screen or something?” Olivia gave Jazette a deadpan look with its eyes.

“What’s going on? Hello? Bleater?” She called her sister once more.

“Zzz… yes Judas, I would love to… AH!” Bleater awoke to the sound of her wristwatch going off. Quickly she pulled it up and saw her sister.

“Yes? *Yawn* you woke me from my nap.” She was stretched out her limbs.

“Why aren’t the coordinates uploaded to the launch computer yet?” Jazette asked a bit angry at her sister.

“Coordinates? Oh yeah! I was just waiting for them… to… upload…” She looked over to see the computer had crashed deleting the coordinates.

“ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU STUPID DINOSAUR OF A COMPUTER!” She kicked the console hard only to hurt her foot.

“What am I now supposed to do?” Jazette put her head in her arms and was about ready to cry over her misfortune until an idea popped into her head.

“Wait, Olivia! Can you move yourself from a computer to a ship?” The woman asked excitedly.

“Sure, but I don’t know why you would want me to do that.” Olivia said as Jazette dragged her tummy still expanding at a ridiculous rate now reaching upwards to thirty feet to the center platform.

“I need you to build a pod around me.” Jazette demanded.

“Do you really want to be stuck in a pod being crushed by your own blimp of a body still inflating in there?” The AI asked.

“Just do it!” She yelled at the computer who simply sighed and began the building process. The futuristic egg-shaped pod magically materialized around her encasing her completely save for a window around the pod.

“Great! Now I need you to take control of the pod.” Olivia chose not to argue and moved herself into the pod’s mainframe.

“I’m inside, now explain to me oh wise one what you’re plan here is?” It asked completely confused at Jazette’s plan.

“Now Bleater, what are the coordinates to the beach again?” She asked her sister.

“Uh, X: 86, Y: 93, Z: 61.” She responded.

“Great, now Olivia direct your auto-pilot to these coordinates.” Jazette ordered.

“I didn’t hear a please in that sentence.” It sarcastically spat at her.

“Take me to this place please or I’m going to rip out your circuits.” Jazette had nearly enough of her AI’s attitude.

“Good enough. Off we go.” Olivia started the ship and took off from the moon base. Jazette sighed rubbing her stomach before taking off her helmet.

“Finally, now to just relax and-” She heard a violent groan coming from her stomach before it started its growth once more.

“Warning, leak in the pod has been detected, A.K.A. you may want to slip that helmet back on if you don’t trust that ball of slime’s abilities to keep you alive.” Alarmed Jazette slipped her helmet back on and gripped her thighs as they began stretching out once more. They went from six and a half feet to eight within a second while her seven and a half foot large breasts were the same.

“This can’t be happening! I can’t be growing in here! I’m never going to be able to get out of there!” Jazette began panicking and hyperventilating once more. The orb only expanded faster in response to this state of panic.

“I don’t think your freaking out is helping at all, in fact I think it’s making it worse.” Olivia commented unamused at this display.

“Shut up! You don’t understand the stress this brings or the discomfort I feel! Eep!” Jazette let out a little peep as one of her growing breasts nearly smacked her in the face. She grumbled and moaned, hating that she was stuck with a sarcastic AI and still expanding despite being in the home straight. Her body expanded with no sight in end and they still weren’t anywhere close to the earth’s surface.

“Should I speed up the pod? I don’t think you would want to be stuck in there swelling into a blimp for too long.” Olivia asked.

“Yes! Yes! Please speed up the pod! I don’t want to-!” Suddenly Jazette was silenced by a loud RIP noise coming from her suit.

“Warning: suit breach detected move to an oxygen rich environment immediately.” The a little voice announced.

“Hope you’re happy with yourself, that suit you destroyed cost the labs quite a bit of money to have that custom made for you.” Olivia stated.

“You need to learn to shut your mouth from time to time! Luckily it seems like this orb is doing its magic so there’s nothing to worry about.” Jazette huffed hugging her belly.

“Well don’t worry, you’re still heading to your desired destination. We should hitting the surface in about five minutes.” Olivia warned the lady ahead of time.

“Can’t wait to see how that feels against my skin.” She sarcastically stated.

“Well these things are equipped with shields to avoid the precious cargo burning up, in this case you are the precious cargo. Perhaps the most precious that the pods have had to carry.” Olivia told her.

“Looks like someone’s trying to charm their way into a friendship, what do you think you’re chances of succeeding are?” Jazette obviously wasn’t amused by this comment.

“Oh just take the compliment and continue feeling sorry for yourself.” Jazette stuck her tongue at the AI controlling the pod.

“You want to be that way? Fine, two can play at that game!” Jazette could feel the pod begin rolling and turning.

“Please stop that! You’re going to make me throw up! Plus you’re upsetting the orb inside me!” She yelled at the AI. Her stomach growled louder as the orb once again hastened its growth and Jazette’s expansion.

“Say you’re sorry and I might consider stopping.” The AI taunted poor Jazette.

“Just shut up and stop it!” She screamed at Olivia.

“Don’t make me turn this thing around.” Now program had now done it.


“Very well, we’re approaching the atmosphere anyway so prepare for a lot of shaking.” Jazette gulped at the mention of shaking.

“Oh no… try not to grow too big please…” She caressed her belly now beginning to touch the walls of the pod.

“Okay, now breaking the atmosphere, hold on.” Olivia pulled up the shield around the pod and began the rough passing through. The pod shook violently as fire surrounded it at all sides. Jazette’s stomach groaned and rumbled ever more as the glob of gray slime expanded as fast as it could, her body showed no end in sight for its growing.

Just hold on Jazette… just little bit longer… my stomach will soon be free from this hellish prison…’ She tried to reassure herself with optimistic thoughts.

“This should be over soon, just hang on for a couple more minutes…” Olivia told Jazette.

Couple more minutes!? Oh god, this is going to be humiliating…’ She thought to herself as the shaking continued. Her body now squeezed out every inch of the pod encasing her in one large mass of flesh.

“This… is… so… uncomfortable…” She let out grunts trying to get herself free but to no avail. She heard her belly rumbling deeply now. The groans and sloshing were nearly unbearable at this point but Jazette didn’t care.

“I’m not scared, this happened last time and I didn’t explode. So don’t even try to scare me this time belly!” Jazette boasted.

“Did you just brag to your own stomach woman? Just how lonely are you?” Olivia asked observing her from the outside.

“Don’t ruin it for me.” Jazette huffed.

“Well we’re now calming down.” Olivia announced.

“What does that exactly mean?” She looked around her trying to find some way to look outside but her girth got in the way of it.

“It means that we’ve reentered the atmosphere, and you should stop growing, correct?” Olivia asked.

“It should, but… I only feel my expanding even faster!” Jazette panicked once more to notice the inflating in her belly was only tripling in its expansion.

“Why is this happening!? Am I really going to explode!? Okay maybe not but this is still a worrying problem!” She could no longer move as her body pushed out in all directions still growing without any end in sight.

“Now deploying parachute. Brace for impact.” Olivia told Jazette who was too distracted by her current predicament to pay any attention. The pod jolted as the chutes deployed bringing its speedy descent to a slow fall.

“Okay… we’re nearly there… just a little longer…” Jazette tried to stay calm only to have her bubble helmet pop in her face thanks to the pressure that was pressing up against her. As the pod fell Olivia let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m so glad I’m not in there right now.” It reminded Jazette that only she was suffering throughout this entire ordeal.

“Shut… up! Mmf…” She was finally silenced by her mass pushing against her face.

“Well we’ll be hitting the water very soon and then we’ll be able to admire your mass, and so will everyone within a five mile radius.” Olivia wasn’t helping. Soon the two heard a soft plop and felt the pod starting to bob up and down.

“Don’t remind me here. What do you even see around you?” Jazette asked.

“I see water… and a beach on the other side with a strange group of people.” Olivia replied eyeing a bunch of people wearing strange colorful scrap armor and an odd array of clothes ranging from colorful sweaters to thigh high stockings.

“Oh great… an entire crowd. What a way to make this day even better.” Jazette grumbled and blushed.

“There’s the pod Bleater was talking about!” One of the guards from the station pointed out. Quickly Olivia opened the pod to show the people what they were getting into. It stretched out more and more to give the Adrenaland residents an idea of her current size. Finally the pod dissipated revealing a large mass of peach colored flesh and an embarrassed Jazette. Her belly was now sixty five feet around while other parts measured around twenty feet for her bottom and twenty five feet for her breasts

“Hi…” Was all Jazette could let before she choked up in humiliation.

“Just get her out of the water and onto the beach while we call up Bleater and inform her that her sister has reached the island safely.” The other guard said as he went to call up Jazette’s sister.

“Ma’am how are you feeling? We’re going to get you on the beach and help you out here, but we need you to just stay calm. Got it?” One of the buffer people told the hapless bloated woman.

“I understand and I’m feeling fine, if not a little bloated of course.” She replied.

“Good, now we’re going to put a net beneath your stomach and begin walking. You can move your legs, correct?” He asked.

“Let me check…” She wiggled around her fattened thighs to see them still mobile.

“Yep, I’m ready.” She told the man.

“Okay then, get the net!” He ordered two more of the citizens. They spent the entire afternoon moving Jazette out of the water and onto the beach. Though Jazette could move her legs she still had a ton of trouble walking at any reasonable pace and it took a ton of coordination to move her anywhere. But finally they had gotten her onto dry land and comfortable with a small camp around her.

“Thank you all very much for helping me out here. Now I have no idea when this will deflate back into my original size.” She explained.

“Don’t worry, Bleater says she’s got some kind of concoction that’ll shrink you back to normal in about a week, though this concoction’s also gotta cook for another week. So you’ll be stuck here with us, don’t worry we’ll be on watch for anybody looking to get their hands on you…” One of the citizens explained to her.

“Why would anyone want a whale of a woman like me?” Jazette asked.

“There tend to be a few that are looking for a meal and are willing to eat anything.” She shuttered at the thought of what he meant.

“But enjoy our hospitality and try to make the best of your new life in Adrenaland.” He said before heading off to join his friends.

“Thank you! I’ll be sure to remember this!” She called out to him. Suddenly her wristwatch began going off.

“Hello? Jazette!? Is that you!? Did you make out safely!?” Bleater appeared on the screen concerned for her sister’s safety.

“I’m fine, I’m glad that you’re checking in with me.” She let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness. I’ve got your place all set up in my apartment down Galactic Adventure. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.” She hung up.

“Are we going to be stuck her for the rest of our days?” Olivia asked now on top of Jazette’s belly.

“Is that a problem? We’re sisters, you can hang out at the station if you want to stay there.” Jazette offered.

“Sounds like fun, I will probably be frying every geezer computer there once my AI is moved into that station.” Olivia replied.

“Quit your complaining, I need to get some rest, so keep your whining down.” She gracelessly dropped down onto the sand causing her entire stomach to jiggle like crazy before eventually settling down.

“Looks like this is my life now, well better get used to it so here’s to my new life.” Jazette said before getting comfortable and falling asleep for the night.

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