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There existed a barber shop said to do much more than cut your hair. A hair cuttery and spa, as some put it. It promised a haircut, shampoo, styling, massage, hot tub, and more in just over one hour. Marjory had heard of this place several times before, but never really had reason to go. It sounded expensive and she didn’t really want to be let down after spending a fortune for a haircut. But she was needing a haircut soon and this weekend she had a day off right after payday. What’s the worst that could happen? She wastes money and only gets a semi decent haircut? At least this way she can say she tried it.

Marjory went ahead and called them up and set up an appointment. There was only one time slot left for that day and the person on the phone said that was unusual because they are usually booked at least month in advance. Just how popular is this place? The days pass by and Marjory almost forgot about her appointment. She woke up on Saturday morning and became very grateful that she put everything in her phone. Luckily, there were still four hours until she had to be there, so she got up as slowly as she wanted. This was her day off after all. About an hour till, she looked up the address on her phone and started driving to the location. After about 30 minutes, she arrived. The Berry Barber. There honestly was no way she could miss it. It looked about the size of an elementary school! I was just one floor, but that floor was HUGE. This one building took up the entire block. She drove around for a bit because the parking lot was also packed, but eventually found a spot.

On the inside, it looked like an average barber shop. Chairs with people in them getting their hair cut and a waiting room with a front counter between the two. Only this waiting room had a line. To the Waiting room. The main room didn’t even look too big. Maybe around 16 chairs. Bigger than usual, sure, but why such a big building? Marjory walked up to the counter and said to the lady “Hello, I’m here for my appointment.”

The lady at the counter almost immediately looked up and beamed at Marjory. “Ah, of course. And your name?”

“Marjory Lee.”

“Yes, here you are. You seem to be about 20 minutes early, but we may have a room open for you shortly.”

“A room?”

“Ah, you are new here, yes?”

“Yes, this is my first time.”

“Well, in that case, Welcome to the Berry Barber. We first need to know what sort of package you will like. We have the Yellow, Red, Green, or Blue packages to choose from. Of course, with this being your first time, we do offer the “Ripening Pack,” which is just the Blue for the price of the Yellow, with some goodies to take home after.”

Yellow, red, green…? “I’m sorry, what do the colors mean?”

“Basically, it’s a price scale. Yellow is just a haircut. Red, we add a massage and cleansing. Green has better feeling effects. And Blue, we add a dip into a relaxing hot tub.” She then leans in and gestures Marjory to do the same. “We also offer the Blueberry Special and the Blueberry Couples, but those only get offered to females and the couples lets you bring a “friend” along. These are also off of the official menu and take much longer and practically cost a fortune.” She leans back out. “So, shall I write you down as the Ripening Pack?”

“Uh, sure. That works.”

“Perfect! Now we have a few forms we will need you to fill out since it’s your first time, but after that, you’ll be set.”

Marjory took a look at the forms and glanced them over. “What the-” She thought to herself seeing some of the questions and legal statements. Stuff like, “Would you prefer male or female workers handling you and your bodily fluids?” and “We take pride in our staff not touching customers impolitely unless directly asked,” really made her start to question things. After the shock value, it didn’t take her long to fill out the form. “Whatever. I’m already here, right?” She thought.

As she walked back up to the desk, the woman perked up and said, “Perfect! Now I just need to enter these into the computer and you will be good to go as soon as a room opens. Now I hope the form wasn’t too weird or anything. I’ve seen plenty walk out from the form alone.”

“It was quite weird. But I figured, I’m here anyway. Why do you need to know this stuff?”

“Oh, you’ll find that stuff out in a few minutes. I’m just glad you stayed. I’m positive you will enjoy this. Alright, I have everything entered. After tax, that will be $35.73.”

Goodness. This is what the cheapest costs normally? This had better be good. Marjory paid and was about to sit down when a door in the back opened and a women’s voice called “Marjory?” Three women immediately stood up and all began walking toward the door before noticing each other. “Sorry, Marjory Lee?” The other women looked disappointed and walked back to the waiting room only to find their seats taken. Marjory looks around and continues to walk toward the back of the room, past everyone getting a haircut. “Says here it’s your first time,” the lady says when Marjory reaches her.

“Yeah, first time.”

“Lovely! I’m Charese and I will be your head stylist today. If you want to follow me.” Charese walked through the door and Marjory followed. They were brought to a hallway painted several colors with several different fruit all over the walls and doors about 30 feet away from each other. Each door having a color and a corresponding fruit on it. Red doors had a pair of Cherries, Green had a Pear, and Blue had a Blueberry. Looking back, the door they came in was the only yellow door. The ceiling was also easily 30 feet tall. “I’m sure you have many questions, so I will do the obvious thing and start by asking you a few. How did you hear about this place?”

“Ads online, mostly. Then a few friends started talking about it. But they would never describe the experience, only recommend it.”

“Ah, yes. Unfortunately, that is because of company secrets. That form you filled out? It also had a line saying that you will not tell anyone the methods of our company. Don’t want our secrets to fall in the wrong hands now would we? Ah, here we are!” Charese stopped at a blue door that looked no different than any of the other blue doors. She opened it and walked in. Marjory looked around and followed. Inside was a small room with hooks, a bench, and towels. There was also a door on the far wall. “We now ask you to remove your clothes unless you brought some to change into. Based on your preferences on your forms, I will wait for you in the next room.” Charese left through the next door and waited. Marjory was now alone and still not quite sure to expect. Then she realized that the receptionist mentioned a hot tub. That’s probably why. Still, this place seems weird in general.

After a bit, Marjory steps through the door wearing nothing but a towel. Inside is a huge room. The walls and ceiling are blue with the floor being a plain white. The room looked like a 30 foot square with a round indent in the center of the floor and a single stylist’s workbench decorated how you would expect. It had a mirror, razors, shears, a blow dryer, combs, etc. There were also 4 women in here besides Charese all standing behind her waiting. “Good, you are ready. Any last questions before we begin?”

“Plenty, actually. One above the rest: What did I sign up for?”

“Well, now that we are here, let me explain. First, these are my helpers. They will mostly be providing the massage and help with other…needs. Next, for the big question. What will we be doing? Simple. We’ll be turning you into a blueberry. Temporarily. We used all the questions on your forms to make sure you would get the optimal experience in every way. Once you are as big as you can be, my assistance will roll you into position so that I may cut you hair while they give your giant body a massage. This should relax you enough to expel the juice from your body, reverting you back while the juice will collect in the center of the room and keep it warm so that you may relax in your very own blueberry hot tub while I wash your hair. Anything else you need to know?”

Marjory looks around the room with a confused expression on her face. “I think that created more questions than answers. Can we just get started?”

“Of course. Now it says here you are afraid of needles. No worries. We just need to get the formula inside you another way. Any preference? Pill, food, drink? Something more intimate?”

Marjory’s eyes open wide and she blushes as she thinks of the implications of that last option. “Uh…drink will be fine,” she answers.

“Perfect.” Charese turns to tell one of her assistants to fetch the drink, but the assistant had already left. “Even better. Thank you, love,” she called to the assistant. Charese turns back to Marjory. “Well, the needle would’ve been the fastest method, but the drink is probably second in that regard. Don’t forget, if you need or wish for any of your preferences on your forms to be changed, just let me know.” The assistant returned with a glass full of a blue liquid and hands it to Marjory. “Now the enjoyment can begin. Drink this at your leisure, but do make sure to drink all of it while you can.”

Marjory took a sip of the drink. It was alright. She could taste the blueberries, but she had never really been one for blueberries. It felt quite good going down her throat. Charese then lead Marjory to the center of the room as Marjory took a larger swig as she started to feel a funny feeling spread across her body. It wasn’t a bad feeling. Far from it, it was very relaxing. Marjory had just never felt anything like this. It felt like when warm tea runs down your throat, only it felt like it was starting at her stomach and spreading everywhere. She took a few more drinks from the cup before remembering where she was and that other people were with her. “What is this?”

“I’m afraid that’s the company secret. We really want to spread the positive effects this can have on the body, but we all know that if this stuff left the facility, somebody would use it incorrectly. In a room that’s far too small or on a coworker they don’t like. Even the doses need to be perfect for the best effect. It would just be better to keep it here.” Charese looked at Marjory’s face and smiled. “You may want to finish that drink. Looks like the effects are starting.”

Marjory looked at what was left of her drink and finished it, frowning that she didn’t have more. Charese took the glass from Marjory and handed it to an assistant. Marjory then felt her stomach and remembered that she was just wearing a towel. When she looked down at herself, she saw her shoulders were blue and the color seemed to be spreading down towards her arms and chest. She was shocked, but for a lot less than she thought she would have been. She was just so relaxed by the feeling the drink gave her. “So is the blue normal?” she asked Charese.

“Completely. Everything is working normally. And you need not worry, everything that is about to happen to you will be completely reversed before you leave here today,” Charese answered. “Now, if you would like to lay down, the floor has a very special padding designed for what will happen to your skin and is very comfortable.”

Marjory complied and found that Charese was right. This floor was very comfortable. It seemed to give way a little and fit to her form. She watched the blue color spread under her towel then leaned her head back and closed her eyes, feeling the warmth spread over her body. After a few seconds, she was beginning to experience a new feeling. The warmth spreading across her body seemed to be settling in select locations of her body. Not making her warmer, just…well she couldn’t really describe it. As if the juice inside her was finding locations to stay, but more juice was collecting than there was room. She opened her eyes and looked over herself again just as the blue was enveloping her toes. She suddenly felt a bit of pressure well up within her throat before Marjory burped. It was a pretty mighty burp that sounded even mightier with the size and echo of the room. This seemed to clear much of the pressure before she looked down and saw herself…growing?

“Here we go. The best part. During this phase, you may experience some pulling and stretching of muscles and your skeleton. This is perfectly normal and actually helps to realign your body,” Charese explained, noticing the growth beginning. “And do not worry about your burp. Everyone does it. With the juice building up in you, it presses all the non-necessary gasses trapped within you until it all escapes at once.” Marjory only half listened as she watched herself inflate, mesmerized on her growing form. It wasn’t just her stomach, either. It seemed to be her whole waist and some. Her butt, back, and thighs were getting bigger along with her stomach. Even her breasts were getting larger. She watched as her body unraveled her towel for her, leaving her in just her panties. The floor also seemed to sink a little under her weight. She watched and felt as her arms and legs even began to swell into cones as her panties snapped off, but Marjory didn’t seem to care anymore. After a bit, she did begin to feel a tugging on her spine as she seemed to grow in what would have been her height, if she were standing, and soon her spine started denying the movement and began to hurt before a muffled *POP* echoed through the room as her spine got back in place. Marjory didn’t even know her spine was unaligned, but she could definitely tell it was back in place now. Not long after that, her arms and legs were fully spread apart until her form was completely round, save for her feet, head, hands, and breasts. But she didn’t stop just yet. Her body continued to grow outward another foot or two, rounding her out at 10 feet, leaving her hands and feet in divots of her body, while her head was just about to touch what used to be her neck. Marjory was then starting to feel a strange build up around her breasts and groin area. Not like before with the swelling. This was different, as if the juice was trying to escape. Marjory was conflicted, this whole process felt amazing and relaxing, but she knew others were watching and didn’t want to leak in front of them, causing her to tense up.

“How are you feeling?” Charese asked. The floor seemed to have sunk enough for Marjory’s head to remain roughly head level.

“I’m not sure. This is new. I can’t move and am filled to the brim with juice, yet this feels nice.”

“Yes, well you don’t seem fully relaxed quite yet. We need to get the juice out of you and there are several ways to do that, but the easiest is for you to relax and let it out. Trust me. You are surrounded by professionals.” Charese then motioned for her helpers to reposition the berry girl. Marjory suddenly felt hands along her body as her body began to shift and roll ever so slightly until her head was right next to Charese’s station. Charese started running a comb through Marjory’s hair and asked “How would you like your hair?” As she asked, the helpers surrounded Marjory’s body and began applying slight pressure. “Ignore them. They are just going to be feeling around to prep your body for the juicing and to find the optimal locations, but that’s not important. Just focus on talking to me and relax your body. Everything else will happen naturally.” Charese also moved a mirror into place above Marjory’s line of sight and angled it so that Marjory could see Charese and what she was doing.

It took a little bit of difficulty on Marjory’s part, but with the help of friendly conversation from Charese, Marjory was able to relax and let the juice flow out of her. The whole time, Charese had kept steady while cutting Marjory’s hair. After Charese was done, she messed with some buttons on a tablet and a sink rose directly under Marjory’s head and lifted until her neck was pressing against the edge. Her neck. Huh. Marjory hadn’t really noticed until now, but she had gotten smaller. Not by much, but she was definitely smaller.

“As you seem to have just noticed, this process is very reversible. Now we will let the juice stay on you and fill the floor below you and have that be the basis for your hot tub today. I will also grab some of your juice for your shampoo, which I will be starting momentarily. The nutrients in your juice work wonders on basically every part of the body, but are especially rejuvenating to the hair. And do not worry, as you shrink back to normal size, the sink will also be lowered into the ground as to not cause discomfort. Now, would you care for a hot towel?” Charese asked.

“Oh, yes please,” Marjory replied, now completely on board with whatever was happening. She watched Charese grab a towel and walk back.

“All right, just let me know if this is too hot.” Charese put the towel on Marjory’s face, covering her forehead down to her chin while leaving and opening for her nose to breath. It was much too hot at first, but Marjory said nothing as she quickly acclimated to it as she felt her body continue to get smaller while the assistants continued to apply pressure in choice areas in order to speed up the process slowly and to get rid of points of tension. “Now I will be letting your hair soak in your juice for a little bit before applying the shampoo.” Marjory felt a liquid run through her hair and down her scalp as the sink was filling with what she could only assume was her juice. Charese was then quiet for a few minutes, letting Marjory get smaller before emptying the sink and running water through it before saying “That’s actually it. When I said this stuff does wonders for your hair, this is what I meant. It basically works as shampoo, conditioner, color enhancer, and just about anything else you can think of. We will have bottles of this for sale after you are done here, but you will get a gallon as part of the usual blue pack and since this is your ripening pack, we are actually going to be sending you home with two gallons of this miracle juice, but definitely talk to the lovely lady up front on your way out if you think you may need more than two gallons.”

Marjory couldn’t tell at first, but she was almost juiced. Her elbows and knees were beginning to show again and the blue color was fading a little. The floor had sunk in even further, though, collecting the juice and turning into a pool of sorts, so with Marjory floating in her own juice, she could hardly tell that she could move her limbs again. It also didn’t help that Marjory was so relaxed, she felt like she could fall asleep at any moment and wouldn’t have been surprised if somebody ended up waking her up soon. The sink was finally at floor level and stayed as a headrest as Marjory began sinking the rest of the way into the tub of juice. She eventually felt her feet touch the floor again and looked up. She removed the towel from her face and looked at herself. She was definitely still a pale blue and seemed to still be a ball with full length arms and legs. She began feeling her stomach shrink as she leaned her head back again and just laid there as the juice began to heat up and actually become a hot tub.

When Marjory was fully back to her normal size again, Charese waded up to her in the hot tub and said “That concludes your appointment, but you do still do have 15 minutes left of your appointment, so feel free to relax here as long as you want. It is perfectly normal for guests to stay over their time. And the final thing, according to your preferences, you don’t mind sharing your hot tub time, so my helpers and I will be joining you until you leave, but you expressed disinterest in worker nudity, so we have our company swimsuits on. Do not forget, we can change these preferences at any time. Also, your take home juice has been cleaned and is waiting for you up front for when you leave.” Marjory looked up and indeed saw the five women in white one-pieces with The Berry Barber across the front in big blue letters. She just shook her head and went back to laying back.

After about 10 minutes, Marjory got up and the five workers followed closely behind. Charese helped Marjory back to the changing room while the other four stayed back and started draining and cleaning the room while smiling and waving goodbye. While getting changed, she had a small jolt of worry when she could find her panties before remembering that she wore them inside because she didn’t quite know what to expect. Now they were destroyed. Oh well. Not like anyone will notice. When she was dressed, she went out and found Charese in the hallway already dressed and ready to take her back to the lobby. On her way back, Marjory made sure to change up some preferences with Charese now that she knew what was actually in store for next time. Right before reaching the yellow door to the lobby, Charese stopped and said, “Now, I’m not supposed to advertise this, but if you ever find yourself in the mood, we also have “Special” Blueberry rooms for one or a couple if you feel like having a nice time as a blueberry be more…intimate.” Before even giving Marjory enough time to process the offer, Charese opened the door and practically shoved Marjory through before closing it again.

Now with her head held high and her back physically straighter, Marjory walked out of the building with two gallon sized jugs. “Goodness, what an experience. I am definitely coming here again. As soon as I have enough money.”

Author's Note: 

The preview sets this up about as well as I could. Marjory goes to try out a local barber shop she has heard about but never been. When she gets there, it's so much more than what she expects.

If you like what you read, make sure to check out my other stories and if you have a character that needs a good berry haircut, talk to me via deviantart or instagram and we can work something out. Just make sure that my requests are open, first.

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