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The current world record for the biggest inflated person is 200 feet (61 meters). The record for the biggest person to inflate during a show is 25 feet (7.6 meters). Three vocaloids look at these numbers and come up with a plan. Miku, IA, and Luka get ahold of their respective agents and talk about the possibilities of breaking this record. They are informed of the dangers of inflating with an audience while full of adrenaline and other emotions. Because of this, the studios will allow them to attempt to break the record, but only after several safety tests and under close observation from a special team of techs. The girls agree, but are disappointed. They want to be big! So they go through with the training and the safety briefings about getting to be that size, while secretly talking to some other inflation studios about letting them get bigger. One studio finally got back with them and said they were more than willing to help out and that they are working on a piece of gum that should let anyone safely break the current overall world record. The girls agree and head over to a warehouse to try out some of the studios other products, even getting as big as 100 feet (30.5 meters) apiece! They strike up a deal and the three stars are handed one piece of gum each for their next concert.


One week later, the three vocaloids stand backstage hearing the crowd as it roars uncontrollably. An announcer steps onto the stage as the last preshow singers are being helped off. "And now, for the moment you have all been waiting for! They have each made it big individually, now just how big can they get together! For the first time, in this One Night Only event, Give it up for MIKU, IA, and LUKA. The three vocaloids then rush onto the stage in the middle of the stadium with the music already starting up. Miku rushes to center stage as her song starts up. IA moves to stage right and Luka moves to stage left as Miku opens with one of her more well known songs. As she begins, IA and Luka begin providing background vocals which amaze the audience as these songs have never had more than one voice. The crowd goes wild! They are loving every minute of it!

Miku's song finishes and as the music transitions to the next song, the girls rotate, leaving Luka center stage, Miku stage left, and IA stage right. As they are moving, the three girls simultaneously take out strips of gum and begin chewing as they sing Luka's song. For this song, Miku and IA even prepared a simple dance routine that was different than Luka's movement, but still complimented it in every way. The crowd was hysterical! How could this concert get any better!?

The girls begin their movement again for the next song when they all taste the gum change flavor. Now IA is center with Miku stage right and Luka stage left. Lights came on for this song as the lyrics were displayed onto the stage and a laser show played through the whole stadium. The crowd didn't even know how to react. This was AMAZING! Every song added something new. They were cheering as loud as they could, trying to cheer even louder to show their appreciation.

The third song began and it was a tune that not even the diehard fans could recognize. The three performers converged towards each other as the gum reached the final course, blueberry pie. The lasers stayed on and started shifting colors as the three girls started singing their new song as the lyrics showed up behind them. The three girls were singing in unison. Suddenly, the three girls rush back to their corner of the stage and started dancing as all the lights in the stadium turn blue and the crowd notices blue spots appearing on the noses of their favorite stars. The crowd, recognizing their cue, started waving around blue glow sticks and screaming wildly. The girls continued their song and dance, moving to the lyrics. They were moving in such a way that really accentuated the lyrics with arm movements, legs pops, and plenty of body shaking to this fast song.

The blue doesn't take long to spread all over the girls' bodies and for the other effects to begin. The three girls start performing the caramelldansen as they begin swelling. This gets the juices sloshing around them as their stomachs sway side to side as they get increasingly bigger. The swelling soon spreads to their assets and their breasts and butts start growing and swaying side to side with the music. The girls have to speed up their dancing in order to keep to the beat as the juice is only slowing them down. Before long, the juice spreads to their waists, blowing up their backs and sides, letting them take on a more spherical shape. The audience is going absolutely wild at the show they are giving. The girls slow down and are settling on just swaying side to side in order to keep the juices sloshing even while they start losing movement in their limbs. The crowd watches the swaying bodies, mesmerized by the movement and the sloshing. Miku and IA's skirts begin riding up, revealing their panties as they swell bigger and rounder. The inflation begins pushing up and outward, bringing the girls to a rounder shape forcing their arms up and their legs out. They continue growing and singing until the inflation swells up their arms and legs until they become absorbed into their berry bodies. The song ends as they round out completely.

The next song starts up almost immediately as the swelling seems to be less noticeable without the stars changing shape and just getting bigger. At this time, Luka becomes too tall as even her clothes ride up and out of the way, showing off her panties. They begin waddling in place, kicking from foot to foot along with this songs slower tempo. The audience also slow down the waving of their glow sticks to coincide with the swelling girls. The lights also dim in accordance to the theme of the song. It does not take long for the girls to become too big to sway as 10 foot (3 meter) balls of juice, but their bodies continue to sway the same way from the momentum as the juice continues to slosh within them. A sign lights up, warning those in the front to begin moving back as the 50 foot (15 meter) wide stage begins growing, allowing the girls more room to grow. The stage stops at a 100 foot (30.5 meter) square. The audience cheers at the size the girls are becoming and continues to watch as another song ends with them roughly 15 feet (4.5 meters).

The next song starts up as the girls continue growing, slowly but surely. The Vocaloids are enjoying the process as they continue to sing. As they reach about 20 feet (6 meters) across, the three girls turn their heads to look towards each other and swallow the gum they were chewing on the whole concert. They suddenly feel a rush of juice as they grow much faster than before. The techs start to look worried as they were not expecting such a sudden growth. They had planned that the three would grow to be roughly 30 feet (9 meters) each, just enough to break the record for biggest anyone has grown during a concert, but the three were growing faster as they surpassed 25 feet (7.5 meters). It got pretty evident that they would not stop at 30 feet (9 meters), so the techs turned off the music and made an announcement to the stadium.

"We apologise, but we seem to be having technical difficulties with the sizes of the stars. So for your own safety, we ask that you please exit the stadium in an orderly fashion while we figure out the error."

The vocaloids were now 30 feet (9 meters) each and still growing when another voice was heard over the intercom. "This is no error! Hello everyone, we hope you are enjoying our show, but we are taking control!" It took a moment for the techs to realize this was Miku talking through her microphone headset.

"We would like to let you know that we are perfectly safe, but we do ask you head outside to give us room to grow and to get a better view," IA said this time.

"The lovely workers outside will provide you with binoculars and directions to a building where you can watch us from a safe distance and where you will eventually not need the binoculars. Now Enjoy the Show!" Luka finished. The girls had been pressing into themselves as they reached 40, then 50 feet (12, then 15 meters). The techs suddenly lost control to the sound system as the music started playing again and the vocaloids started singing again. The techs looked at each other, shrugged and left, picking up some binoculars along the way. The techs were amazed at how many people the Vocaloids had hired that knew the plan without the company receiving a single hint about this.

The vocaloids continued growing and singing as they grew bigger and bigger, reaching 60, 70, 85, 100 feet (18, 21, 26, 30.5 meters) each and going! Helicopters flew in and caught the growth and streamed it on TV with a direct link to the girls' microphones. This allowed viewers at home to tune in and watch and listen to their favorite stars. Even the audience members stuck driving in traffic could tune into the concert on the radio. In only minutes, three blue lumps were starting to rise out of the stadium as the relocated audience members watched the stars get bigger. They grew and grew, getting too big for anyone to properly measure. The music always continuing and crescendoing as they reached for the stars in the sky. They were doing it! They were going to break the record and become the biggest!

The blue forms started getting too wide for the stadium as they popped up and out, landing on rooftops as they were too big to touch the ground. The music started coming to an end as the girls finished their finally song and bid everyone goodnight. The music finally died down as the microphones on the vocaloids became too far for the stadium to get any signal from them. Although, the microphones still held connection between each other as the girls continued to talk to each other while they continued to grow even bigger. Fans eventually threw their binoculars away as the girls were big enough to be seen for miles. Some even had to turn to their TVs in order to watch the Vocaloids from the news because of the growing stars passing over more buildings, obstructing audience members' views of the scene.

The helicopters from the concert eventually landed due to the concert ending, but they were soon replaced by news choppers covering the scene. They covered the girls' growth and progress as the city even had to contact airplanes in order to warn them about the girls reaching flying heights. Miku's head even went into a cloud as she grew bigger. "So that's what clouds taste like," she said into the microphone.

"Ooh, I hope I hit one," IA replied.

"I've always wanted to fly above the clouds, but never wanted to be bigger than them. Until recently, that is. Strange how life works," Luka remarked. The three giggled at their predicament, allowing themselves to grow even bigger.

From a distance, Rin and Meiko were watching. They were originally going to be handed the opportunity to be the biggest in the studio before those three offered to brake the world record. Now they will never be as big as those berries.

After almost an hour after the concert began, the girls finally seemed to be slowing down. They felt their feet and hands start to touch their round bodies Their chins also started being pushed up a little by what used to be their chests. They were little more than blue balls with a head, hands, feet, and two breasts taller than the clouds. Then they stopped. They looked around before hearing a faint roar of cheering arose from the city below. They had done it. They broke the world record!

After they stopped growing, officials measured them out to be just under 2 miles (3 kilometers) wide and tall. They then took a helicopter to reach the heads of the girls in order to get their pictures so that their feat may be recorded. It then took them quite a while to get juiced back to size. Nobody had grown that big before! Even the studio that made the gum wasn't entirely prepared for three pieces of fruit that size. But after a few days, the girls were finally able to walk again and they already had another inflation concert set up for later that month! And although they loved being that size, they agreed to listen to their company and only go as big as 50 feet (15 meters). But they still had fun growing for their audiences and maybe stretching their abilities to defy their studio every once in a while by going to 60, 70, or 100 feet (18, 21, or 30.5 meters). But everything is going to be alright and even if their record becomes broken, they were still the first to be The Biggest Vocaloids in History.

Author's Note: 

A request for anondxdproductions on deviantart.

Pretty simple, three Vocaloids, Miku, IA, and Luka join together for the first vocaloid crossover and become huge during it.

My theatre major is showing a little, so for those that want to get confused, stage right and stage left are in reference to the performers, so an actor going stage right will move to the left according to the audience. This shouldn't matter too much, but if you were curious as to what I was imagining when writing this, there you go.

As usual, thank you for reading and let me know what you think.

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