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Pete and Jenny had the strongest, yet most unusual marriage. Pete was a stay-at-home husband taking care of the kids, while Jenny is a photographer who specializes in shooting bodybuilders. Jenny, although she was loyal in her entire 10 years of marriage with Pete, grew unsatisfied with the current physique of her husband. Pete, though quite rotund himself, was no where near as large as the bodybuilders that Jenny work with. After an exhausting day of work taking thousands of photos of bodybuilders in various power poses, Jenny would come home and have some intimate time with her husband. However, she never voiced her dissatisfaction with her husband until now. On one night of passion when Jenny and Pete were undressing, Jenny finally spoke up.

"Hey dear," said Jenny, batting her eyelashes, "I love you very much, but I think our sex life as become a bit bland lately. Maybe tonight you can make yourself a little...say...bigger for me?"

"Sure thing honey," said Pete, "How's this for ya?"

Pete took in a deep breath, and his stomach blew out. Jenny started passionately rubbing his belly.

"mmm, that's nice," said Jenny, "but I think you can be a little bit bigger than that."

Pete felt a little bit self-conscious, but not wanting to dissapoint his wife, took in another deep breath, and inflated even more.

"Yes, that's great!" Exclaimed Jenny, "But I think we can have a litle more excitment. It'll be so much more fun giving you a blowjob if you inflate even more!"

This was something that Pete hasn't gotten in months, so not wanting to miss an opportunity, Pete took another deep breath, his belly looked like he was 9 months pregnant with twins!

"Is this big enough for you?" Moaned Pete in between taking in breaths.

Pete was now almost the same size as the biggest bodybuilder that Jenny worked with. Although Jenny always fantasized sleeping with him, she never done so, but this was as close as she might get. Jenny began licking Pete's bloated belly, tracing her tongue around his navel.

"Mm, that's hot," said Jenny, "Just take in one more breath and I think we're going to have the best sex of our lives"

Jenny then planted kiss onto Pete's belly button.

Pete's face turned red as he struggled to hold all that air inside him. Although he was uncomfortable, he was looking forward to what seemed to be the most passionate night of his life with his wife. Pete took in another deep breath, his belly blew out, and there was an ominous creak.

"Yup, that's a good size," said Jenny, "Now let's have some fun."

Jenny took off Pete's pants and started tracing her mouth lower and lower, but then all of a sudden.....


All that air was too much to handle and Pete exploded. His body parts and organs went everywhere. Chunks of flesh, fat, and blood splattered to every surface of the room, and coated Jenny of what was left of her husband. Jenny was in shock of what just happened, but was suddenly even more turned on knowing that she was the reason that her husband exploded.

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