Kaylee's Coffee Conundrum

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My name is Kaylee. I'm 26 years old with long auburn hair and brown eyes. I have a slim frame and stand at 5ft 3in. I just got off my break at the bakery I work at and am currently finishing off my coffee on my way back. The bakery is located in a supermarket, so I do have to walk around some patrons on my way back to my post. Today is my last day here before I move on to another job, so I don't really care that people see me drinking coffee while on the clock. I look over and see Ryan talking to another coworker. They seem to be passing some glances at me. I sigh. Word seems to have gotten around quickly. You see, Ryan is my ex. We were together for about 2 years before I got this new job opportunity. I thought about it and the only reason we were able to stay together as a couple was this job. Without it, I just don't think we can be a couple. So last night I went to his house, sat him down, and told him what I had found out. He was not happy. I wasn't either and seeing him sad just made me feel worse, but I explained my reasoning and he said he understood so I left. Seems the whole supermarket already knows now. As I look around, more coworkers are passing glances at me. I get to the bakery and finish my coffee when Ryan comes up to me.

My face falls. "Hey Ryan. Look, I'm sorry for last night."

"Hey, it's ok. I understand. But, since it is your last day, want to play one last game?"

"Ryan, I don't think this is the time, nor the place."

"Well, that's too bad. For you. Your input wasn't going to be considered anyway. Bitch!"

Suddenly, I feel a tightness in my stomach. I didn't think him calling me names would hurt that much. "Ryan, listen to me. I didn't want to break up either. We just wouldn't have worked as long distance." The tightness continues. I start to feel full.

"Like I said, don't worry about it. Just focus on the game at hand. Over the next hour, I will give you tasks. Completing them might be in your best interest."

"Ryan, we are at work. Just let me do my-" The fullness continued growing and cut me off when it started to hurt. I placed my hands on my stomach instinctively.

"Good, it's working. I placed a little something in your drink. Infused with a little magic, it will replicate the first liquid it comes in contact with, in this case coffee. It starts slow, but every time I say the magic word, it speeds up. So you will grow for the next hour and I will only reverse it if you play my little game and don't get too big by the end of the hour."

"What are you going on-" Suddenly, the pain passes as I feel my stomach starts to press outward.

Ryan hold up a timer on his phone. "I will be fair. The tasks will be challenging, but never impossible. I won't start the hour until you have a chance to perform the first task. Finally, I have Frank watching the security tapes to verify whether you have completed a task or not. So let's get these games started."

I look around in shock and confusion, still clutching my stomach. I shake my head. "Fine, Ryan. Let's just get this over with."

"That's the spirit! The first task is a simple one. Just do your job in the bakery and flash your tits at your next customer."

I sigh. So this is the kind of game he wants to play. Well, fine then. "Whatever. Let's just do it." I walk into the bakery and barley put on my gloves before a customer walks up. I didn't get a chance to turn and look before they called back about an order they had placed. We only had one order that day, so I picked it up and brought it over. I just have to flash them. The voice sounded female, so it shouldn't be that bad, right? I turn around and froze in horror. I hand the order to this mother of three. Her oldest looked to be a boy of 12 ish and I could see him moving around his pants, adjusting his crotch. Great. Plus, the mom was the very definition of a "Can I speak with your manager?" See was already eyeing the order, clearly not satisfied with it, even though we followed every minute detail she had given us over the phone. I blush. This is so embarrassing. Here goes nothing. "Here you go ma'am. By the way, your order comes with something very special today."

She looked up at me as I fingered the bottom of my shirt. "Oh, and what's that."

I reach down, grasp, and pull up. "You get a great coupon for the next time you come in. Thanks and have a great day," I say while handing her the coupon that was on the desk around my waist.

She eyed me over quickly, grabbed the coupon and left. I kept up my customer smile until I saw Ryan approaching. I look down in embarrassment and see my stomach starting to push against my shirt.

"The agreement was the next customer, not whoever you wanted. Oh well, what's done is done. You failed this challenge, bitch." As soon as he had said that word, I felt it resonate before settling in her stomach. The full feeling gets more intense as my stomach is pressing against my shirt, causing it to ride up a little.

"You asshole! What the fuck are you doing to me? Stop it and put me back to normal!"

"I've already explained, you will continue to grow for the next hour. If too much liquid is produced, you will be stuck in that form. Complete my challenges and the liquid will naturally dissipate after an hour. Now, next challenge. This first one was apparently too hard for you, so let's give you an easier one. See, we just need a few shelves stocked, but the aisles are very busy and the stocker doesn't feel like bending over, so can you do it for them? Just aisles 2,4,5, and 8. And you must bend over to stock them. Any squatting will be an instant fail. Have fun!" I tried talking, asking what was going on, why he was doing this and the like, but he didn't let me say anything while he said all this and was gone right after he finished. I grumbled and blushed more at the thought of the task.

The growth in my stomach was noticeable now. It was slow going, but it wasn't hard to see my shirt becoming untucked and my stomach jutting further out anymore. As I walked towards aisle 2, I noticed Ryan talking to other workers and pointing me out. I look around and see just about the whole staff watching me. Most were averting their eyes when they saw me looking at them, but most of them didn't seem to care that I knew I was being watched.

When I got to aisle 2, I saw the pile that needed to be stocked. I looked around and saw only a handful of customers passing by and a few employees stopping to look down the aisle. I take a breath, grab some product off of the pile, lean over and stock as fast as I can. I can feel eyes on me as I stock and organize. I finish aisle 2 with no problem, but I move over to aisle 4 and see a mass of people. I look and notice a 'Sale' sign right above the crowd. I also notice the pile of product is right next to the emptying shelf that has the sale. I blush and sigh.


As I exhale, one of my bottom buttons bursts off of my shirt which is now completely untucked. The button hits a bystander who looks over at me and his eyes go wide. He hits the shoulder of his buddy and points at me and before long, the crowd is silent and staring at my growing from as I walk over. Of course. I get in front of them and pick up the product and the sticker gun. I then get to work putting the stickers on the product, leaning over, and putting it on the shelf. This is awful. I can feel all the eyes on me as I work. I can even see a small group of my coworkers peering through the aisle. Plus, it is actually getting hard for me to bend over as my stomach keeps meeting my knees sooner everytime I go down, thanks to this swelling. Suddenly, I stop and blush all over. I'm starting to get the full feeling again, but this time it's coming from my butt. Of course it is. I can hear the murmur from customers who think they saw something. I continue going, my face on fire and I feel my butt pressing against my underwear. The crows definitely notices my new expansion now as my panty lines begin showing through my work pants. I finally finish my task and rush away from the crowd and go into the next aisle. I don't even check for people as I just find my target and get to work as quickly as possible.

I look down in shock as I feel my vagina lips begin to fill up as well. I must look like one of those unrealistic drawings of the girls with big butts leaning over and a huge bulge in the front of their pants. I just quickly finish my task and move on to aisle 8. Another button pings off my shirt as my stomach is probably almost a foot in front of me already. I can also feel my waist tightening as my butt grows bigger. I begin leaning over to do my job when I hear a rip and I immediately stand up and feel the hole in the back of my pants. I physically can't blush more, but I try to as I continue to lean over, allowing the tear to get bigger and more of my panties to be on display.


I turn around after hearing this and see some teenagers holding their phones out. They just took a picture of me! As if on cue, the fullness spreads again. This time, to my thighs and to my boobs. My Boobs?! What the HELL? I know this is magic, but really? The teenagers continue taking pictures of me and I begrudgingly turn back to work and finish stocking.

As soon as I finish, I hear cheering from some of my coworkers as they turn to the others and begin reaching into their pockets and handing out money. Ryan then came up to me and before he could say anything I shouted, "They are making bets on me!?"

"Of course, dear. I let the entire store know of our game and they happily helped set things up, so I offered a betting pool on which tasks you will succeed or fail, but they seemed more than excited to make their own bets about smaller things, like how long your clothes will last or if you will combat the customers. Anyway, timer is still clicking, so congratulations on your first win, but we still have 45 minutes to go, so the next challenge will focus less on your direction following and more on your physical abilities." He holds up a bag of items. "There is an order being picked up and they need these items over in check out lane 1. But you must balance everything in or on your boobs. You may take as long as you want or as many trips as you want, but the longer you take, the bigger you grow. This one, I will allow one mess up. As soon as a second item touches the floor, you lose the challenge, but must still finish said challenge. Good luck. Oh, and only use your hands here to pick up the items or to pick up dropped items. Use of limbs will also cause you to lose." And with that he was gone.

The teens were still taking pictures. "Go on, scram. Your lucky I don't break those phones." They took one look at my face and left. I look at the bag. Ryan was "kind" enough to leave the bag on a shelf near my level so that I wouldn't have to bend down. Inside were 4 cans of various foods, a couple bottles of spices, and a cup of bubble tea. I don't have much time to think as I don't want to get too big to hinder my movement, but the longer I wait, the bigger my boobs become making carrying these easier. Another button pops off my shirt and I decide on a single bottle of spice. I place it on my boobs and lean back as much as possible. Of course lane 1 is on the complete opposite side of the store.

I move along the store as fast as I can, while still attempting to keep the bottle balance on my rack. Right before I reach the lane, a customer bumps into me from around a corner, sending the bottle flying off of me. The impact sent my body jiggling, causing more buttons to rip off of my shirt, leaving just three over my boobs and my pants to rip more, leaving basically only the legs. The customer immediately tries apologizing, until they get a look at me and they stop and stare. I take no time in moving over to grab the bottle, picking it up and putting it back onto my boobs as I nod to them and keep moving.

I meet Ryan at the first register and he looks at me and smirks. "One item down. Now for the rest. And do hurry, the customer will be here soon." He grabs the bottle from my boobs and as I'm about to turn back, he calls back, "Nice spice rack!" I hear him laughing and I notice several workers talking and exchanging funds for the bets.

Once back to the shelf, I collect myself and start taking things more carefully, moving at a slower pace to make sure nothing else falls. I make sure to also check each corner before advancing. I finally get back to the shelf with the last item being the bubble tea. I look down and see that my boobs are jutting out almost three feet in front of me and that my sides have also started growing, giving me a more rounded shape. My shirt is straining against the last three buttons. One more button pops off leaving me with just two buttons now. The growth in my stomach has also moved up my chest, shoving boob into my chin.

I easily place the cup between my boobs and start moving toward the lane again. By this point, most of the pedestrians have seen me making trips, so most of them know to move out of my way. When I get to Ryan, I take out the drink and hand it to him. "Very good. Except, I never told you to hand me items. You could only use hands to place items onto your breasts, not take them off, you dumb bitch. So that's another fail to you."

"The FU-!?" I try screaming at him for being clearly unfair before he reaches over and puts a finger over my lips. I feel the expansion speed up yet again as another button pops off my shirt, leaving only the one between my boobs and belly.

"You will have time for that later, but we only have twenty minutes left of the games, so let's get going, shall we? The next task is a simple one. You just have to mop your bakery station. Just do it quickly before you get too big to hold the mop. Only way to lose is to drop the mop and be unable to pick it back up unassisted or grow too big so that the mop can no longer touch the floor while you are holding it. Good luck." Ryan took ahold of my final button as he left, popping it off, letting my shirt open in front of everyone and showing them my straining bra.

My growth has gotten significantly faster this time as my body is growing outward, causing even my limbs to puff up a little. As I get to the janitor closet, I find a mop and bucket ready for me, so I take the time to rip off the rest of my tattered outer layer, leaving me in just my underwear. I thought I was getting used to the embarrassment, but this did not help any. Especially when I now remember that my bra and panties are frilled and almost see through. I don't usually wear them to work, but today is my last day (one way or another), but now I deeply regret it.

I get to the bakery and begin mopping. It seems to go fine until about halfway through, I can feel my stomach pressing against the mop and my limbs start to get harder to move. I work as fast as I can. Three quarters of the way through, my arms are starting to be shoved apart from each other and my legs can only move me by doing either a shuffle or waddle. I continue to get closer and closer as my limbs start to retract into my round, growing form when my bra finally snaps. I look up and see that all the shoppers have stopped at the bakery and are watching me struggle as well as all the employees. I continue to mop one handed as my stomach begins picking the mop up. No! I'm almost done! I have just a few more swipes left, I can do this! My panties then fling right off as my legs are spread wider out still. I begin to lean forward to try to get the mop back on the floor. My arms have been assimilated up to my elbows and my legs up to my knees. Great. Shuffling is out. I continue to waddle as my limbs are completely straight and unable to move. I can see just a small amount of dry floor left. My vagina begins brushing against the floor as it inches further and further down. My face completely red from being completely exposed while struggling in this new form I had no idea was possible earlier today. Now my privates were getting brushed against the floor.

I did it! The mop slowly moves over the last dry spot. It's mopped! And on cue, Ryan stepps out of the crowd. "Congratulations! You did part one. But, we still have three minutes left of our hour and you have yet to put the mop away. So have fun." Put the mop away!? How in the hell will I do that!? No time to think. Just act. Right foot. Lean. Left foot. Yes, just like that. Just as I get the mop back in the bucket, I hear Ryans voice over the intercom. "Two minutes."

Some workers begin cheering words of encouragement. Then others begin taunting me with my inevitable failure. Pretty soon, I'm crossing the store and the audience parts to give me room as they are all cheering for me. To win or to lose, I can't tell. I feel my limbs getting smaller as I push the mop through the crowd. I'm almost there, I can make it.

"One minute." The crowd is being unrelenting as I press onward. My vagina is now permanently on the floor as I slid over them while waddling. I'm just about to make it. Just a little more.

"30 seconds." My body is just about pressed up to my ankles and my wrists as my feet begin to leave the ground. I can do this. I still have enough momentum to carry me from foot to foot.

"20 seconds." I grit my teeth as I slow down more and more with the door just a few feet away.

"10 seconds." My stomach touches the open (thankfully) door frame as I begin to turn to get the mop back inside the closet.

"5." I can do this.

"4." I need to do this.

"3." I must do this.

"2." My hand loses the mop handle.

"1." I scramble around with my hand trying to reach for the handle to give it one last push, but my body settles and stops moving as the entire crowd shouts

"0!" I look and see the mop bucket only halfway into the closet and

I start crying. Ryan comes up and rolls, Literally ROLLS, me forward so I can face him. "I bet you feel great now. You wanted to leave me but now you will be mine forever." He then shoves me backwards as I roll into the crowd as I hear roaring from the crowd as they play with me, nothing more than a big ball filled with coffee. I get rolled from one side of the store to the next. They use me to knock down shelves like a bowling ball. I feel touching in inappropriate spots as more and more, the crowd plays with me however they see fit with more and more articles of clothing being found on the floor. And I just cry and scream for them to stop. But I can't do anything. I am powerless to stop them. This is my life now. All I can do is hope they stop soon.


Ryan leaves Kaylee as she gets enveloped into the crowd. He heads for the exit, watching them have fun with their new toy. He sees some abandoned carts along the way. He inspects a few and finds a few with some drinks left in them. He reaches into his pocket and drips a substance into a cup of apple juice, a water bottle, and what seemed to be a health nut's vegetable shake. He mutters some words as he leaves the drinks where they are and moves to the doors. He looks outside as he locks up and switches the signs to CLOSED. He looks back and sees Kaylee having a ball with her adoring fans. He moves back to the action to join the fun...

Author's Note: 

A request for kaylee201 over on Reddit. Kaylee breaks up with her boyfriend so her now Ex decides to play a little game to embarrass her as much as possible while she fills up with coffee. If she completes tasks within the next hour, she will be returned to normal, if not, she will stay inflated for the rest of her life. Will she win? Taking all bets now! You guys know the drill, let me know what you think.

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