IRL inflation?

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IRL inflation?

So, I've tried inflating myself with a buke pump orally, but it just doesn't work. I've tried anally, it hurts after the 2nd press and after i remove the pump the air just comes out with a long and loud fart. Are there any more ways i can inflate myself(except for cola and mentos, I don't like Cola)? Thx in advance!

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IRL inflation posts are forbidden. 

Belly inflation Anon

So it's safe to state as fact that there was a complete total purge of unarchived RL inflation content here, then could you link me to a few sources


inflating Your clothing is ok if
You really want to be bigger gaining weight is the safest way by far.
irl inflation, as MR Wonka said "I wouldn't do that if I were You I really wouldn't"
You can end up dead.