Power Overload

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The Great White Witch was hung from the wall by a sickly red dark magic. Her long red hair falling in front of her face. Her brilliant white suit now sullied with dust and scuffs. A smell of ashes and brimstone hung in the air. Her grey eyes fluttered open, still woozy from the force of The Abominable Warlock’s energy beam throwing her against the wall. Menacingly, The Warlock cloaked in black and red, skulked towards her, his eyes furious glowing Rubies and his platinum locks trailing behind him.

“No, this can’t be the end!” She wept aloud. “Everyone was counting on me!”

“You irreparable weakling.” The Abominable Warlock snarled and cast his wand towards her. “The “Great” White Witch, a witch-for-hire was sent to destroy me?”

The powerful magic binding her tightened around her thin wrists and ankles, her long neck and her trim waist. She choked and coughed. Her marble and diamond Staff of Eternal Power too far away and her body too frail to fight the toxic spell.

“To think they sent an insignificant service girl to defeat me!” He growled. “Insulting!”

His thunderous rage released torrents of blood-red lighting ripping through The Great White Witch’s veins and she let out a stifled scream.

“Now for the main event, before I unleash my incredible power unto this world and everything beyond it, I shall drain you of your magic, to see how “great” you really are…” His voice boomed.

“No…” She whimpered.

Using his powers of levitation, His Cypress Wood Wand of Death floated before the hapless witch. A thick smog twirled at his feet as he rose in the air. A bubble of white light began to burst forth from the defenceless girl’s pounding heart. In a flash, the light became a striking beam, tainted by crackles of the dark red lightning, traveling through the dark magic wand to The Abominable Warlock’s heaving chest.

Quickly, the magic was absorbed by him. He panted as wave after wave of The Great White Witch’s light coursed through his body. His leather jacket creaked and the buckles strained. The choker around his neck bust open as his neck begun to grow thick.

“My my, what have we here?” He chortled as the buckles around his chest finally snapped off with a resounding ping. “Turns out your magic isn’t as weak as I thought it was, still not enough to defeat me though…” He laughed, his voice growing deeper and more ominous.

His burgeoning biceps and deltoids soon burst his jacket to shreds, leaving him completely bare chested and continuing to bulk up. His thighs split holes into his jeans. The chain clasps holding his cloak over his widening shoulders snapped and scattered the metal links towards the Great White Witch's face, one of them hitting her in the buck teeth. As if the power drainage wasn’t punishment enough.

The Warlock let out a low, cackling laugh. He drew in closer and took her chin in his hand. “Colour me impressed Miss. White! Usually my victims have turned to dust by now… No matter.” He let go of her chin and backed away. “You’re only getting weaker, whereas I will only grow more powerful and no insolent man or beast alive shall stop me!”

He flexed his stocked-up biceps but to his surprise, felt another bulbous swell of power, emanating from below. He darted his now-white shining eyes down towards his stomach, his washboard abs seemed to have pumped-up into a wash-tub and now a little basketball-sized tummy had started to stick out from his disappearing waistline. He gasped and looked on in disgust.

The Great White Witch couldn’t help but snicker. “What’s wrong? Is my magic a little too much to handle for THE Abominable Warlock?”

“Of course not!” He snapped before awkwardly trying to turn to see his expanding backside.

Starting at his already full tummy, his torso blimped outwards. His leather belt exploding apart. His muscular thighs now rounding out into becoming generous hips. His strong, mountainous shoulders and arms now engorged so thick and wide, he could only hold them outwards like a starfish. Slowly, but surely, the all-encompassing magic continued to swell inside of him.

“What’s Happening!?” The Warlock grunted, his face no longer visible over the gargantuan ever-growing belly.

“Of course!” The Great White Witch cried, triumphant. “My MBUD! That’s why The Magic Council chose me!”

“Your what?” The Warlock panted, feeling a tight strain stretch across his troubled, ten foot wide tummy.

“Y’know Magic Build Up Disorder?” She said, wriggling free of the abominable dark magic binds as the Warlock’s energy was superseded by her own. “It’s usually only affects Fairies, but since I’m Half-Fae, I suffer the ill effect of ballooning up like a Bullfrog if I stop using my magic for an hour, that’s why my shop is open 24/7 and I never sleep.”

“Then… all I… all I have to do… is use this magic to… to… TO DESTROY YOU!” The Warlock grunted and panted, struggling to move his arms or jerk his head to see around his bulbous form.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” The Great White Witch cackled.

She floated up and perched herself on the giant mound-of-Mage that used to be The Abominable Warlock’s svelte waist. The power-syphoning connection now severed as The Great White Witch waggled The Cypress Wood Wand of Death in her delicate hands, in front of his eyes.

The Abominable Warlock flinched. Scared for what was to come, staying wary of that pointed wand and the high heels of her curly-toed white boots. Anything could pop him. He definitely felt like he’d hit his limit as his belly button pulled tight and popped out like a giant wart. His breath shallow.

“My my… Colour ME impressed Mr. Warlock… most Fae would have exploded into pixie dust by now…” She snickered, flashing her cute little buck teeth.

“Please have mercy…” Warlock pleaded, shifting uncomfortably under the ginger witch’s bony elbows digging into his elasticated skin.

“I’m sorry Voluminous One, but it’s out of my hands; my energy has overtaken yours, true, but I can’t control it from outside of your body.” She shrugged. “If only you hadn’t knocked my staff out of my hand, you could have shrunk yourself down with it…”

She furrowed her lovely, sleek red-haired brows into an intimidating, scheming glare and pointed the sharp wand towards his puffed up chest.

“Popping you would be the kindest thing…”

“NO! NO! NO! Please! Look at me! You’ve won! The Staff can’t be that far away! Please! I beg you!” He panicked, his body squeaking as he flitted and darted his head back and forth.

His face turned into blind shock and horror as gaseous rumble and a tickling sensation spread up the walls inside his ballooned body.

“Sorry. The Hours up.” The Great White Witch shrugged. “Gotta-go!”

She jumped from the floating expanding blimp and scattered toward her Staff of Eternal Power that was sticking out of a patch of rubble. As this distressed bloated body trembled and groaned, she made a dive for the staff and aimed it toward the crying, over-taxed Warlock. The Voluminous Warlock’s cheeks begun to swell with what tasted like sugar continuously multiplying and fizzing inside him. One loud pop and The Great White Witch created a protective shield around herself and waited patiently for the catastrophic spray of iridescent white glitter to pass. She brought down her shield and solemnly made her way toward the Warlock’s decapitated head. She tapped the crystalline diamond topper of her staff against his forehead and the Pixie dust around it engulfed the head and in a puff of smoke had transformed him into a miniature Sprite that The Great White Witch hastily captured into a bubble.

“What the…?” The tiny Sprite sighed with relief. “I thought I was a goner!”

“You were but what kind of Witch-For-Hire would I be if I didn’t help anyone?” She scoffed.

“OH THANK YOU! Thank you! You truly are gr-“

“I wasn’t helping you; there’s a lot of people out there that you hurt and I’m helping to retribute them to by keeping you alive to face justice.” She said, rather coldly.


“Now now, chin up.” Her voice returning to her characteristic warmth. “Be a good little sprite and I might just blow you back up to your old size…”

“I think I’m done with being blown up for one day…” He sighed, defeated.

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Pennsylvania Ki...
Pennsylvania Kite Weather's picture

This was a charming read with the characterization and the overall tone; it just nails the traits of fairytale-like fantasy, and even the dialogue conveys a larger-than-real-life drama. I was unsure at first if it was enough to throw us readers head-first into the action, and leaving out some exposition for the actors or the setting, but very quickly things settle out to where the inflation method we’re watching for is presented uniquely and comes as a clever device to solve the conflict between our protagonist and antagonist. Instead of the work ending abruptly like most would do after the pop, it even ties up the feud with a little bow and shows how dynamic each personality is in the end. More stories should model after this setup!

Overall I enjoy how your depictions are clear and “tell it like it is” — like vibrant uses of color for the magic and the characters’ appearances alike. It’s sort of efficient and streamlined the way you write images like these, perhaps more than I’d expect; every inflating part gets its brief span in the narration spotlight, sometimes segmented in little fragments. I wonder if you might find the space to play around with the sensory details some in the future, because I think I’d enjoy reading longer-developed inflation processes in this style of yours. Get into the warlock’s head — how’s it really feel? — because I certainly know how it looks with the help of these descriptions and the figurative phrases sprinkled in there (washboard abs into washtub abdomen — I love it!).

These are all and all the signs of storytelling and fetish content blending wonderfully. I’ll look out for more of these works!

Little Bubs
Thank you so much x

Thank you so much for taking the time to criticise my second submission, I really appreciated it and I will take what you've said on board.

I hope you'll be glad to hear that I am planning on using The Great White Witch and The Abomnible Warlock in future installments and I'll certainly be sure to add more sensory imput besides sight to the mix. (Incorporating the other four senses has always been a blindspot for me in my writing I've found) 

I kind of "skipped to the good bit" as I was worried a more story-heavy approach would scare off readers that are here for the "Main Event" as it were, but now that I know from previous discussions that I can possibly write over 12'000 or so words potencially, maybe next time I won't skimp on any much needed exposition or character development.

but overall, thanks again!