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“Round 2 begins now!”

And with that, the convention hall was filled with the sound of soft cardboard and plastic sleeves rustling against each other as hundreds upon hundreds of players drew their opening hands. Her hand for this particular game was nothing to write home about, not enough to end on the most ideal board in the world, but enough to certainly get her combo going. Her opponent had a confident smirk on his face. He had won the dice roll, and obviously he’d drawn the ideal hand to create a nigh-unbreakable first turn board; one that could both grant his own monsters protection from destruction, as well as disable the disruptive effects of any of hers.

But the modern going-second hand has plenty of ways around this.

“Ok, main phase, I activate the effect of Vision Hero Faris in my hand, which lets me discard Elemental Hero Shadow Mist from my hand to special summon i-”

He stopped, halted in his tracks by what the high pitched noise of what sounded like gas escaping, cutting through the ambient chatter and shuffling of the games happening around them. He stared forward, watching his opponent look up from her cards as her concentrated, concerned expression changed to one of smug satisfaction. The noise seemed to be emanating from her, and more concerning was the fact that she either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to care, meeting his gaze dead on as the fabric of her shirt seemed to shift around her torso.


He thought about calling the judges for a second, unsure if this was some kind of bizarre attempt to psych him out, but ultimately decided to continue with his turn. He’d spent a good chunk of money putting this deck together and he was gonna get some use out of it, slightly-concerning-noises be damned.

“Faris lets me put a Vision Hero in my spell and trap zone on summon, so play Vision Hero Increase, and then I use Increase’s effect to tribute Faris and special summon both it and a Vision hero from my deck. When Vyon is special summoned, that lets me-”

That smug smile spread across her face once again as that same hissing noise began to ring out once again. She fought to suppress a fit of giggling as she watched his face first switch to anger at his focus being newly disrupted, before very quickly switching to wide eyed astonishment as he realised what was actually happening. Slowly, the shifting fabric around her torso pulled taut before slowly beginning to ride up as her belly bulged outwards and pushed it aside. Her boobs made short work of picking up the additional slack as they too rounded out and began to grow, resting gently atop her now beach ball sized belly. She sighed to herself, closing her eyes in a brief moment of satisfaction as she idly stroked her belly with her free hand, before resuming eye contact with her now stunned opponent.

“...Two… and three~”

It was at this point that her opponent’s eyes once again widened in shock, but this time not at the bizarre spectacle before him, far from it. He had finally realised the purpose behind it all, and his brain instantly began moving at a thousand miles an hour. If he kept summoning monsters, she could use Nibiru, the Primal Being to wipe his board instantly and render his entire combo worthless.

“But Nibiru’s only just come out, how does she have it? And why would she be playing it in the main deck? I could stop my combo and avoid it, but all I have are two 1k attack monsters with no protection and no negates, but if I keep going I’ll lose it all. Unless she’s bluffing??? What the hell do I do????”

All these thoughts and more rushed around in his head. Gone was the rehearsed complacency of setting up a first turn combo, now it was panic mode. Nevertheless, he couldn’t end on a board like this. He had to press on, even if her smug gaze and inflated torso were one hell of a distraction.

“Vyon’s effect lets me send a Hero from the deck to the graveyard, so I send Destiny Hero Malicious, who I can then banish to special summon another malicious. Then, I link him and Increase away in order to summon Xtra Hero Cross Crusader.”

She began rubbing her belly once again as her inflation resumed, feeling her shirt begin to pull taut once again as her boobs came closer and closer to running out of space. Down below, she could also feel the swelling spread to the lower half of her body. Her butt and thighs began to stretch out across her chair, the pressure against her tight jeans feeling much more immediate than anywhere in her torso.

“Four… and five~”

She could have stopped here, the only condition for Nibiru’s effect is that the opponent special summons 5 monsters during the turn you intend to activate it, but she’d only be taking out the combo pieces, and not any of the boss monsters he intended to end his turn on. Besides, she was having far too much fun to end this quite yet~. Her opponent, for his part, was now fully aware of just how much he was pushing his luck by continuing to play on with Nibiru’s condition met

“Cross Crusader lets me summon a Destiny Hero from the graveyard as well as tribute a Destiny Hero to search a Hero with a different name, so I summon back Malicious, tribute him to search Destiny Hero Plasma, and then banish him to search my third Malicious from my graveyard.”

“Six and seven~”

She was starting to have trouble seeing the playing field over her own gargantuan belly and boobs, and she could feel the soft crackling of fibers popping in both her shirt and her jeans beginning to lose the fight against her increasingly pneumatic body. Other nearby players began to turn around, having either been distracted by the myriad of noises coming from her inflated body or noticing the entire fiasco in their peripheral vision. None of this was of concern to her. As far as she was concerned, the game was entirely in her favour.

“I then normal summon Elemental Hero Solid Soldier, who lets me bring out another Hero from my hand on summon, so I also special summon Elemental Hero Stratos.”

“Eight and nine~”

The swelling had now fully spread all across her body, her arms and legs beginning to be forced outwards by the internal pressure. She didn’t even have the range of motion to be able to look at her own cards. The rest of her body beginning to inflate combined with the sheer size of her belly, which by now had gone beyond any commonplace spherical object that could be used as a comparison, was causing her to begin to take the form of one giant sphere. Still, she held on, relishing the feeling of being this huge and the anticipation of waiting for the perfect opportunity to waste as many of her opponent’s resources as possible.

“I then banish Faris using Vyon’s other effect to search Polymerisation, and use it to fuse Solid Soldier and Stratos into Vision Hero Adoration, and then Solid Soldier’s other effect lets me special summon another Hero from the graveyard, so I summon Shadow Mist and use its effect to add Mask Change to my hand.”

“Ten... and eleven...”

There was a sudden, muffled *POP* as her jeans and shirt finally threw in the towel, leaving her as a perfectly round blimp in nothing but her bra and panties.  It was only at this point that he finally began to show concern. She may have felt a momentary sense of relief as the constraints of the garments were instantaneously lifted from her, but this relief didn’t last for very long as she gradually came to the realisation that she didn’t have much more room left in her. “Cmonnnnnn, just a little longer...” she thought to herself, as if she was willing her body to find some more stretch from somewhere deep down in her very soul.

“I then use Mask Change on Shadow Mist to send it to the graveyard and summon Masked Hero Dark Law from my extra deck.”


The hissing sound coming from her body was now starting to be overtaken by an ominous creaking. This was it. She was at her limit. Attempting to get any bigger from here would be wholly uncharted territory. And yet, in spite of everything, she held on. She knew she could go for a more efficient play if she found it in herself to hold on for juuuuuuuuuust a little bit longer.

“Then, I tribute Vyon, Malicious and Cross Crusader to special summon Destiny Hero Plasma from my hand.”


This was it. This was her moment. She felt every inch of her skin practically screaming in desperation as her body tried to take this last bit of air that was being pumped into her. If she could just withstand this; withstand the stretching that was setting her senses alight, withstand the near deafening creaking coming from all around her, then she could turn this game around.

“...I activate Nibir-”

She wasn’t entirely sure what happened next. Obviously she could put 2 and 2 together and realise the progression of events, but the sheer thunderous noise and physical sensation of it all was so instantaneously overwhelming that she was barely conscious of what was happening in the moment. When she finally came to her senses she was lying on the floor, slumped back against her chair and mostly back to normal save for the fact that she was in nothing but her underwear. The immediate scene in front of her was like something out of a newsreel following a riot. The table has been flipped upside down, her opponent was crouched behind another table, having seemingly dove for cover, and almost the entire floor in front of her was littered with cards with even more still fluttering around in the air above her. In contrast to the chattering and shuffling that formed the ambiance of the room at the start of the game, the entire hall had gone dead silent and was turned in her direction, staring in shock and awe at what had just unfolded. She stared back at them, unable to stop herself from giggling a little bit at the entire situation.

“Well, I broke the board didn’t I?”

Author's Note: 

this is probably the silliest thing I've ever written or ever will write, but the idea seemed just silly enough to be entertaining and hey nobody's managed to stop me so far so here you go, enjoy

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Love the concept. Great work

Love the concept. Great work on this one Voltaire!