Dom and the Little Man, The

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The doorbell rang. Joe was excited. Even though he was the CEO of a large manufacturing company, ever since he divorced his wife for cheating on him, things have been quite dull for him. However, he finally decided to break out of his shell and ordered an escort off of Craigslist. However, it was not just any escort, this one was specifically one that specialized in dominating men. Joe has a short temper, and while that was extremely helpful for being a strong leader, it was not so good for his personal life. When he found out that his wife was cheating, he smacked her a few times before getting the best lawyer he could afford, and leaving her with nothing. Now, Joe decided that it was time to experience the opposite for once.

Joe opened the door, and the escort stormed in, and shoved Joe to the ground.

"You can call me Mistress Mindy," she said, "And I order you to take your shirt off you fat pathetic man."

Joe became angry at the phrase, but at the same time also turned on. He complied and took off his shirt, revealing a pudgy stomach.

"Pathetic," said Mindy, "How are you this fat but still so tiny?"

Joe became self-conscious, yes he was overweight, but he was also only 5 foot 4, and Mindy, being 5 foot 9, towered over him in comparison.

"You've seen nothing yet," Joe responded in a huff, and he puffed out his chest.

Mindy slapped him across the face, and said, "Unbelievable, even when you try to be big you're still tiny. I can probably beat your ass right now."

Joe, not wanting to be outdone, took a deep breath, and his belly expanded.

"Oh please," responded Mindy, "As if you can ever be a big. My nephew is taller and wider than you, and he's in the seventh grade!"

Joe became even angrier at her mockery, and he started taking in more and more breaths. His fat belly grew bigger and bigger, but his height remained the same.

"How's this on for size," asked Joe.

"Please," responded Mindy, "I've seen weak men bigger than you, and they didn't even have to inflate themselves." She then slapped him on the stomach.

Joe continued to inhale air and grew larger and larger, while Mindy remained unimpressed with his efforts. Joe grew to nearly three times his size, and was more sphere than man. However, he also grew taller, and was now almost the same height as Mindy.

"You're not even worth my time," said Mindy, "But tell you what, if you can make yourself even a little bit taller than me, then I might consider having some more fun with you." Mindy then gave his belly button a hard poke.

Joe was in a state of extreme discomfort. All of the air in his belly is fighting to get out, and Joe is using every ounce of his energy to hold that air in. Joe, not wanting to be outdone by Mindy, and against his entire body begging him not to, took in another huge breath, and forced that air down his esophagus and into his stomach.

Joe was completely overinflated, but was half an inch taller than Mindy.


With that Joe charged forward and put his hands around Mindy's neck, and was about to squeeze when all of a sudden -- BAAANGGG!!

The sound was deafening. In his anger, he didn't realize that there was more air inside him than he could handle, and he exploded. He splattered the room with heavy chunks and pieces, and all that was left of him peppered the room. All that was left of him was a huge red stain in the middle of the room.

"Just as a I suspected, another pathetic man meeting his pathetic end," thought Mindy. With that, she went upstairs into his room, took all the cash he had available, wiped herself off of what was left of Joe, and left the house to meet her next client.

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Not bad, but far too short. Like the belly-slapping quite a bit. Perhaps if he got so big that when she slapped him, he met his end...?

Hey thanks for the

Hey thanks for the suggestions! I'm also all for it if anyone wants to take a stab at it and write their own version with this premise. 

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Unsettling violence against

Unsettling violence against women unrelated to the inflation. 

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Unsettling violence against

Unsettling violence against women unrelated to the inflation.