Swell Night, A

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“Oh, shit it’s Early” scream Verity as she ran for the bus, her hands searching her inside pocket for her bus pass as she just reached the vehicle before the doors shut.

Usually the tall brunette would just wait for the next one, but tonight was different. She had finally got a date with her crush Elijah and yet she was already out of work late and in a rush to get home and ready.

Finally, after what felt like hours. Verity finally got home and rushed up the stairs. Removing her clothes as she entered the shower, jumping at the shock of the cold water splashing down on her.

As the 6-foot lass rinsed the shampoo off of her, she turned to towards the shower gel that her brother had gotten her from his trip to Japan. Blue ecstasy she believed it was called or at least something like that. Flipping the cap open, she took a sniff of the it, surprised by the fresh smell of blueberries. She soon began to rub on her fairly sized assets before moving down to her strong legs and reasonably plump behind.

About 15 minutes later the ponytailed brunette was starting to get dressed. Deciding to put on a black pair of panties and bra before forcing on a tight red dress that showed of her body just cutting off under her thighs, finishing it off with her new high heels.

Sitting down at her little bedroom desk she began to put on some eyeliner and some blue lipstick. Suddenly she stopped as she noticed a small blue mark on the tip of her nose. Convinced it was just from the lipstick she attempted to rub it off, not only did this not work but it seemed to be spreading out.

“Oh shit” Verity screamed. Her body slowly turning blue.

The blue lady looked at her arms and legs, attempting to rub the colour of in obvious vain. Her situation only worsened as her stomach began to groan.

“I feel funny” she noted. Looking down at her middle.

It didn’t take long for the lofty lass to spot her belly bulging underneath her dress. The sound of bubbling liquid erupting from within. she could only look down in a state of shock as it increased in size.

Eventually Verity’s trance was broken she felt something tugging at the back of her dress. Turning around she gasped upon seeing her tush growing like two overfilled water balloons.

The Brunette sat at the end of her bed, attempting to take in her changes. Her belly beginning to slump down towards her fattening thighs.

Soon her chest began to rise like dough in an oven. A Whimper of pleasure escaping her decorated lips as she placed her hands on them, the flesh forcing its way between her fingers.

“W, what’s going on?” thought Verity. Her dress tightening by the minute.

Attempting to stand the towering woman realised her hips had pushed outwards to sustain her growing form. She knew the dress had to come off.

Moving towards the Mirror Verity nearly screamed as she saw the blue fatty she had become. She almost wanted to cry.

Turning about to see her zip. It soon became clear that the dress was barely keeping her covered as spotted her rump trying to squeeze out of their red prison. Her knickers holding on for dear life. All of a sudden, her attempts to reach the dress were stop by the large tearing sounds coming from her sides where the pressure from her front and back had caused two large rips.

“This was my favourite dress” The Brunette sobbed. Looking back at her monster butt cheeks.

Not long after the growing girl found moving was becoming hard as the weight of the juice within began to increase. Leading to her having to take huge steps as she attempted to reach the door. Her swelling fun bags and huge gut blocking her view from below.

Each step became harder as the weight continued to try and keep her in one place and her arms were forced to her sides and the liquid began to fill them. Soon it was clear she could not reach and that she was trapped in her room.

Attempts to turn around came useless. She was stuck. Her neck barely being about to look behind as her neck began to swallowed by the flesh surrounding it.

It was clear that Verity’s black panties were on full display. grinding on her leaky crotch while looking like a thong from behind. Her dress looking more like a low-cut shirt at this point.

Finally, the dress met its match as the poor woman’s body increased in its growth. Her middle expanding the most while she began to take on a rather more spherical form. The red fabric collapsing below her.

“Why is this happening to me?” Cried Verity, knowing an answer was not coming.

The large lass could only beg in vain while her arms and legs began to sink into her. leaving her flapping her hands about.

After a short while the expansion began to slow down. Verity finally had a moment to think without panicking. She felt a mixture of pleasure and pain. On one hand her bra was too small for her tits but on the other had she couldn’t help but admit that the juice escaping her puffed up pussy felt good.

Soon the pleasurable trance was broken by the sudden snap of her bra strap. Her humongous milkers jiggling free. all the blue girl could do was blush till her cheeks were purple at her current situation.

The panicking returned when she realised her growing was not over. Her breasts beginning to sink into her rounding frame. Her head just barely being to keep itself afloat.

Without warning a knock from down stairs could be heard. Hope and fear filling Verity’s mind. Seconds later there as something said.

“Verity? Are you there?”

It was Elijah. The lass knew she had to get his attention.

“El, Elijah help, h, help I’m fi, filling, u, up with something” The ballooning brunette tried to scream. Swallowing down the recognisable fluid as many times as she could.

After few minutes Verity could hear a vibration coming from her desk. It was her phone. She had to reach it if she wanted any chance of getting help. Attempting to move though only caused her to fall on her front. Splashing into a puddle of her own juice.

“N, No, Eli, Elijah, c, come back, I’m g, gonna, expl, explode or something” She Screamed as the phone stopped vibrating.

Verity’s cheeks puffed up as the juice finally filled them up, the poor lass being unbale to swallow it back down.

All of a sudden, the blue girl realised what she had become.

“I, I’ve become a blueberry” she thought to herself. “But people can’t just become blueberries, they can’t”

Her crisis of realisation was halted by a loud snap marking the end of her panties.

Any embarrassment was short lived when the brunette noticed her blue skin begin to take up more of her view. Verity could only sob as the last of humanity was consumed by her ripening figure.

“I don’t want to be a blueberry” was repeated in her mind again and again.

Verity knew she was doomed as she saw the light of her room disappear. She was naked. Alone and couldn’t stop the swelling. All she could hope was that someone could find her before she reached her limit. Not that she could stop it. She was just a blueberry after all.

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