Rising from the Ashes


BodyInflation.org is back.

On a side note, yesterday was the site's 24th anniversary. Pretty crazy.

I'm just going to go over the basics. Someday I'll share the full saga that was The Great Server Obliteration of 2020.


The Bad News

  • The old server is dead, having served with honor and distinction for nearly eight years. May she rest in peace.
  • The drive array that stored the backups is also dead.
  • I had to restore from an off-site backup taken in January. Almost everything that happened in 2020 was lost.
  • The site runs Drupal version 6, which has been obsolete for some time. Getting all of the site features up and running on modern software is less than straightforward and likely won't happen.
  • Content Recommendation Engine is offline. Recommendations will not be updated for the foreseeable future.
  • Apache Solr Search is offline. This one stings. I really loved the advanced search features and was never a huge fan of Drupal's core search functionality.
The Good News
  • Massively upgraded hardware. I still need to do some database tuning, but there should be performance improvements all around.
  • Lots of software updates and upgrades. Most of them won't be visible to the end user, but trust me this is a big improvement.
  • Updated Operating System, now running Ubuntu 20.04. Running on a supported OS opens up lots of opportunities, the most significant of them being...
  • BodyInflation.org now has SSL enabled. The government can no longer snoop on your fetish porn browsing.
Given just how much has changed in the underlying system, I fully expect there to be some hiccups. There may be more (brief) downtimes in the near terms for more fixes and updates as needed. If you encounter any problems, errorors, or anomalies, please report them in the Site Issues Forum.
Welcome back, everyone.
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So remember a while ago I was

So remember a while ago I was discussing with you about that NovelAI module I made? I was going to make a new version for the new model, and part of that was gonna involve seeing if I could improve the archive I'd already taken myself of the Library.


The original rip was from May of 2020. If anything is missing from Jan-May of 2020 still, I probably have them.

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...I guess i should clarify,

...I guess i should clarify, this was on Twitter, I'm @alfanumeric_

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Hello there, I was only able

Hello there,

I was only able to recover the publicly available stories for that time period. Anything that was only viewable by logged-in users was lost. So if you have any stories beyond the twelve I managed to salvage from that time, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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I *believe* I was able to put

I *believe* I was able to put my credentials into HTTrack and get those ones, but I'm not entirely sure, it was a while ago.They're named by node number, shoot me a Twitter DM (I'm more active there) and when I'm at my desk I'll send you a list.

I'm just glad this place is

I'm just glad this place is back up and running. I really missed reading the stories here. ^^

Will you be making an attempt

Will you be making an attempt to restore stuff lost this year, or should we just resubmit any stories and images?

Formerly known as unknown.

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I'll restore what I can. I've

I'll restore what I can. I've recovered some of the stories from archive.org already. But much of it (anything that was only accessible to logged-in users) won't be salvagable. I recommend resubmitting any stories or images from this year.

I have at least two stories

I have at least two stories from August 2020 saved, I'll have to check my folder tomorrow and see what I can find.

Happy New Year

Thank you Luther and Happy New Year to all! So great to write it for entire inflation community - on Body Inflation dot org, where else of course!

Nice to see this sight back

Nice to see this site back up and running

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