Day in the Plaza, A

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"What a wonderful day!" I cheered, running into the plaza. The sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. I couldn't help my excitement, all I knew is that I felt so happy to be here. 

"Luna, wait!" My friend Charles was jogging up to me. "You're so bloody hyper, you need to calm down." He chuckled, moving his long brown hair out of his eyes. It was a bit windier than normal, but it was dying down. I put my blonde hair into a ponytail. 

"What should we do first?" I asked, looking around. Small shops, diners, and stands lined the plazas walkway. Charles looked around and spotted an unfimilar food stand. We both approached the stand. 

The stand was designed with blue and yellow blocks of colour, the menu listed pies and pastries. I looked at Charles with an unsure expression. 

"I've never heard of this place before." I glanced at the name of the stand. 'Dixie's Delicious Delicacies' was written neatly on a chalkboard right next to the stand. A young women came to the window.

"Hiya folks! Welcome to Dixie's, what can I get you guys?" She chirped, looking at us. Charles was excited to try one of the muffins, he smiled at me. "It'll be fine, maybe you'll like it!" He turned back to the female and ordered a peach cobbler muffin. She wrote it down on a ticket and looked at me. 

"And for you?" She asked, a smile plastered on her face. I looked at the menu and bit my lip. "I'll try a blueberry pie, please." I liked blueberries, maybe Charles was right. Maybe I'll love this place. 

The young woman smiled and handed the ticket to a man in the back. "Coming right up! I'm glad you ordered the pie, we just started getting our blueberries from a new farm." I smiled, glad to try it. Charles paid the lady and stood against the stand. The sweet smell of blueberries hit me, I was excited once again. 

"Here you are!" She handed Charles and I our orders, I smiled and thanked her. Charles was in awe of his muffin. "It's huge! It looks amazing." He took a bite, his eyes widening. "And it tastes better than it looks!" 

I smiled and took a bite out of my pie. It was amazing! "Wow..." I ate more of it. "What did I say? I told you you'd like it." Charles laughed. Next thing I knew, I had finished my pie. "Charles, that was amazing!" I gushed, looking at him. 

"Uh Luna...?" Charles smiled. "You got some blueberry on your nose." He pointed at me. I blushed and wiped my nose. "Better?" I asked. His expression fell. "Luna...? What's going on with your face?" I tilted my head.

"What do you mean?" I looked at him, confused. His eyes widened and he stopped eating his muffin. "You're turning blue, Luna!" I was confused, I looked at him and was about to say something when I began to feel very full. I groaned in discomfort and looked at my hand. I gasped.

My hands were turning blue! I looked at Charles and back at my hands. It was spreading up my arms and down my legs. Even my hair had gone from a light blonde to an inky blue. "I'm blue!" I yelled, gaining the attention of a few passing people. My stomach gurgled loudly, I groaned again. "Luna... Do you feel alright?" Charles asked.

The next thing I felt was bubbling in my belly, it continued to gurgle louder. I put my blue hands on my belly, it was growing! I gasped and looked around. People began to gather around, Charles stepped back from me.

My stomach pushed out against my hands. I yelped and tried to push it back in, only for it to push right back out. My belt held my growing belly as I felt the fullness in my belly spread to other places. 

My thighs gained a fullness then began to expand, I widened my stance to accommodate my growth. My butt and thighs strained my jean shorts, making them uncomfortable to move in. My once small breasts filled up like water balloons, straining the buttons on my shirt. 

I gasped for air, my belt was making it so hard to breathe. I felt like I was about to be cut in two! I tried to undo my belt, only to have my arms begin to fill up. I realized I was being filled up with some sort of fluid.

The crowd was yelling and screaming. "She'll explode!" One yelled. "Call an ambulance!" A woman shrieked. I took a deep breath and with a loud 'SNAP!', my belt was off. I sighed in relief, but it was short lived. The buttons on my shirt began popping off one by one.

It looked like I had swallowed a yoga ball, my breasts were two giant water balloons. A loud 'POP!' and my jeans button had popped off, the zipper unzipping and revealing black underwear. My back filled up, throwing me slightly off balance. My jean shorts bursted off of me shortly after. I looked at Charles for help, but he only watched in horror.

I felt my calves begin to fill up. I tried to move, but found myself slowly waddling. I then felt my crotch brush the ground, I gasped at the feeling. My breasts and stomach had began to grow at the same pace. I felt my crotch lift my feet off the ground. I kicked my small feet in protest, but they only rose higher from the ground. I looked around, only to feel my cheeks fill with the fluid. It was juice! I could taste some in my mouth. 'The pie!' I thought in horror, realizing that was the cause of all of this. 

I had began to round out, the juice didn't seem to stop. I was as big as a house by now! My poor arms and legs had began to be absorbed into my body. My feet and hands swelling into orbs, my fingers and toes following the same fate. I felt my head slowly sink into my body.

The juice slowly stopped, leaving me at least twelve feet tall! Charles ran up to me, yelling at everyone to go away. The crowd stepped back and some people ran.

"Luna!! Are you okay?!!?!" Charles yelled up to me. "MMM!" I couldn't even talk, I felt so embarrassed. I only wanted to disappear at that moment. 

Charles then realized what he had to do and rolled me to the abandoned factory.

Author's Note: 

First story, oooooof.

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