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There is an old belief among the Gaels that the Ash Tree was one of the legendary guardian trees of Ireland. The tree is credited with a range of protective and healing properties, a magically imbued tree. One could even say that the girl named Ashley possessed such incredible power but not of a positive sort.

Many a young man fell prey to the “Queen of Lust”. While its exact origin is unknown, it has become a common nickname among disgruntled boys (and girls) among many more vulgarities. The captain of the campus cheerleading squad held a great deal of power over the people she interacted with, she had the power to choose who was desirable and who was not. Every girl on campus wanted to be just like her, and all the boys desired her. Ashley was very aware of her high pedestal and used this greatly to her advantage.

Need a car? No problem, just borrow one from a “trial boyfriend".

Need a paper written? No problem, just "befriend" a smart student with low self-esteem.

Hungry? No problem, there are enough boys (or girls) with money in their pockets and hearts on their sleeves.

Her intentions were anything but benevolent when she finds a new suitor. Unfortunately for the broken hearted boys and girls, Ashley was still high on her standing and shown no sign of ever stepping down from her crown. Ashley could have anyone she wanted. All except for the one person she wanted most.

Peter was something of a young prodigy. He had earned himself the highest standing grades of the school, excelling in chemistry and bioengineering. Many rightly believes he was destined for greatness. Only a college Freshman, he was already guaranteed additional edjucation at Harvard, Paris, Berlin, and beyond. Intelligent, charming, and (much to Ashley's fancy) very attractive.

This made it all the more reason that Ashley must have him. She struggled and fought to get his attention, going to great lengths to make herself more appealing or steal whatever little chance to flirt with him. No matter how much she tried, her feminine charms were ineffective against him. Not unlike that mousy girl Susie who was always doting on his every word.

Ashley could never see the appeal of a such a girl. Short, acne scarred, glasses as big as saucers, and an unremarkable body hidden under thick sweaters. She seemed a kind enough sort but she lacked a certain degree of social standing. Of course Ashley was prepared to do whatever was necessary to push this peasant girl away from her prince-to-be… and she did. There’s no chance Susie would ever forget the humiliation of crossing campus in the nude.

Despite this, Peter still ignored her advances. If anything, he seemed to be gravitating even more closer to Susie!

Action must be taken!

Peter, on the other hand, was well aware of the captain's selfish attempts. He had heard more than a fair share of horror stories courtesy of the Queen of Lust. Several of his closest friends had had their lives virtually destroyed by her charms. Three cars impounded for traffic violations by her hand, four unwarranted restraining orders and a false charge of sexual assault, and a broken leg as a parting gift from another of her “trial boyfriends. Even his crush, the innocent Susie from chemistry class, was publicly humiliated. He wouldn’t stand for the Queen’s reign of terror any longer. If she was this desperate to get a one-night stand then so be it!

Action must be taken!

Thus, the two began a long-winded series of elaborate plans to get what they desired most. One driven by selfish conquest, the other driven by a sense of due justice. Careful observation and preparations took several weeks of questionable actions but the time was now or never. Their plans had been set in full motion.


Ashley had done herself up in her skimpiest outfit yet, inspired from the results of her testing which outfits had the strongest reaction out of Peter. Her bubble butt was on full display stuffed into a far too small and far too short leather skirt that strained to contain her overbearing load. She adjusted the tight white blouse tied across her ample bust to emphasize the cavernous cleavage. Her pink lacy push-up bra was spilling over with tanned tit flesh. Her high-heels clicked loudly against the antique wooden floor and her long wavy blonde hair bounced with every step. As she approached the predetermined meeting place, she double checked her pink lip gloss and dark eye mascara before stepping into the library with all the poise of royalty. She was Queen and her rule was absolute.

It was before opening hours. The morning sun cast the library’s halls in a warm golden glow. The stench of old books was strong as was the faint hint of coffee from the café outside. The library itself was devoid of life and would not be open to the public for another hour. Just enough time for her to snatch her prey. It wasn't difficult to find Peter amongst the labyrinth of bookshelves

He was calmly reading a book when he noticed the smell of peaches and cream. He glanced over the pages of his advanced chemisty book at the approaching base material and gave her his most disarming smile.

"Ah, good morning Ashley. You look amazing as always."

He lied.

"Oh, this?" She said, twirling a lock of her hair and averting her eyes shyly. "It's just something I threw on."

She lied.

"So what was it you wanted to talk about?" He asked setting aside the old book and lacing his fingers together on the hard table’s surface.

Ashley took her cue and placed a hand on her hip and curving her back. Her top was practically screaming to burst and be relieved of the immense burden. She grinned and narrowed her eyes smokily, she was oozing with the best sexual appeal she could muster.

Peter's eyes drifted over her body, but he didn't quite see the appeal everyone else seemed to be so enraptured by. Sure, she was a total bombshell, but he wasn’t attracted to that. Intelligence was attractive and long-lasting, same could not be said for big tits and perfect hair. Nonetheless, he was determined to do something about this blonde monarch. He gestured her to a nearby chair beside him and they made idle small talk. Peter was playing for time whereas Ashley was growing increasingly frustrated.

She had tried every trick in her suggestive repertoire. She could make any man putty in her hands; Peter was not a man but an entirely different species altogether! Nothing was working! She tried desperately to hide her panic, she was so close to having him she could almost taste the skin of his lips and those dreamy blue eyes. She began to consider being more direct.

'Is he just oblivious?!' She thought to herself, nodding to his story about some woman named Curie and radiators.

Peter could hardly suppress his sadistic pleasure in seeing the blonde squirming uncomfortably in her chair. She must be realizing that her normal flirtatious advances were ineffective against him. He continued to talk about the most boring subjects he could think of. He knew that she would eventually cave in to the pressure and be more direct.

'Everything is going to plan.' He thought, giddy with excitement.

'Why isn't this working?!' Ashley wondered, fighting to remain charming and listen to his science things.

There was a short lull in the conversation and Ashley was determined to make good use of it. She gave him a sly grin and slowly sat on his lap, straddling his waist with her long toned legs. Her tight skirt made spreading her legs difficult, so she slid them up and scandalously revealing her pink panties. She shook her blonde hair to frame the left side of her soft face and let it brush against his shoulder as she leaned in close. She was practically shaking from excitement as she whispered into his ear in a husky tone.

"Why don’t we do a little experimenting ourselves?”

Peter's eyebrows rose. He expected her to be direct, but not to this extent. He started to understand how much power she had over his friends. While he briefly found some pleasure in the overtly sexual attention, this did hasten his original plan. It was working in his favor! If he could only get her to take the catalyst...

"Eureka…" Peter breathed, running his hands down the curve of her back.

"I'm all yours, professor. Take me." She purred, nibbling his earlobe.

"Would you like to experiment with something different?" He suggested, letting his hands slide to her bottom and squeezing her plush cheeks for emphasis.

'It's working! Oh my god, it's working!' Ashley's brain was squealing in absolute delight.

"Mhmm. What sort of experiments?"

"Oh, just something I brewed up." He withdrew a little plastic baggy from his pocket and shook it for emphasis.

Ashley's eyes flickered to the blue tablet within and rose her eyebrows. Genuinely surprised she asked,

"You make drugs?"

"The best kinds. Want to give it a go?"

"So dangerous." She teased, flashing a toothy grin.

Ashley was no stranger to the sinful pleasures of drugs. In fact, she would never attend a party without some sort of drugs or alcohol involved. Either that or being surrounded by dozens of her fawning peasants and the prospect of a little extra cash for "personal services".

"Only for you." She plucked the small blue tablet with her fingers.

In a single go, she popped the blue tablet into her mouth and swallowed. She giggled and pressed herself tightly against him. Her breasts squeezed up out of her top and pressed closer to his chin.

"Mhmmm. I can't wait for this." She said, her tone low and seductive.

"Me too," Peter replied, grinning from ear to ear.

Ashley wrapped her arms around his neck and began to passionately kiss him as a hand began travelling down his chest lower and lower. Peter was finding the struggle exceedingly difficult as he suppressed his pleasure but fought on remembering why he was here. He explored every curve of her body and played with her blonde hair. Anything to distract her until the catalyst took its effect on her.

Ashley pulled back suddenly. She felt an amazing flush of heat course through her body. Her breathing was heavily and her warm breath brushed against his face. It smelled of mint.

"Fuck... That was, like, the best kiss I've ever had. I've never felt like this before." She panted licking her pink lips.

"Only the best for you."

She giggled playfully and leaned in for another go… She paused.

She felt a strange bubbling sensation within her. This wasn’t normal.

‘An effect of the drug?' She wondered.

She made a face as felt her stomach start to flop and churn like a fish out of water. Peter noticed and asked how she was feeling.

"Oh, I'm just fine! I'm just a little nervous!" She tried laughing it off and returned to exploring his body. She wanted to rip his sweater off his body and see those beautiful pecs she spied before.

She was tongue deep in his mouth when she felt a wave of nausea wash over her. She leaned back and placed a hand on her stomach.


"Are you sure your alright? Maybe we could do this another time?" Peter suggested.

"No, no, no! I can do this." She replied, more to herself than Peter.

Peter could hear her stomach making sounds and knew the tablet was working its magic. Ashley. unflatteringly, belched. Her face turned beet red and she apologized profusely. Her breathing became more labored.

"Oh... Oh no. Please not now." She muttered, so close to her goal of scoring Peter.

"You should sit down, let me take care of you." Peter offered.

Ashley, against her inner yearnings, surrendered to his advice. She was guided by Peter and collapsed into a nearby comforter. She rubbed her stomach with her hands and groaned.

"Ooh... God, I feel so..."



Ashley groaned louder as the discomfort grew more intense, she felt like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey. She glanced down and froze as her belly puffed outwards, inching further and further outwards. She wiped her eyes to be sure she wasn't imagining it. She began to panic.

"Oh my god! What the fuck is happening?!"

She tried pushing it down with her hands but found it soft and pliable, squishing between her fingers. Steadily it grew, rounding out into a fleshy dome.

"P-Peter help me!" She turned to him with pleading eyes.

Peter examined her changes with scientific interest.

"Huh, that's strange."

"W-what's strange?! I'm blowing up like a beach ball!"

Peter looked dead into her eyes and shrugged.

"According to my original calculations, it was supposed to start with the ass."

"My... Ass? Calculations?"

As if on cue, she felt an unfamiliar sensation, but not in her rear. It was her breasts. Like her belly, her twin mounds began to slowly fill out and bulge further over the cups of her lacy bra. She winced as she felt her nipples rub tighter against the soft fabric.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!"

Her fingers scrambled to remove her bra, but she found it pulled taut against her body. The already tight bra was becoming impossible to remove and the straps were slowly dug into her. She shuffled her ballooning form around and gestured at her bra’s clasp.  

"Get-get my bra off!" She demanded, glaring daggers at Peter, his betrayal apparent.

"No thanks. Looks like you can get it yourself."

"Dammit Peter! Just get if off me!"

She gasped as her blouse untied itself and fell limply along her sides. Her stomach had swollen to great proportions, looking more like a woman in her final trimester of pregnancy than the once lithe cheerleader she was. Her eyes went wide and jumped from each of the three mounds growing on her body. With a loud crack her bra snapped and was thrown across the room. Peter’s eyes tracked its arch with scrutinizing eyes.

“Nice curvature.” He muttered, his eyes still lingering on the ruined bra.

Her breasts heaved forwards and outwards. Twin jiggling mounds greatly relishing their newfound freedom and practically danced with joy. A large red line stretched across her breasts, the only proof that they had once been covered. Ashley found some pleasure to be free of the constricting top.

She squealed as she felt her skirt begin to shift and her legs forced apart by the large expanse of her burgeoning belly. She grits her teeth in discomfort and tried to remove the leather garment.

"It's tearing me in two! Help me, please!"

"Like all those boys you left behind? No thanks."

Her eyes flashed with a mixture of emotions. Her lips quivered and she felt her eyes welling up with tears.

"I-is that what this is about? Some stupid boys?"

Peter knelt down, face to face.

"Of course. Do you know how many good students have had their lives crushed becyase of you? How many automobiles have been impounded?"

"I-I didn't know that would happen, I swear!"

She yelped as her skirt snapped apart. Her thickened thighs shook and her legs forced apart further. She flailed her legs useless and her boots clattered against the floor. Her stomach groaned in protest and she could feel the skin growing tighter. She felt as if she had swallowed a beach ball, looking the part as well. Her breasts had grown large enough to press against her chin and blocked any view forward. She could no longer see Peter.

"You hurt Susie. Can you imagine how hurt and vulnerable she felt when you humiliated her in class like that?"

"Peter I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Please," she moaned in pain, "please forgive me!"

"Oh, I already have."

"T-then stop this now! I'll do anything!"

Peter eyed her greatly distended belly and breasts. He was mesmerized by her transformation and poked her flesh experimentally. Ashley gasped in response to how sensitive her skin had become. Peter hummed to himself and straightened up.

"Looks like it's done."

Ashley's face was ready to stare Peter through with hot irons if she could see over her bloated form.

"Is this permanent?" She whimpered, her cheeks streaming with tears.

Peter shook his head and poked her again, she flinched and squirmed.

"No... but, it won't go away completely."

"You mean," her voice rose several octaves, "I'm going to be stuck like this!?"

"Oh, heaven's no. You'll deflate over time, but there will always be some residual gas left behind."

She looked at him quizzically.

"It means, I don't suggest standing in the sun too long. Thermal expansion and all that."

"What the Hell does that mean? I will do what I like!" She cried out in defiance, a meek effort considering the helplessness of her position.

Peter sighed contently and grinned.

"Well, this is enough experimenting for today. I don't know about you, but I’m really looking forward to coffee with Susie now. Ciao."

With a wave of his hand, the prodigy strode away with greater confidence. He didn't bother turning to look at the Queen, she was without a throne at long last. 

"Ugh! I'm going to kill you little piece of shit!"

Ashley gripped the arm chairs and lifted. She discovered to her horror that she was trapped inside it.

“Oh just great! What else could go wrong?!” She screamed in frustration.

She struggled once more. Her body froze as she heard the unmistakable sound of the campus bell. With renewed vigor, she pushed and shoved every which way. She did anything to free herself from the accursed chair. She couldn’t stand the thought of being found like this.

Ashley could hear the sound of the doors opening and two voices edging closer. She went into a full blown panic attack.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” she hissed through clenched teeth.

"Hey, is that a bra?" A voice asked.

"Yeah. Somebody have fun in here?" The other joked.

The voices laughed. Ashley knew that laughter would soon be directed at her unless she free herself quickly. Ashley grunted as she gave one final effort.

“Come on dammit! Move!”

She cried out as she popped free of her plush prison and fell onto her front. She could feel her skin displace against the floor and waved her arms to steady herself. Nausea overwhelmed her as she felt her body literally bounce off the floor several times.

"Hey did you hear that?"

"I think it came from over there."

Ashley now faced a new predicament; how would she get to her feet?! She tried swaying side to side like an overturned turtle and only resulted in rolling onto her back. She gasped as she was stuffed beneath her immense curves.

'Oh god, please don't let them see me like this!'

"Dude! What the hell is that?!"

"It looks... Is that a sex doll? What the hell?"

Ashley squeezed her eyes shut and her face flushed. If she could pop herself, she would have gladly done so. Anything to avoid the shame of her predicament. She heard and felt their footsteps approaching her. She cocked open one eye and was met with a pair of stunned boys.

"Ashley? Is that you?"

“Ashley?! What the hell happened to you?!"

She felt her eyes welling with tears again.

"P-please look away." She whimpered, refusing to meet their eyes.

The two nerds looked at one another for a moment. Then back to Ashley.

"Say, Ash," one of them began, "we might be able to help."

"At a cost." Added the other.

Ashley quickly met their concerned expressions. These dorks were going to help her? Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth her immediate response was not unexpected:

"Yes, yes! Anything! Please just reverse this!"

The two boys bumped fists and said started conversing in some language she heard the “nerds” use. Klangoth or something like that. The exchange was impossible to track before they both looked down at her and nodded.

"Alright Ash, we'll have you fixed in no time!"

"You just need to introduce us to some of your girlfriends afterward."

Ashley, knowingly fully well the ridicule she would face from her friends, officiated the agreement with a clumsy handshake. It was better to be insulted and tormented by her friends, and the entire campus for that matter, than live out the rest of her life as a balloon. The two boys celebrated the occasion with awkward little dances before chattering about her condition and theories to undo it.

Unfortunately for Ashley, their was only one solution the two boys could think of. There was only one prodigy on campus who could figure out a way to reverse this, and his name was Peter.

Author's Note: 

I believe I may have uploaded this to one of my DA accounts several years ago, not entirely sure. Gave it a bit of an update here and there for old times sake. Hope ya'll enjoyed it nonetheless!

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