Riders of the Breeze

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"And you brought me all the way to this abandoned hangar… why, exactly?"  Troy glanced left and right, looking at the barren walls of what was once a storehouse for small planes at the long-closed local airport.  The sound of Jasmine's melodic giggle snapped him out of his contemplation.

"For fun, silly.  Look, we both like inflation, right?  And you always want to see me blow up and float around, but getting stuck indoors because I'd fly away with just helium is so… cliche."  Jasmine brushed her long brown hair out of the way, having just finished wheeling in two air tanks on a small cart.  One tank, a helium tank, was almost half her height, while the other was only a foot tall.  "So, the same way alcohol gets better when you mix it together, we're gonna mix inflation substances to double our fun!  This right here," she continued, patting the smaller of the tanks, "isn't the usual helium tank.  This is sulfur hexaflouride, a gas roughly six times heavier than air."

Troy stood, stunned.  It was so simple, how could he have not thought of this until now?  A picture began forming in his mind's eye… a plan.  He nodded.  Suddenly, it all made sense.  The warehouse was only their location so Jasmine wouldn't fly off from helium… but if he puffed her with just enough of the other gas to balance out the lift of the helium, she'd be stuck floating only a foot or two off the ground!  He could let her float around in the field where the runway used to be, let her enjoy the freedom of being blown about untethered by the wind, and not lose her to the skies above!

"You ready, lover boy?"  Jasmine picked up a hose connected to both tanks, with a special valve to adjust the flow from each.  "Just helium until I float, then balance me out carefully."  Smirking, she plugged the hose into the valve where her bellybutton used to be, her latex catsuit capturing her body in the afternoon light.  Troy smirked.  He was an expert at inflating Jasmine, and this was the ultimate test of his skills.

The belly swelled out first, as it always had.  Jasmine gasped as she felt the cool gas rush into her, slowly causing her midsection to expand inch by inch, larger with each passing moment.  The loud hiss of the helium tank could be heard all over the empty hangar, a pneumatic concert for none but the two lovers and the birds in the rafters.  Still, a swollen belly of helium is nowhere near enough for flight, and a quick twist of the valve doubled the flow so she could see results faster.

Jasmine's hips flared out and her thighs plumped up a bit, stretching the latex of her bodysuit as the gas travelled to more parts of her swelling body.  She could feel its cool, gaseous grasp on her insides as it crept along under her skin, a subtle pressure at first but building in intensity over time!  But her skin could take the strain, able to stretch much further than her current size.  Not that either would comment about that, as both Troy and Jasmine's eyes locked onto her breasts as they too began to expand.  It felt like a dull ache, yet was soothing like a cool breeze from within on a summer day.  Troy reached up with a hand to touch them, but showed restraint.  Jasmine had entrusted the detailed, precision work to him, and he would finish his task.

Another twist of the valve to get her attention, and Jasmine let out a yelp of surprise as her rear end and arms started to bloat.  Finally feeling noticeably lighter and tighter than before, Jasmine resisted the urge to hug Troy close in joy.  Feeling her body swelling up, her own insides filling with gas to make her bigger, and lift her off her feet was a dream come true!  As the swelling continued all over her body, she had to adjust to a wide stance so her legs could have room to fill out, while her arms began to look conical and became harder to move.  It was almost time.  She just needed a bit more, her feet would leave the ground, and she'd be… free.

And rise she did.

"I'm stopping the flow, okay, Jasmine?"  Troy asked.  He saw her nod, and flipped the other tank open.  Sulfur hexaflouride.  Gas to weigh her down.  To keep her from flying off.  She had always wanted to fly free, unbound by a string and at the mercy of the breeze, but was too scared of the risk of bursting at high altitude.  But with this, a small tank of gas and a gentle hiss lasting only three seconds…

"I'm not floating away.  Troy, I'm not floating away!  I'm hovering!"

"You are!  I can hardly believe it worked, but you're floating… I'd say three feet off the ground!  I can catch you without a string like this!"

"Then… please?"

Troy smiled, and opened the hangar doors wide.  "After you, my darling," he replied, pushing her into the afternoon air.

The airport on the outskirts of town had been abandoned by planes ever since the larger airport had been built a few dozen miles north of them, but the grounds were well-kept as the wide, flat fields were used to host various town festivals throughout the year.  No visitors dotted the acres of windy fields today, though, and Jasmine let out a squeal of delight as an errant gust picked her body up and carried her away from the hangar.  "Catch me, Troy!"  She playfully cheered.  "Chase me!  Race the wind, hahaha!"

The breezy gusts of wind blew Jasmine's body about to and fro across the long-forgotten tarmac, over grass and dirt, never quite touching the ground.  Troy followed along in the golf cart used to move about the fields, chasing his girlfriend as she was cheerfully tossed around by nature, happily cheering him on in his quest to 'rescue' her from the very air around them.

It was a fun hour, and any birds flying overhead would have seen a small cart chasing after a large, joyful balloon of a girl in a game of cat and mouse.  But, as is often with man against nature, Troy cut ahead of Jasmine and managed to catch her by the ankle.  "Gotcha!"  He proclaimed, beaming a smile at his beloved.  "And now, to claim my prize."

A gentle hiss was added to the calm sounds of the wind as Troy deflated Jasmine back to normal.  Though it was a bit upsetting, she knew she'd be blown up again in due time.  But for now?

"Hey, Jasmine, I know you're still a bit woozy, but I need help setting up this blanket."

...right.  For now, she had a picnic with her boyfriend planned.  Perhaps, she thought to herself, one day they could ride the winds here together.

Author's Note: 

Nice to get back in the swing of things on occasion.  And to mix inflation substances for a unique and fun, yet lighthearted, story.

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