Reasons Why You like inflation/etc

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Reasons Why You like inflation/etc

I intend to be more active on this site since it's the only site I know where I can share this particular interest without feeling awkward. I'd also love to be a lot more be open about it. Would love to get to know others that also like inflation.

So I'll just start by asking: What got you into inflation/etc, and/or Why do you like inflation (full body, Blueberry, breast, belly, etc)? 

I'm pretty simple when it comes to this. Every time I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as a kid, I could never understand why I felt the way I did every time Violet's inflation scene happened. It honestly felt like I was the only one that felt this way and for so many years I kept it to myself. 

That being said I think the biggest reason WHY I liked seeing Violet's inflation scene was because I really like the color blue. Legit because it's such a relaxing color, and I found Denise Nickerson (RIP :( ) very attractive. Even if she hadn't inflated I would still probably be attracted because of her turning blue/violet. It just feels different and I really like it. 

tl;dr - Willy Wonka got me into Inflation, and I like the color blue (to be oversimplified lol)



biff977's picture fascination started with WWatCF as a little kid and as I got older, it kinda grew into a bit of a kink. As to why, I think part of it is partly a latent kind of bondage thing, where the victim is inflated big and helpless. The fact that their growing immobility and submissiveness is caused by their own body as opposed to some outside action makes it all the more enticing. 


I have no idea how I got this fetish, but I think I love belly inflation/stuffing because of the softness and a feeling of comfort and satisfaction.

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I got into this thanks to a few cartoons that I watched that had them present.


The 'biggest' thing I like about body inflation is the roundness. The roundness of the inflated part whether it's the ass or the entire body is just want makes everything so cute and fun to me.


I also have a thing for roundness. It's sort of on top of them being blue. nothing like seeing a almost perfectly spherical character. Them being blue is icing. 


Same; started with the original Wonka, first time I thought of it in the context of a person. Wind forward a few years to adolescence and I remember being home alone one day and thinking "I wonder if I can fit a whole beanbag under here?" and a few minutes after, with much struggling I was lying on top of it stuffed under my pyjamas, and I remember feeling slightly turned on. Then I forgot about it for 10 years until one night I started remembering how I felt, randomly googled body inflation and found this place and expansion mansion (this was so long ago you didn't need an account :D) and that reinvigorated my interest.


For me, I think it's just the idea of the human body doing something it's not meant to do and the exaggerated shape. Got to admit, I do quite like the aspect of being suspended off the ground (not necessarily floating, just lying on top of it and being pushed further up)


Wonka is always a popular gateway into this world. I'd say that and a few other movie/tv show moments got me into this. I guess I was about 8 or 9 when I first saw wonka, and there was violet, a female character inflating...for some reason I liked it and it stuck with me. I'm very thin, and have always dated and then married a thin woman. Maybe partly because it's so different from the real world?

Beyond that, what I like can be further dissected into lots of variations. Inflation with air, water, food...quick inflation like a pump, slow inflation like long term weight gain. One thing is, I like the more round and smooth appearance, not what the body naturally does when it gains weight; rolls, folds, cellulite, I prefer nice clean inflation. It also truly is just a fantasy world for me, I have no desire for anything to be permanent. I'm generally attracted to the tyipical female form: fit, thin, maybe just a tad curvy. I never dated a woman over 130 pounds. But, every now and then, I like the fantasy of inflating that traditionally attractive female. 

Ive recently told my wife about this fantasy, and she now plays into it . It's not her thing, but maybe once or twice a month, she lets me indulge and inflate her. It's a very good feeling. I know it's not easy to tell someone in real life, but if you can gain someone's trust enough to tell them, take that chance, it's worth it!

Hanz Popper

Like a lot of people around on this forum the Old school scene in the wonka movie opened my eyes as a kid. I watched the dutch dub, and im my memory its a little more dramatic as the english/american dub. Also she was one of the first brunette girls (i grown up around blondes) i was exposed to, and as an adult i prefer women with dark hair.

I could not get the idea of a women inflating (and exploding) out of my head. An as I get older, it became my kink. 

Also I found out this year i might be on the asexual spectrum (demisexual i think). Regular sex has never been that intresting to me. But watching a fine lady inflate, oh my. I could blow up and pop them all day long if it was possible.

The thing about inflation is that i find a round a female shape. So a woman gets more femine if she gets rounder. Also sge pushes her limits, meby till she pops. So a inflated woman looks always more risky as a regular woman. 


For me it was Krypto the Superdog. 
The character of Mammoth Mutt fascinated me, how rapidly she could inflate into a ball many times her own size.
Then my imagination started running away with me and thinking about the girls at my school doing the same thing, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.

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When I was little I used to like to pretend I was a snake, and "gobble up" my stuffies, and put them in my tights and pull my top over them. Or sometimes I would pretend to be a mommy kangaroo and my tights were my pouch for my baby.   As I got older, there was some apealing about seeing how big I could get without ripping the clothes. Then when I could buy my own clothes to designate for stuffing, it was (and still is) fun to get as big as possible and try to move around.  Sometimes I stuff a giant pair of tights with the dirty laundry (stuffed in layers as to the order they go into the machine - colors, delicates, ect...) and go about the resst of my housework (dishes, mop the floor ect...)  with the waiting loads of laundry stuffed in my tights, which can hold as much as 4 loads.

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Uhhh... Pressure, size, the loss of control? Its also a bit goofy, which makes things a little fun. A full figured woman is also quite sexy if I do say so myself, though maybe a tad bigger than "full"

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I've never been sure why I like inflation, but I can say something about what I like about it.  I'm going to tie into Mark of the Slayer:  It's goofy.  It doesnt address the erotic appeal for me (which is also clearly persent), but it does allow me to take a step back when I feel too burdened by whatever may be going on in my life.  I discovered it is literally impossible to take things too seriously or be in a bad mood when one is blown up like a balloon.  It provides a sense of self ridicule to keep me from taking myself too seriously.

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"I discovered it is literally impossible to take things too seriously or be in a bad mood when one is blown up like a balloon.  It provides a sense of self ridicule to keep me from taking myself too seriously."




I probably have the most unusual of introductions to this community.


Pregnancy Timelapses.


Once, on YouTube, I stumbled across my first pregnancy time lapse. I became fascinated with the soon-to-be mother's stomach growing with each picture. I don't know how it grew from that, but I believe I found rapid pregnancy expansions next. From there, I just started searching up "belly expansion," and eventually came to the Inflation community. I immediately fell in love with the concept, and watching [mostly women] inflate their stomachs became somewhat of a turn on.

Eventually I just to try it myself. One of the first things I had come across when I found this community was a basic means of inflation, if you could even call it that: Water Bloating. This being the "cheapest" and safest method at my disposal, I tried it. I LOVED it. What I grew to love from it was the feeling of fullness, and the beautifully round belly that came as a result. Having to RID myself of the water was never that pleasant, but I found a better means.

Remember the quotation marks around "cheapest"? Well, turns out chugging water WASN'T the cheapest. Swallowing air was. When I had a sudden stroke of genius and attempted this, I was SO happy when it worked! Now I didn't have to waste time ridding myself of water. After doing my fill, simply walking around for a bit was enough to deflate me, and it was a lot less unpleasant.

And that's my story! (Sorry it's a bit long.)


Pregnancy timelapses are beautiful, even more so is real pregnancy when you family is blessed with it

Professor rooted my roots ^_^ - I was three when this cartoon was first aired on TV, so no escape ^_^

The holiday feel of all balloons make them a fun subject to speculate about. Balloons always accompany parties, so a human balloon is his/her own party of one. Inflation is fascinating per se, and this fascination is wide spread among general public and can be shared as a common ground, without going into "adult" details. I find it fun and sometimes play on this string

I started looking up inflation online after becoming a PhD, in that most people are way more advanced than me. Apologies for being nerdy at times. Yet, isn't there a pun in Poincare Conjecture - "Every simply connected, closed 3D manifold is homeomorphic to the 3D sphere" sounds some so much like "Every human is no different from balloon" ^_^


Sorry for typos, and cartoon was three when I was born, not the other way around


I doubt I'll ever be one blessed with it in my family, lol.

Pennsylvania Ki...
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Yep, pregnancy timelapses on YouTube were basically my entryway into this realm too. When expanding belly led to expanding body, and like with so many others I found Violet's clip in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that was basically the initiation.


I'll be honest, I have seen WWaTCF, but the violet scene didn't really do much for me. And I'll be honest, blueberry has to be my least favorite Tyler's of inflation. In case it wasn't obvious, I prefer the overly pregnant look.


Tyler's? I meant type.

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I think it started with some cartoons where they grew, inflated, their muscles inflated.

That made me think about how good it must feel to feel and see your body inflating, stretching, squeaking as you get bigger and bigger. That really made me feel comfy and hot. So nowadays I'm really into suit inflation which I think that is the closest feeling to that.

And I love it! 

Little Bubs

I don't really know what got me into inflation, I'm presuming it was also Willy Wonka. I remember stuffing pillows up my pjs and drawing girls blowing up on paper and MS paint when I was younger, before mostly resorting to watching the blueberry scene on repeat the moment I got my own computer in my room. I didn't make the affliation of it being a sexual/ fetish thing until after I was 18. 

What I like about inflation depends on the type;

Breast inflation is, pure and simple, wish fullfillment for me. (Premium Membership holder to the Itty-Bitty-Titty-Commitee here...)

Belly inflation is my go-to because I like the look of a full belly, I adore the ways characters, items and the environment around the belly can react/interact with it e.g. Belly rubs, buttons popping, getting stuck etc and I just love when a full tummy can make people happier, like with excited mums-to-be or well-fed boyfriends, all cute and sleepy.

Muscle Inflation is one of my favourites cause I'm a sucker for superpowers and a big, strong man who fills out his clothes... Also Amazons are hot and I want to be one. Same kind of feelings for Giant(ess) growth, (If it counts) I just love the element of growing more powerful yet being helpless to stop it. 

So in layman's terms, Shit's pretty, I wanna touch it and it makes me fell shit. 

Little Bubs

*Feel shit. As in to feel something, not to feel bad...

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I like "Shit's pretty,I wanna touch it" :)


Little Bubs

Haha, glad you appreciated it, I thought it was funny :D


Funnily enough, I had known i had a thing for rubber and latex, balloons and oversized curves way before I even considered connecting them together into realising Body Inflation was a thing. When I was searching through random images I stumbled upon some of BigHorse's stuff and immediately knew it was for me. 


I've talked about this on my Deviantart account. For me, it also started with Willy Wonka.

As for why I like female body inflation? My answer is science. I am attracted to women my body thinks look strong and healthy, and also look like they could bear and raise children. Seeing inflated girls tricks my libido into thinking, "Yeah! That's my kind of mate!" I don't care about things like bondage and helplessness (though I'm not turned off by that either), I think I just wanna cuddle cute girls with huge curvy bodies.

That's my hypothesis. I could be wrong, but I think inflated girls might be the logical conclusion of what nature intended.


Big boobs. Big thighs. Big butts. Wide hips. Extreme hourglass figures. Creaking leather. Creaking latex (of course the latter two don't require inflation at all and are just fine by themselves but the overlaps are obvious).


Correction: None of those need inflation and are great by themselves, but they are the reasons I like inflation. Normally fine curvy women who aren't inflated (like Julie Cash or Chelas Way or countless others) are all I need, and sometimes I just crave Denise Milani circa 2007-2008. I just love the way women are shaped and Inflation is just an extra topping (or filling) I occasioanlly want.


Violet's expansion in Willy Wonka started it for me when I was extremely young. For some odd reason I wanted to be in her shoes and blow up into a blueberry. When I hit puberty, anything related to expansion turned me on. For me, there are many reasons why I like inflation. The helplessness, the emotional reactions, and the overall lack of control is by far my favorite.

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Cuz I do that’s why.

Misery loves company.

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Willy Wonka didn't really do it for me, but the scene with the inflated football player in the movie Son of Flubber was definitely stimulating to me as a kid. Cartoon characters that could easily inflate themselves added to my feeling things that I didn't fully appreciate as sexual at the time, but obviously were. And finally I used to bike by an airfield as a kid where there happened to be a weather station, and in the late afternoons they would launch weather balloons with some payload of weather monitor equipment on it. The idea of being able to inflate with helium and float off like that invoked some strong feelings in me then, and now.


I'm another one who never really got into blueberries. Wonka and Violet were there, but my attraction went back more to old cartoons where characters got blown up like balloons, or really any kind of cartoon size transformation. Especially bellies and full-body, and bellies alone were most attractive to me. Sometime once puberty hit, breasts and butts got added to that and it really solidified into my favorite fetish. Along with nudity. There's nothing quite like imagining myself or someone inflating so much that clothes just aren't an option any more, and being content that way. It's sort of like inflating beyond normal size plus shedding clothing is a way of escaping all the contstraints of "normal" and being fully free, in a way.

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I think it was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban that developed my initial in inflation. Although I don't find the actress who played Marge attractive, I remember thinking about that scene a lot as a kid and having uncomfortable 'I... kinda want that to happen to me' thoughts in my head. A touch ironic given that I'm not into self-inflation even as a fantasy these days.

The first aspect that appeals to me is the roundness- I've always been attracted to fat women, and this fetish just expands on that (no pun intended). In fact, it was researching fat fetishism that made me learn about the body inflation community.

The second aspect that I like is the physical and emotional vulnerability. Having someone's body change in such a way that it renders them completely immobile and helpless while also exposing their insecurities and fears inspires some real, raw emotions. Given that I'm pretty meek in real life, I think there's also some sort of empowerment I feel as a reader/viewer.

Buttocks and Bellies and Breasts, oh my!

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well it feels good. I love to find new ways to inflate. Its also a hobby.


Started with cartoons, Tom & Jerry, Merry Melodies, et all.  Then I got all puberty and love inflating breasts on top of a 'blue berry' shape [which was used long before Willie Wonka].   The Penguin Parade as a pretty darn good 'blue berry' inflation using a puffer fish swallowed whole from 1938