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Hello there, old friend. It's me; don't be alarmed. No one else is here, they can't hear me anyway.

Now, I'd apologize for disturbing your slumber, but it already appears to be disturbed enough. You weren't sleeping. Maybe tossing and turning, tangling yourself in the sheets, perhaps, trying to exhaust yourself, but certainly not sleeping.

You seem unfulfilled, my dear. That's why I'm here. That's why I always arrive. You know that.

Now, I know you need your rest, but you also need your needs met, so let's get started, shall we?

Shhh. This won't take long. Where would you like to begin? Your belly? Me too. It is my personal favorite, and yours in particular is so cute when I blow a little air in there...'ve started filling, my dear. Did you have a big dinner? It looks like it. Fortunately these "calories" are empty; don't fret. Let me fill you a bit's that?

Rubbing your belly already, are we? Well, it is filling up a bit quicker than it used to. You know you love it. The pressure, gentle as it is, increasing just a bit, you know you want more. Your tummy is so cute, but it can get bigger. You know you want it bigger, fuller. Like this, right? Get ready, hold on...

...look at you! That big, shiny, round belly. Your shirt slid up awhile ago, didn't it? Is the moonlight reflecting off that big dome? It's so big and full, I bet you feel like you just can't hold any more. The pink flush in your cheeks tells me that you're having a hard time holding onto something else, though.

How about those baggy pajamas of yours? Oooh, do they feel tighter now? The drawstring slid below your ballooning waist awhile ago (maybe you didn't notice with all your rubbing), but things are going to tighten now. You always did have quite the nice rear, we're just making it nicer, aren't we?

Hush, hush, my dear. I promised tonight would be relatively brief. That's why your chest is suddenly perky, pointing towards the ceiling. You know we usually enjoy these parts separately but I don't want to break my promise. You didn't wear a bra to bed, either. Good girl. I know they're expensive. Imagine, with as swollen as you feel now, if you had to deal with all the extra tightness of a bra! The underwire alone might snap and do quite a number on such pneumatic beauties.

Yes, please, ease yourself out of bed. Turn on the light. You installed that full-wall mirror just for nights like these, didn't you?

Look at yourself. I bet that feels amazing, your tight, round cheeks rubbing against each other when you, er, waddle over to the mirror. How big is your belly now? Describe it to me. Does it feel like you swallowed a beach ball? Drank a tank of helium? Maybe, but you know what it really is? A big, bloated balloon. You're such a sexy balloon-girl. You're not full up yet, though, are you? Here's an extra dose. How does that feel, your chest and booty--yes, it's a booty--growing at the same time? Swelling, inflating. Have they been this big before? I can't quite recall.

Oh, dear, I know that's your favorite pajama shirt. It's a shame to see it tear, but it held up well. Your breasts are truly magnificent, luv. I know all you can see from the front now is a mountain of cleavage, a fraction of what they have become, squeaking quietly when they rub just the right way. Turn yourself around, carefully now. Look at yourself from the side. You might just be the best balloon yet. Can you see how hard your nipples are? Do they feel as good as they look? All taut and at attention, like a pair of winecorks? They could take someone's eye out, I bet.

I cannot believe how well you're doing this evening. You must really have needed this. Can you hold a bit more? I think you can. I think you want to, as well.

Look at your thighs, luv. Oooh, they are deliciously plump. You have really filled those pants. I can hear them creaking and stretching a bit, can you? I bet they are so tight, they feel like a second skin, just waiting to be shed. Your feet look so dainty compared to the rest of you, the way your swelling thighs taper down to those little ankles. No no, don't bother taking them off, I will take care of that for you. Here, just a few more pumps. You would have a hard time reaching them I'm sure, what with your current state, and that big ol' belly in the way. Not to mention getting the waistband around that delicious rump! It's almost as big as your middle, luv. With your arms so thick now, how would you expect to pull them down?

My dear, if you wanted to run out the door before, perhaps you should have done it long before I arrived. You're a balloon now, and besides, you would never fit through the door! You know as soon as I arrive, nothing else matters. This is what you want, isn't it? You've never gotten this large before. Don't worry. I think you have more room.

How much of yourself can you see in the mirror? If I pump right here, I can make you even rounder. See? Look at how your whole body is filling, rounding now. Oh, I don't think you can see it anymore, but all the same, you don't need to. When was the last time your nethers touched hardwood? A few more puffs, surely you can do it.

Admit it, luv. Every time I come here, you always need just a bit "more" each time. I think you want to know more than I do how much you can hold, how big you can get. You're not quite there yet. What fun is a balloon that isn't full?

Oh, I wish you could see yourself now. It's quite the sight. You are really outdoing yourself. You should be proud. You're almost completely round, squeaking and bobbing around like a real balloon, and it is a sight to behold.

Hush, dear. Don't try to scream through those tightened, plump lips. You can't drown out the sound of me in your head anyway, and no one can hear you. No one is going to get in the way of your destiny. You know this is what you have wanted. Ah, it is so adorable, watching you try to stop this now. It is too late, luv. Far too late. Just enjoy what I came here to do, that I always do for you. The pressure must be unimaginable. I wish I could imagine it. Do you feel like the balloon you are, now?

How much more can you hold?

Author's Note: 

This was a little old thing I dreamed up long ago. I still rather like it and may revisit the concept someday. If you'd like a story like this, reach out to me at

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