Admittedly, I’m late. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of this web site was actually two weeks ago (give or take). I really should have put together something more monumental as is warranted by such a milestone. But real life has been a bit hectic, and I’ve never been good about anniversaries. Heck, it’s been five years since I celebrated my own birthday.

But here we are. A quarter century after I opened up that tiny, simple, and impressively ugly site to the world, we’re still here. I vaguely recall contemplating in the early days of the site “How long will this thing last?” Web sites came and went fairly regularly. The vast majority of the inflation sites that have popped up over the years are no longer with us.

I eventually flipped the question around: “What would make me stop doing this?”

It’s been a rough few years for BodyInflation.org. Both 2019 and 2020 saw multi-month outages. I haven’t had as much time to spend on the site as I’d like. But for the foreseeable future, I don’t see myself retiring from this just yet.

Thank you all for accompanying me on this long, meandering, and delightfully absurd journey. It’s been a blast, and I hope we’ll get many more years together.

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Happy Anniversary Luther V

Happy Anniversary Luther V Kane and thank you for allowing me to be here, as well as showing me the inflation community for the first time. 

Still Having Problems in the Image Gallery

It's been several months sonce I mentioned this, but there are still problems in the Image Gallery. If you're on a specific image, say #30, and you want to see image #31, if you  either click on 31, or click on "next" you end up jumping to some random image instead.

This has been an issue all year. Are there any plans to fix it?

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It's a bug in Drupal's

It's a bug in Drupal's AcidFree image gallery module. Unfortunately, the module is obsolete and no longer supported by its author. I haven't done any PHP work in well over a decade, so my attempts at debugging have thus far failed. I may eventually be able to sort it out, but for now there isn't a solution.

Still havng problems with the Illustrations Pages

Back on 2/1/2022 I commented that there are problems on the Illustration Pages where if your on a page, press the number for another page, or the "Previous" or "Next" image, you go somewhere else in the Illustrations.  This problem is still happening. Please fix it already. Thank you.

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Hard to believe this site was

Hard to believe this site was created when I was just 3.

I just made myself an official account, but congratulations!

Technically speaking, I'm not quite new to this website as I've been reading all sorts of inflation stories for, what, eight years now? But I've never joined up until now because I'm a closet inflation fan. I don't really have the right to say this because I'm new, but Happy Anniversary! And thank you for creating a safe-space for people like myself that fear of being judged. I'm looking forward to coming here more often, this time as a full-fledged member of the community!

Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary!

Happy XXV! and a problem


Congratulations on 25 years.  I've been a member here for almost the entire time.

One problem that is happening is that when you're on a illustration page, and you click on the next number, previous, next, first, or last it doesn't link correctly.  Instead you end up somewhere other than where you intend.  This is especially bothersome when you're try to view a sequence of illustrations.  Please look into this.  Thank you.

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Shit happens, we all just

Shit happens, we all just sort of roll with it. 

Happy Birthday To You!

Dear Body Inflation dot Org, Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all the fun were humans have here

Especial thanks for keeping the archive of memorable moments

Please be nice to Luther, so that he has time to celebrate his birthday - he has one, too

Stay up and running in the new year and looking forward to warm comments on your next round date!

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love this place, it was the

love this place, it was the very first one on the internets I discovered about my ~fascination~ so thank you!!!

Thank you for all the work

Thank you for all the work you do.