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Wiping tears from her eyes Tamara looked at herself in the rearview mirror of her car. Her light blue eyes were strained by red veins that glistened with tears. She brushed the bangs of her brunette bob cut to hide her swollen eyes. Sniffling she put her car into park and got out.

Tamara was a new comedian, but not just any comedian, a prop comic to be exact. But her first set on stage tonight didn't go as planned; being booed off stage in a matter of minutes and even hearing a heckler call her "fatty".

She wondered, "Is it because I'm fat? I'm not that fat though." She pinched her waistline. Tamara was indeed not fat but she wasn't thin either. She sported an average build with modest set of hips, thick thighs and C-cup breasts.

Later that night Tamara watched old comedy sketches, trying to perfect her set. Deep inside though being called a "fatty" still bothered her, till she got an idea.

"Fat...that's it. I'll be fat. That'll be my gimmick."

She remembered an old 40s comedy skit involving a clown who's body suit would inflate at random moments, usually in very inappropriate times like at dinner parties. Tamara would now do the same. They wanted fat, then she'd wear a body suit that'd inflate during her set, but she needed an angle and prop.

The afternoon was spent with Tamara building a Rube Goldberg machine that would work a bicycle pump to inflate her body suit. As the sun finally set, Tamara smiled at her contraption. It was time to test her new...material.

Tamara slipped on some gray leggings and a tank top that exposed her breasts ever so slightly and prepared her machine. She grabbed the end of the bicycle pump and stuffed it into the front of her stomach right against her belly button.

"Ouch!" She cried realizing the needle of the pump poked her through the suit. Shaking off the sting she began cranking a spool which caused multiple ball bearings to fall on to pulleys that worked a crank which would begin working the plunger of the pump.

Tamara heard the hissing of the pump and felt the suit get slightly firmer.

"Okay now to practice my jokes." Tamara smiled as she rehearsed her material. Giggling more as the air filled her suit up making her belly look like she was massively pregnant.

"Oh geez, I look too big already. I need to slow down the machine" her suits stomach ballooned more and her entire midsection looked like a blimp. She stopped and slowly watched as she grew more, her suit's belly now resting on the floor.

Tamara took a step forward towards the machine that's when she felt something. A quick gentle brush of carpet against her stomach. Confused she took another step and she felt a tickle again. It was as if her gut was brushing against the carpet.

"Mmmm. Okay...why does it feel like my belly is on the floor?" Laughing she reached under the suits massive belly and felt for the suit zipper, and began shrieking. Her tummy was indeed on the floor, pushed down by her spherical physique. That's when she realized her error.

"Oh no. Please no. I forgot to put on the suit."

Tamara started breathing heavily as she became hysterical. It wasn't her suit inflating, it was her body.

Her belly ballooned out as she began tugging at the hose in her belly button, but to no avail, her tummy distended past her arm's length.

Her hands on each side of her now inflated belly she cried out, "Oh god, please help me!"

Her ass cheeks began puffing up as they strained her already tight leggings. Ripping could be heard as the seams of her leggings tore down her expanding legs and thighs.

"Goddamn it. Oof!" Tamara yelled as she stumbled forward a fell onto her blimped belly. Tamara now resting on her balloon belly began reaching for her prop. "C'mere...c'm...ere!" She pulled back in exhaustion, knowing she couldn't reach this machine.

She began sobbing, "Stupid prop. Stupid, stupid prop. Just stop blowing me up!" But the prop continued mindlessly pumping the bicycle pump more and more.

Tamara began rising higher towards the ceiling as her belly continued inflating. Her now even plumper thighs being spread apart by the smooth balloon skin of her growing stomach.

A tugging between Tamara's leg snapped her from her despair, turning it into shock. "Is my pussy inflating?" Her labia had begun puffing up like hot dog buns in her leggings as the air filling her body explored her insides. "You gotta be kidding....mmmmeeeeee." Tamara felt an amazing sensation as her pussy puffed up even more causing the fabric of her leggings massage her vagina.

"Mmmm...mmmm...okay...mmm...stop. You need to stop, this isn't the time to get horny, Tamara." The sensation between her legs combined with the full bloated feeling was giving her mixed emotions.

Thoughts of being inflated during intercourse rushed in her head. "Would it feel amazing?" She thought. "What guy would fuck a balloon girl?"

Tamara's inflated ass pressed against the cieling causing her to break her concentration. She was 10ft in diameter with her arms resting on either side for balance. Her feet dangled from the floor as her huge inflating belly contued to grow. She felt her skin begin to quiver as red stretch marks danced across her flesh. She heard groaning coming from her skin.

"What's happening? Why am I feeling tight? Oh shit. I'm gonna blow!"

Tamara began kicking her legs and waving her arms in protest.

"No, no, no! I don't want to blow. Fuck...I'm gonna pop like a balloon. Can't explode. Please, I can't burst!"

Her protests to her coming fate were drowned out by the groaning getting even louder as her belly surged on last time.

Tamara closed her eyes as she thought her final thought. "What a way to go..."

Her blue eyes opened up wide as they could as her cheeks billowed out to the size of melons.

"Mmmmmph....mmmmm...mmmmmm" Followed by a muffled scream was Tamara's last joke as her belly burst like a water balloon sending bits of rubbery flesh flying through the air. The rest of her body was scattered all over her apartment as she was blown to pieces by the blast.

No one would know Tamara's last zinger before she blew. But I'm sure it was the funniest thing she'd ever said.

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