sango berry burst p6

sango berry burst p6
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Not What I Wanted

Rachel was an already curvy women in her early 30s. Her hair dyed black and fashioned like Betty Page's, accented with a bow. She decorated her face in makeup that included dark eyeliner with wings and reddish lipstick.

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*BANG* In an instant Maim was bounding down the hallway from the Countess’ bedroom before she ran into any guards. She had hoped for a silent hunt; slip in, rough up the countess for her dues and be on her way. It wouldn’t be so easy with Countess Rosemare who was infamously stubborn in every way imaginable, which Maim found out the hard way. Maim’s only choice was filling the matriarch full of air like the gas bag she was to coerce her into paying up. The only mistake made was Maim’s laziness to memorise the whole spell, so the Countess kept filling the room with no end in sight.

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Explosive Event, An

I sit on the floor, casually lounging as I fill yet another balloon. There's still several hours before the party, so I haven't gotten dressed yet; I'm wearing a simple pair of panties and a form-fitting white tanktop. I sigh. "Man, who knew blowing balloons would take so long?" I lament, turning to you.

You're sitting on a chair in jeans and a white t-shirt, using a pump to fill the balloons. "Well, it's a good thing we have this pump. It could be a lot slower," you note, with a smirk.

I pout. "Well, I suppose. Still, next time we should just buy them, I guess."

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Can We Hit One Million Likes Before I Burst

After only fifteen minutes and thirty-four seconds, Tiffany and her mother, Jessie, managed to disqualify themselves from the Wonka factory tour. Admittedly, it was an impressive feat to lose that quickly, and would be a daunting new record to beat. Wonka only grumbled and checked his pocket watch. At this point, the only thing that really surprised him anymore was his ever-growing losing streak wagering with those little orange bastards, whose predictions were always terrifyingly precise. Still, it broke the monotony.

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Think of it as Karma

Inflation Types:
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Monique couldn’t believe it was working. Who would have thought that a twenty dollar pseudo-pregnancy potion and some bullshitting would have so much mileage in a high school reunion? Her old classmates were noticing for the first time that she actually existed, and some of the ladies were --she couldn’t believe it-- actually jealous of her. It was amazing! Just another half hour to go and then everyone will think she has a fiance named Chad and a cozy apartment in Boston!

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Envy Is A Powerful Emotion

Beth stared beyond the cash register, beyond the small dining area, out through the glass windows into the depths of the cool New England night. It was dark and alien, an infinite shroud broken only by the steady rhythm of the streetlamps that lined the small road out of town. The boredom was soul numbing. She could not for the life of her fathom why a Burger Wiz should be open so late at night, and who in their right mind would be hungry enough for one of their slimy grease pucks in the dead of night.

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Ski Lodge, The part 2

As Brett approached the door to the party room, he briefly wondered about his stay here. The girls here were sexy (and friendly, a novel experience to Brett and to most of the men here) while the food (and beer!) was both free and plentiful. Again, he wondered about the brochure: "Eat and drink all you want while skiing! Lose weight fast!" He wasn't going to pass up an opportunity like that.

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Creepy Inflation

I can feel the cool, wet, morning air as I walk down the rain soaked street and soft rain drops collide with my umbrella. A few cars pass me as I stroll on the wet, street and puddles of rain. A couple of the cars splash me or honk and I try not the get angry at them. The splashing makes the umbrella almost completely useless to me, but I take a deep breath persevere. Lightning flashes in the sky above and thunder soon greets my ears. I smile and enjoy the weather as I remind myself it’s better than being stuck inside my dreary apartment.

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Underground Testing

Doctor Daily gently rubs his eyes and slides his eyeglasses back into place. He gently stretches and walks around the concrete floor of the underground facility. The fluorescent light hums above him as he looks at his watch and sees it's three in the morning. Questions swirling in his mind as he rests a hand on the tomato the size of a weather balloon at the center of the room. He feels his heart race as he touches the massive tomato and thoughts flow through his mind. These experiments would help fight hunger and food shortage issues.

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