Making Art

Queen Ophelia was rather disappointed in her latest project, sighing as she had another body carted away by her servants. Leaving the stained room, the walls changed back to normal as she went deeper into the depths of her castle, returning to her throne room.

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After the world of civilized man

The sky is full of gray clouds as Saylee rides a horse across the brown grass and approaches Lord Marth’s castle. She feels the warm arms of Veronica around her waist as she rides and struggles to resist the urge to feed upon her friend. She remembers the civilized world of man and when she fed and lived like a queen. A world of noise and a world of cities, but that world was not to last. The proud angry fools of man set fire to the world and began the end of the world of civilized man. Humans became harder to find and the more powerful vampires took claim to several.

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[VIDEO] - When Evil Calls

When Evil Calls (2006)

Alice's boyfriend wishes she had bigger breasts. He gets his wish, and Alice's breasts get bigger. And then they explode. Not for the faint of heart.

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[VIDEO] - When Evil Calls
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