Making Art

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Queen Ophelia was rather disappointed in her latest project, sighing as she had another body carted away by her servants. Leaving the stained room, the walls changed back to normal as she went deeper into the depths of her castle, returning to her throne room.

“Send him away…a shame that the human body wasn’t ready to stretch that much.”

She groaned, closing her magic tome and flopping down on her large throne. She looked around at her private room, at all of the incredible art that she had created. Ophelia was well known by her kingdom as an odd and dark woman, and admired for her sheer curviness. But she was also known for her darker side and twisted interests, rumors that she had extremely dangerous desires and that those invited to her private quarters would never end up leaving.

Those rumors turned out to be true. Behind the facade of her smile and decency was a twisted woman with an odd obsession. She delighted in the act of making art. She wasn’t any normal artist, however. Ophelia specialized in living art, the act of turning somebody into a new form, using them for something beautiful. The only problems were that sometimes her canvases didn’t survive the process, but that was nothing more subjects couldn’t fix. She even had learned magic simply to widen the amount of fun that she was able to have. The room that she had left behind was her “studio”, where her larger projects or temporary creations were made. Those who entered that room rarely ever tended to leave in one piece, or alive for that matter. Yet nothing would stop the beautiful sadist.

While thinking to herself about what she wanted to do next, Ophelia looked down at her outfit. She was extremely well known for her figure, and there was a reason for that. To say that her breasts and rear were large would be an understatement. She had been blessed with breasts that were twice as large as her head, and an ass that was even wider than she was. With a body like that, she wasn’t going to just hide it. She wore skimpy and revealing clothes, having a simple large cloth that only covered her nipples, providing all the sideboob that could possibly be shown. Her midriff was bare, and she wore a tight set of underwear that displayed each massive cheek for everybody to gaze upon.

Right now, she had the desperate urge to use this body, and to have it press down on somebody. She needed to have a great time. And then as she shifted in her chair and looked at a pillar strung up with some scraps from one of her latest victims, an idea entered her head. She stood up, chuckling and giving one of her servants a request.

“Fetch me another prisoner and send him to the art room…It’s time for me to have some fun~”


Struggling against his restraints, Jack barely had any time to react before he was tossed through a doorway, which was slammed shut behind him. Blindfolded, he had absolutely no clue where he was. All he remembered was sitting in his cell, and for two female guards to come up, restrain him with rope, put a cloth over his eyes, and take him away. Once a proud thief, he had ended up getting caught trying to steal from the castle, thrown into the dungeons to starve. As he was decently attractive, it seemed that he got favorable attention from the staff. It was rather nerve-racking to see the various men and women trapped with him being taken away and never returning, and the rumors that occasionally came down.

When the blindfold was ripped off, he was face to face with none other than the queen herself, and a white void of a room. It was empty, with walls and a ceiling that were larger than usual.

Seductively, Ophelia began to approach the restrained man, swaying her hips and showing off her body as she approached him. With her black hair and black lipstick, she looked like a dark seductress, an assumption that wasn’t too far off from the truth. Bending over, she pushed her breasts against him, looking directly into his eyes.

“My…aren’t you cute~...I’m so happy that you’re my lucky guest for today…”

She chuckled, her eyes slowly falling down to her groin. She could see that he was clearly getting excited by her presence, a feeling that was fully natural. She reached her hand down, a strange purple aura coming out. She pushed it into his rags, and they began to teasingly pull them down. As they did, she was shocked to see Jack’s massive member. It was much larger than the usual men that she encountered, sticking straight out at her. Licking her lips, Ophelia grabbed it, slowly beginning to stroke.

“Here, let me start us off…I hope you enjoy~”

Her hand slowly slid up and down his cock, admiring the length. Jack blushed, in shock over the fact that he was being pleasured by the queen. But he wasn’t aware of the side effects of Ophelia’s touch. She began to work her magic, and watched in glee as the rod slowly began to grow. It started off as just an extra inch, but then it wouldn’t stop. With his head leaned back due to the pleasure, Jack wasn’t aware of what was going on as his cock grew to surpass a foot. Then as Ophelia licked the tip, two feet. It just wouldn’t stop growing, as the queen’s magic flowed into his body.

It continued to swell, Jack shuddering as he already felt ready to climax. He knew that he was going to blow any second now, an orgasm better than any he’d ever experienced. But that simply wouldn’t do for Ophelia. She chuckled as her hands began to work their magic, pulsating throughout his cock. The feeling of being on the edge remained, but he simply wouldn’t cum. Groaning, his face turned red as he expanded another inch, his balls now starting to grow due to not being able to release anything.


He was quickly shushed by Ophelia, who smushed her breasts further against his face.

“Oh no, don’t think you’re going to get relief anytime soon…I’m sure that you’re willing to get BIGGER for me~”

Moving back, she placed her gargantuan tits on his cock, sliding it between them. It was over two feet now, slapping against her face. She got even more into it, grinding her tits on the rod and watching it rise higher, occasionally gently biting the tip. His groans were heavenly, only increasing her arousal and making her pleasure him even harder. His balls expanded beneath her gargantuan rack, looking like oranges contained in a stretching sack. It didn’t take long for them to touch the floor, the orbs continuing to expand.

Rick was sweating hard, biting his lip as the desire to orgasm continued to overtake him. He couldn't cum, instead being stuck on a hellish edge. It was the best that he had ever felt in his life, and he wanted this to go on forever, not knowing the queen’s true intentions. His balls kept growing, slowly pulsating outward and refusing to stop their expansion. They started to press against the ground, spreading out beneath her as his cock only rose in front of her. It was now even taller than she was, getting close to hitting seven feet. She couldn’t believe how huge it was, noticing the veins that were lining its surface. His sack was beginning to show the same signs of strain.

Taking a step back, Ophelia admired her handiwork. Jack was laying on his back, but she couldn’t see any part of him. Instead, all that she saw was a gigantic rod, bigger and thicker than a cannon. It twitched, the muscles within helpless. His fists clenched, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. While the pleasure was still overbearing, the human body wasn’t supposed to stretch this much. His testicles had swollen out with cum to the point where they were larger than her own tits, an extremely impressive feat. She and Jack moaned in unison, adoring the perverse process. Neither of them could see the other, with Ophelia continuing to look at a huge throbbing pillar of a cock, and Jack’s vision being blocked by his own groin. It was starting to push against the ceiling, a sensation that caused the extremely sensitive tip to be stimulated by the smooth white surface. Though lubricated, he wasn’t even letting out the slightest bit of precum, which only led to even more swelling and growth. Stretch marks were appearing across his cock, with his body starting to show some obvious signs of struggle.

Slowly getting off Jack, Ophelia took a few steps back, gazing at her magical mess. A simple man, reduced to a pleasured rod that only existed to experience neverending bliss, his manhood larger than his whole body. She started to work her way down, pressing her head against his gargantuan balls and giving them kisses, sliding her tongue across them and rubbing her hands up and down, almost cradling them. She wasn’t even able to wrap her arms around the spheres, causing her to rub them instead, only causing them to grow more. This one was almost perfect. He was one of the largest subjects that she had ever seen! The queen had some hopes that she might have finally found the perfect one. Somebody who was actually able to get to her preferred size. But then a new sound began to come from the tight sloshing orbs.


It was a sound that was rather similar to clothing tearing, coming from within the flesh. She heard another moan, though this one seemed to be more pained. She looked up, seeing that the veins on his penis were only growing redder. Growing rather disappointed, she began to realize that her beautiful magic creation wasn’t as durable as she thought he was. A shame, she had found him rather cute. But the small amounts of blood that were dotting his massive member’s stretch marks were signaling that the end was near.

“What a shame…seems that you weren’t up to the task after all. Guess that there’s only one thing left to do…”

She started to climb on top of his sack, both balls now larger than her body. She turned around, wiggling her ass, before slamming in directly into his rod. She sandwiched it before falling down, slamming hard into his taut skin. Hearing a yell, she started to bounce up and down, giving him an assjob while treating his groin like a pole. Rhythmic slamming echoed through the room as she slid up and down, her rear jiggling every single time. More rips appeared, with bits of white leaking out of his balls while they continued to swell far past their limits, creaking but refusing to stop their continued expansion. The veins only grew larger, looking like they were about to blow as his cock continued to press against the ceiling. Jack’s eyes were rolled into his head, his tongue flopped out as the pain was becoming unbearable. The arousal was still there, naturally present due to the buildup that was causing all the agony. The smallest bit of cum began to leak from the tip, the magic causing all of the growth finally reaching its limits. Ophelia only continued to speed up the process, pleasuring him further and driving him closer to his demise. The creaking and tearing grew louder, every single slam making it clear that the end was near. The queen moaned, hearing the sounds and deciding to end it. She slammed her ass down as hard as she could.


Reaching its climax, Jack’s cock and balls couldn’t handle any more growth, erupting into a gigantic tidal wave of red and white. It splashed the walls and ceiling, coating everything in a massive mess of gore. Ophelia fell to the floor, splashing in the gigantic puddles of blood and veins. Looking around, she was in awe at the incredible work of art that had been made, with chunks of skin and flesh lining the room. The rest of Jack’s body had vanished, likely buried underneath one of the masses. Standing up, her feet splashed the bloody puddles beneath her as she opened the door, calling out for one of her guards. 


“Guards! Fetch the cleaning crew, we had another unworthy one!” 


She left the horrific sight behind, brushing some sack-skin off her shoulder and making her way back to her throne room, ready to clean herself off. All the while, she couldn’t help but think about the progress that had been made. 


“Maybe…I’ll try making the spells more powerful…perhaps I should see if anybody else in the dungeons is willing to volunteer…”

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Story of a Evil Queen using magic to make some messy "art" out of one of her subjects

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