Not What I Wanted

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Rachel was an already curvy women in her early 30s. Her hair dyed black and fashioned like Betty Page's, accented with a bow. She decorated her face in makeup that included dark eyeliner with wings and reddish lipstick.

Most men would have jumped at a chance to be with her, at least so she thought. She'd spend nights cupping her ample breasts and running her hands across her round ass. Everytime she felt inadequate more and more. Till one night after drinking too much alcohol, and watching a movie that had a scene where a female was inflated with air till her breasts were the size of beachballs. Rachel felt a twinge of excitement and that's when she decided, "Tonight I'll be the curviest women on the planet."

Pulling an air compressor from her garage, Rachel made her way to her bedroom and began preparing for her new sexy figure.

Rachel grabbed the end of her air hose and wetted it between her lips. Pulling down her pants and exposing her black panties she slipped the hose's end into her ass.

"Mmmph...that was a little uncomfortable." She exclaimed to herself.

She then felt a twinge in her nether region. Was she getting aroused? Was this exciting her or was she anxious?

Never thinking twice she flicked the air compressor on, and it hummed to life. The hose jerked sideways as air began flowing through it.

Rachel felt the steady puffing of air filling her body. She didn't feel anything painful, other than a bloating feeling beginning to build.

"Mmm. C'mon babies, blow up. Get bigger, grow girls." Rachel said to her tits that were resting in her bra and t-shirt.

She felt pressure building inside her body as the air filled her up. Her breast began to rise. Rachel smiled, "Yes, there you go girls. Blow up. Blow up for Mama." More and more her cleavage grew, as her shirts collar stretched forward revealing a crevas of breast flesh.

Her nipples began to get erect as the air ballooned her tits up 3 cups sizes.

Rachel began to hear tearing as her shirt began to reach its limits. Soft breast flesh billowed from the rips that were forming on the sides of her shirt. Eventually more rips began dancing across the stretched cotton surface before the shirt burst into ribbons. Her now beachball tits bounced out as the bra creaked in agony trying to contain Rachel's new form.

"Oh fuck yeah. Look at these. I'm huge....wait...what?"

Rachel's excitement wavered as she felt pressure increase in her chest. Her breast rose up and pressed against her chin.

"No wait...slow down." She panicked. Rachel bounced towards the compressor, her arm outstretched hunting for the switch as she struggled to see over her massive rack.

Just then she felt something push against her stomach. She tried walking forward again but all she could do was push her belly against the table the compressor was resting on.

"What the fuck? I'm barely arms length from the table...wait..."

Rachel placed her hand underneath her rack and began mapping out her belly. Her eyes widened in shock as she felt tight, round and smooth balloon like skin where her average sized belly was.

"Oh...oh no." She whispered in surprise. She had become to distracted by her tits that she didn't realize her belly was inflating as well.

Rachel struggled frantically to hit the compressor switch but to no avail.

"No, no, no. Please no! This is not what I wanted." Rachel's body ballooned up, first her belly began expanding like a blimp, pushing her massive tits up farther into her face. Air began to fill her ass and thighs rapidly as the waist of her panties stretched out with swelling figure. Eventually snapping off at the same time her bra burst apart.

Her curves grew more exaggerated as they slowly were absorbed by her inflating midsection.

Rachel caught glimpse of herself in her mirror, she was getting rounder like a balloon.

"Not...what I wanted." She thought.

Her thighs puffing more and more to the point they too became one with her massive midsection.

Her arms swelled like marshmallows along with her fingers puffing up like little sausages. Her body was running out of room to accommodate the air filling her. Rachel's body parts were inflating in pace with each other as the pressure grew more.

"Oof. Hmmmmph. Too"

The pressure began to exceed Rachel's threshold. Her body now past 7ft in diameter, and the swelling stopped. Her skin creaking like an old wooden boat in its turgid state. Rachel felt the pressure building still but instead of feeling bloated she felt tight.

"I'" She struggled to say. "" Rachel was desperate as a tear steamed slowly down her cheek.

The creaking got louder till it began to evolve into a ripping noise.

Rachel rolled her eyes back and began panting before muttering. "N...not...what...I...wa...wanted...." Rachel's cheeks and lips blew up like airbags as her body struggled to hold itself together.

The ripping sound got louder then was drowned out by a loud thunderous boom.

The windows and furniture shook as pieces of rubbery strips of flesh floated like autumn leaves to the floor. The air hose responsible for Rachel's end sat on the carpet buzzing as the compressor continued humming throughout the night.

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