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I sit on the floor, casually lounging as I fill yet another balloon. There's still several hours before the party, so I haven't gotten dressed yet; I'm wearing a simple pair of panties and a form-fitting white tanktop. I sigh. "Man, who knew blowing balloons would take so long?" I lament, turning to you.

You're sitting on a chair in jeans and a white t-shirt, using a pump to fill the balloons. "Well, it's a good thing we have this pump. It could be a lot slower," you note, with a smirk.

I pout. "Well, I suppose. Still, next time we should just buy them, I guess."

"Keep pouting and see what that gets you!" you say, with a roll of your eyes. "Besides, we're almost done."

I snicker. "Geez, cranky. Why don't we take a break or something? I'm BORED."

"Hmm..." You pause, I hear mischievousness enter your voice. "I have an idea. Close your eyes and no peaking."

I perk up. "Yeah? Well, that sounds fun." Obligingly and with a smile, I close my eyes. I don't peak.

Unbeknownst to me, you take a hose and dip it into some glue. I squeak in surprise when I feel you hook two fingers against the back of my panties and then rapidly press something into my back-end. I gasp as I hear your feet pattering away, with no explanation of what you literally just shoved into my ass. "W-woah! Holy crap! A little warning next time!"

"But then it wouldn't be a surprise!" you snicker, sounding totally pleased with yourself.

I can hear an odd tsssskkk sound, and I start to feel slightly bloated. I twist around, and can feel you just shoved one of the helium tubes up my ass. My eyes go wide. "Y-you're inflating me?!"

You chortle to yourself. "Nice prank, huh? Surprise!"

I moan, feeling my belly begin to round out. I lift my tanktop to show the beginning of my bulging belly. "G-geez, if you wanted kids, you should have just told me!" I tease with a giggle. Still, I'm only joking because I'm so nervous! This is weird!

I look up to see you blushing with a suspicious bulge in your pants. "I find it hot," you admit, with a nervous but hopeful laugh. Biting your lip, you then turn the pomp up a notch.

My back arches as I feel the air rush into me faster. I gasp, rubbing my belly. I'm still small, but I feel so FULL. "S-so...you have like one of those..." I search for the word, my voice stammering from the surprise of all this. "B-balloon fetishes?"

"Yup, but more like inflation fetish," you inform, sounding so casual that it makes tingles go across my body. I'm not sure if they're good tingles or bad tingles, but they certainly feel interesting. 

I moan as my belly rounds out so that I look modestly pregnant. "W-what's that?" I gasp.

Your eyes rake up and down me, loving everything you see happening. "Well, that a person likes to inflate someone else or they themselves like to be inflated."

I try to breath evenly and slowly as my belly grows still rounder. I lose the pregnant look; instead of the soft, sloping teardrop of a pregnancy, my belly becomes hard and very round, my waist entirely disappearing in the swell. "How long have you w-wanted to do this to me?"

"For a while now," you admit. The bulge in your pants becomes more obvious, but you at least have the courtesy to only watch without invitation to touch.

I can't help but laugh. "E-enjoying the show?" I reach over to try to grab your hand and put it on my swelling belly. "F-feel. I'm getting...uhhhhn...r-really full." Indeed, I am. My flesh has little give, and my belly is substantially bigger than the balloons around me. And yet I still grow.

"Wow, so fucking hot, feeling your tight, hot skin stretch," you admit, you breathing becoming labored with lust. Yet you also notice my skin is becoming TOO tight, and that I begin to actively wiggle with discomfort.  "Maybe I should turn it off now," you realize, some guilt coming into your voice.

"Y-yeah...ohhhh...definitely too full!" I admit. My belly has grown big enough that I can't sit normally; the bottom of my belly scrapes the ground. I lean back onto my elbows, trying to give myself more room.

"Okay...give me a sec..." Your run over to the air tank, twisting it with force. But then it breaks off in your hand. You stare at it numbly for a moment before whispering: "Oh...oh, shit."

"W-what?!" I squeak desperately, too swollen to be able to turn and look. My belly creaks, and then I realize something even more unsettling is happening: my ass and breasts have begun to swell too. "O-oh, god! I'm swelling everywhere!"

"Uh..." you breath in numb shock,  but then you hold the broken off nob where I can see it.

"Oh my god! You can't pull it out?! I...ohhh..this is....ugh." I moan, arching my back. It's a good thing I was already barely dressed, because my tanktop is just barely hold on. "P-pull the tube out!"

You try to pull tube but all I feel is an unsettling tug on my backend. As I moan loudly, you seem dumbfounded as to hy you can't pull it out. huh??

"What? What?! Why won't it come out?" I cry. I'm panicking now. My belly is large enough I can barely wrap my arms fully around it.

You bite you lip, sounding horrified with yourself. "Um...I used just a...little glue to keep it from coming out. I used the one on the desk. J-just a second!" I hear you rapidly running to the desk, and then I hear your tone fall. "Oh fuck... its super glue," you whisper, completely horrified.

I begin to moan, too shocked and panicky to form words. I rock back and forth to try to sooth the feeling of unbearable tightness.

"I'm..soooo...full..." I moan.

You run over, gasping in panic, and try to try pull the hose out of me. But it won't budge.

My body creaks, and I moan again. My entire body has become puffy and swollen, but my gargantuan belly dwarfs the rest. "I-is this what you wanted all along? To pop me like a huge, s-swollen balloon?"I accuse, not knowing what to think.

"N..no it wasn't supposed to go this far..." you promise, and I believe you. As I look into your eyes, I know you want to save me. So I watch you as you then lift up, and ferociously kick the tank to try to disable it. Unfortunately, the kicks just succeed into putting the pump into an even higher setting.

"Ohhh....OHHH!" I half-moan, half-scream as my body surges. "I'm going to explode, I'm going to explode!"

You kick the tank, horrified and scared, but it does nothing. "I'm so sorry..." you admit, watching me grow ever larger.  

I wiggle and moan, able to do little else as I swell into a massive flesh-balloon. I reach out a puffy hand to you, trying to pull you over. "F-feel me..." I moan, only half in my right mind. The rest of my body swells, but it first has to pass through my belly...and my belly is very nearly out of room.

You brush your hand over my belly, feeling my explosively tight skin. Just like a balloon..." you note in awe, despite yourself. 

My flesh is hard and hot, flushed from the strain. "Can't...hold...m-much...more...." I gasp. The inflation of my belly has slowed, but hasn't stopped. The air rushes into the rest of my body, but not fast enough. Still, the swelling reaches every part of me, including my cheeks. It makes it harder to talk. My flesh pulses dangerously under your touch, swelling by an inch then contracting again as my belly tries desperately to stay in one piece. But it's a battle I'm obviously losing.

You lean in to kiss my puffy, inflating lips. It an oddly reassuring action. "My sexy balloon...I've done everything I can," you whisper against my lips. "Is there one last thing you want from me?"

Even though I just asked you to come closer, I now realize something much, much more explosive is about to happen. "R-run!" I gasp loudly. The pulsing of my body becomes faster and wilder. My belly creaks and groans. "So full...skin so tight...tightening, tightening..." I ramble between gasps. I surely only have moments left.

Fortunately, you run out the door and down the street getting as far away as you can.

My end comes with a resounding BOOM! Its a good thing you went far, because the force of my explosion blows out the windows of our apartment, and even busts the door out of it's frame.

As you hear the massive blowout, you turn back to the look at the aftermath of my explosion. "Next time...make sure it's not super glue, you idiot..." you mutter to yourself.

Author's Note: 

Based on a Discord RP! I...pretty much transcribed it but transposed significantly better grammar on my partner's responses >_>

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