accidental inflation

Wake Up Blow Up

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Your eyes open slowly. You blink away some of the sleep that still clings to you and roll over in bed. A sliver of late morning sun peeks through the gap in your blackout curtains and runs across the sheets. It’s nice to sleep in after a week like the one you’ve had.

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Explosive Event, An

I sit on the floor, casually lounging as I fill yet another balloon. There's still several hours before the party, so I haven't gotten dressed yet; I'm wearing a simple pair of panties and a form-fitting white tanktop. I sigh. "Man, who knew blowing balloons would take so long?" I lament, turning to you.

You're sitting on a chair in jeans and a white t-shirt, using a pump to fill the balloons. "Well, it's a good thing we have this pump. It could be a lot slower," you note, with a smirk.

I pout. "Well, I suppose. Still, next time we should just buy them, I guess."

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