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You had no idea how long you’d been skulking around this place for. It could have been a few days just as easily as it could have been a few hours. Your brain’s capacity to process the passage of time had fallen by the wayside amid the constant switching from tense, methodical planning of every single step you were to make to instinctual dashes for survival in a desperate effort to get away from those, those things.

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Rough Breakup, A

Hiya honey~! You doing alright up there? Well, as alright as things can get under the circumstances at least. I imagine that finding out the hard way that your girlfriend is breaking up with you *and* that people can get inflated like balloons *and* getting left out tied to a railing on the balcony, floating in the breeze for hours while I hang out with all my hot girlfriends, all in the space of like one day would put a dampener on anyone's spirits. Ah well, whatever, I'm getting sidetracked. 

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How Do You Know?

Well, would you look at that, it actually happened. 

You actually got into bed with a girl who shares your inflation kink.

The realistic part of your brain told you it could never happen, the odds were so small that a girl would actually be into this sort of thing.

And yet here we both are~

Oh, you had such fun, finally having an outlet to flirt with all your most private inflationary fantasies, telling me how much you wanted one or both of us to blow the other up like a big, round, helpless balloon~

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Happy Anniversary

Your bedroom was perfectly still. Gentle evening twilight streamed in from the gaps around the curtains and all was silent save for the gentle ambient hum of the outside world as well as electronics scattered around the flat. All things considered, it would’ve been the recipe for a cozy, relaxing evening. That is, were it not for the fact that you found yourself resting on the ceiling inflated like a gigantic balloon, your body filled to the brim with lighter than air gas and puffed out into a 7ft round sphere.

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Ebook cover for "Are Women Balloons?"

I realise this isn't wonderfully artistic but then i'm not an artist.  Just a copy of my ebook cover.

Ebook cover for "Are Women Balloons?"
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