Happy Anniversary

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Your bedroom was perfectly still. Gentle evening twilight streamed in from the gaps around the curtains and all was silent save for the gentle ambient hum of the outside world as well as electronics scattered around the flat. All things considered, it would’ve been the recipe for a cozy, relaxing evening. That is, were it not for the fact that you found yourself resting on the ceiling inflated like a gigantic balloon, your body filled to the brim with lighter than air gas and puffed out into a 7ft round sphere. Not exactly a situation usually synonymous with relaxing in the eyes of the general population. 

You tilted your neck down, or at least whatever amount of the puffy, round expanse of your body you could call a neck, and squinted your eyes to read the alarm clock on the bedside table. 5:18. Even considering the current situation, she’d been out for a relatively long time. You weren’t sure of the precise amount of time it’d been since she blew you up and left you up here, but you knew it was basically an entire day at this point. This thought prompted you to reminisce on exactly how your predicament had unfolded from the start. You’d done so many times before this point, but you’d already conclusively decided who would win in a fight out of Karl Marx or Mr T and this was the only other way you could think of to try and make the time pass a little bit faster.



The day started, as most days traditionally do, with you waking up. On a normal day, you’d wake up and simply exist in that immediately-post-wakeup haze where you don’t know what universe you’re in for a few seconds before checking the clock, then turning over to see if your girlfriend had woken up before you or not. On this day, however, no such check was necessary, as you woke up to the immediate sight of your girlfriend straddling you, hands on your hips and looking down in your eyes with a bright, wide smile on her face. Her long brown hair gleefully cascaded down into your face, you just barely being awake enough to brush some of it out of your face. 

As you emerged from the haze and slowly became sentient again, you experienced a brief confusion over what exactly had prompted this kind of morning greeting before she said three words that instantly made your eyes widen and your blood run cold. 

"Happy anniversary, babe~" 


Your mind raced in as many directions as it possibly could, trying to work out how you forgot in the first place, how best to break the news to her, or whether you should play cool and act like you remembered all along and try to throw something together at the last minute when she wasn't looking. The very visible look of bewilderment and terror on your face immediately gave you away, however, as your girlfriend laughed and placed a finger on your lips.

"Don't worry about it cutie. I know you've been busy lately, so I picked up a few ideas from my girlfriends and planned out something fun myself~" She explained, slipping her hand from your mouth to gently stroking your cheek before leaning in for a soft kiss. 

You closed your eyes in relief, having worried for a second that you were really in for it now. Heck, if this was gonna be your reward for forgetting your anniversary, then maybe you should do it more often. At least, that was you thought to yourself in your early morning passion right until you felt your girlfriend pin your hands down to the bed, take a deep breath in through her nose, and begin blowing into you long and hard. 

You were initially confused by this sudden show of dominance, unsure of what she was playing at, but a sudden, uncomfortable fullness in your gut and the noise of what sounded like a typhoon roaring down your throat told you that whatever it was probably wasn't good. You tried to push back against her, but found that the strength which would've normally let you lift her off the floor without needing to strain yourself too much had all but vanished as the pressure quickly spread to the rest of your body, leaving your limbs helplessly spread out across the bed. As you felt it creep into every last nook and cranny of your body, your fingers and toes becoming full down to the very tips, you briefly felt the pressure abate as your girlfriend ran out of air and stopped.

The roaring air was briefly replaced with calm morning ambiance. Then, she took another breath, and began blowing into you all over again. 

For a moment, nothing seemed to change apart from the pressure inside you getting more and more intense. Eventually, though, you felt an alien sensation of something giving way deep inside from you, and heard a confusingly familiar *fwoosh* sound along with it. It almost sounded like a balloon being inflated. 

Indeed, your eyes glanced down and your once trim, maybe slightly pudgy belly had instantly rounded out as if your were nearing the end of a nonexistent pregnancy. You didn't have time to worry about the logistics of this, as 2 other predicaments occupied your immediate thought. 1) Your girlfriend was absentmindedly stroking your newly-inflated tummy, sensually moaning to herself as she continued to blow into you, and 2) As she was continuing to blow into you, you were getting bigger and bigger by the second. 

With her efforts now showing results, she wasted no time in redoubling her efforts. The gaps between her breath running out and her taking another breath and starting all over again got shorter and shorter as she continued to puff you up. Your tummy began to emit rubbery squeaks and groans as it continued to blow up and resemble a balloon more and more, with the rest of your body joining in on the fun too. Your rear and thighs began to swell with air, causing your girlfriend to have to adjust her position every so often as your pneumatic thighs forced hers further and further apart. Your arms began to swell out into increasingly-useless cones, following your torso until they seemed to merge with it into one giant air-filled sphere. Even your chest, though it mostly just rounded out into the spherical curve the rest of your body began to show, began to swell up, your girlfriend giggling as she occasionally played with your newfound pair of boobs.

Over time, changes began to show in her as well. Her initial moans had developed into a full on symphony of pleasured groaning noises, accompanied by her grinding against your belly, and eventually your whole body, as it got bigger and bigger. Eventually, as you became little more than a balloon with tits, taking up almost the entirety of your bed, your girlfriend finally relented. As she released her kiss, you immediately went to voice strongly worded concerns and confusion, but instead found a sudden rush of air puffing out your cheeks and rendering you unable to do much more vocally than make strange grunting noises. Your girlfriend sighed to herself as she lay across your inflated body, admiring her handiwork. 

"Well, I don't know about you but I'm certainly having fun." She said with a giggle before hopping down off you onto the floor with a light thud and throwing open the closet. Or, at least, you assumed it was the closet. You couldn't exactly check, given how much your head had shrunken into a divot in your now-spherical balloon body, leaving your range of motion rather limited. Your limbs were a similar story, capable of little more than causing idle rocking motions in your body as they flapped about helplessly. Your girlfriend looked back at you and laughed as she heard you trying to move. You weren't sure if she was laughing to herself or outwardly at you, or both. You weren't sure which of those you'd prefer either. 

"Gosh, they were right. Every little detail is just so much fun~" She said, reaching deep into her bag and pulling out an inconspicuous looking tube of lipstick. "But, of course, my balloon isn't quite finished yet, now is he~?" 

You let out a muffled groan at the thought that there was yet more in store for you. She reappeared in your field of vision, now wearing a beautiful looking red dress and a deep, mesmerising shade of blue on her lips. She briefly paused, smiling down at you in a mixture of admiration for her work and contempt for how ridiculous you looked, before planting a single kiss on the side of your cheek. For a moment, you were unsure of the purpose of this routine, before feeling a bizarre tingling sensation watch over you.

You barely had time to contemplate this new stimulus, as you suddenly felt your backside receding from the bedsheets and slowly, ponderously lifting into the air. You let. out a muffled yelp of panic as you literally turned head over heels, your head now pointing downwards as your lighter than air body slowly ascended towards the ceiling, gently rebounding off it with a soft *boomp* before ultimately settling. Your girlfriend, for her part, was ecstatic. She'd enjoyed seeing you blow up like a blimp underneath her, but watching you floating in the ceiling really drove it home for her. 

"Wow, you really are like a balloon, huh?" She said in genuine wonder with just a hint of mockery. "Now then, you be a good balloon boy and stay there, while I go out and have a little fun. I'll get back when I get back, don't worry about it. I can't imagine you have any other plans anyway." She said with a chuckle before Walking over towards the door. You heard the door open before she stopped herself at the last minute." Oh! Almost forgot something!" She announced before hurrying back in. You watched her move back into your field of view, following her with your eyes before yelping in shock and frustration as she nabbed your wallet off the bedside table. "You don't need this, do you? Great, thanks, bye~!" She said with a mocking smirk before leaving the room for real this time. You heard the clicking of her heels against the landing slowly fade into the distance, and then there you were. 

Fast forward most of a day, and here you were. 



You had to admit, in retrospect, the execution was pretty foolproof.

Suddenly, you were finally drawn out of your remembrance by the sound of the front door turning. You were at once glad for the monotony of endlessly floating on the ceiling like a forgotten balloon to be broken up, as well as fearful of what the night might have in store for you from here. You heard a mixture of infectious giggling and occasional uproarious laughter gradually get louder and louder, getting closer and closer to you until finally you heard the bedroom door be flung wide open and your girlfriend, at long last, enter the room once again. 

In one of her hands was clutched a half empty bottle of champagne, but this was only the most insignificant difference. Indeed, she seemed to have done some inflating of her own, but this was much different from what had happened to you. Rather than the occasional hints of feminine curves that momentarily graced your figure in the way to spherehood, she almost resembled some sort of fertility goddess. Her dress clung to the expanse of her round, gravid belly, adorned by perfectly round boobs and an ass any other woman would kill for. Contrary to your feelings towards the experience, she revelled in it. Her free hand kept idly stroking her belly, eliciting sensual coos wherever a pause in her laughter allowed. 

"Ohhhhhhhhh my GOSH." She began, steadying herself against the closet. "You would not BELIEVE the night I had. Let's just say those girls really know how to party." She continued, giggling all the time as she went. You simply rolled your eyes, unsure where she was going with all this, but finding the whole thing quite tiresome after the day you'd had. "Honestly, I'd tell you all about it, but I'm afraid you're just not going to be around long enough for me to get all the details in." She said nonchalantly, so nonchalantly in fact that it took you a second to pick up on it.

"Oh? Finally caught on, have you? You didn't really think I was just gonna blow you up, leave you there and let that be the end of it, did you?" She asked smugly. You weren't entirely sure what you thought she was gonna do, but you didn't like the implication that there was even more to come. The subtext to her words quickly became the literate text  as she threw the curtains back and opened the glass doors behind them, opening the way out into the balcony. 

Fuck, how did you forget the balcony?

She laughed as your eyes widened in sudden realisation and your limbs started flapping in desperation, grabbing you by the hand and casually carting you outside like a child with a toy balloon. Not that you could really argue against the idea that that's all you were at this point. You balked at the sensation of the nighttime breeze brushing against your taut, rubbery skin as your girlfriend swung you around and held you over the railing. In contrast to your immense fear, she seemed positively giddy, laughing in delirious glee as she pulled you in close and hugged as much of your puffy, ballooned body as she could against her own, wrapping her arms as far around you as they could go. 

"Gosh, you boys really do make such cute balloons~!" She exclaimed as she nuzzled her cheek against your chest, delighting in the squeaking sounds emanating from your ballooned body. 

With the cuddles out of her system, she pulled back and simply looked up into your eyes for a moment, taking in the situation. 

"You know, this wasn't exactly how I pictured our relationship ending… But, all things considered I don't think I could have asked for a better breakup~" She said, quickly pulling you in for one last kiss on the lips before relaxing her grip, allowing her hand to slip free from yours. She lifted her now-free hand up to her face and gently blew you a kiss as gravity began to release its hold on your buoyant form and you slowly began to float away from the balcony into the sky above. You made an assortment of desperate noises, limbs flapping about in search of something, anything, to grab onto, as your girlfriend simply smiled a warm, satisfied smile and waved her balloon boyfriend goodbye. 

"Bye bye, blimp boy~! Have a nice flight~!" She called after you, alternating between waving and blowing you more kisses as she and the entire city gradually shrank from your view. Finally, a strong breeze took hold of your spherical form, and carried you away until you were little more than a blank dot in the night sky.



She struggled to contain her glee as she watched her boyfriend slowly floating away into the sky like an errant balloon whos string had been let go. She maintained a close eye on him until he'd finally disappeared into the clouds, then turned back around and practically threw herself onto her bed, lifting a pillow to her face and moaning orgasmically into it as she clutched and groped at her swollen form. It was as if a whole new world of pleasure, one which she had never even considered before, had opened up and revealed itself to her, and she intended to make full use of its many wonders from now on. 

"The girls were right, I really do need to do this to guys more often~" 

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